Once Sam was restored to his normal state, he suggested that we take everything from the lost and found and pass it amongst the people of the library. To try to help them stay warm.

Grabbing as many coats as possible, we rushed back and the officer from the day before took over. Sam and I went back for the rest.

It was on my second trip that I noticed a small yellow radio lying discarded on the floor among the items of the lost and found. Bending over, I picked it up and turned it over in my hands several times. I pressed the button marked for power.


I studied it briefly, before tucking it safely into my pant pocket. It didn't seem to work.

"Is that the last of it?" the officer asked, draping a brown leather jacket over the shoulders of a young woman. Groping for the radio, I pulled it from my pocket. "Yeah pretty much. We also found this radio, but I don't think it works."

Brian came up and snatched the device from my hand. "Let me see." He studied it carefully, poking it with his index finger.

A dog behind me let out a shrill howl that echoed through the hall.

After the tenth or twelfth whine, people began to give the animal's owner, an old African American bum, dirty looks.

I heard him hiss, "Keep quiet! You're not supposed to be in here anyway!" But over the sound of the dog's barking, there was another noise, drifting over the buildings, being carried with the snow. It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand at attention.

People on the upper floor had moved to the windows, staring out through the frosted panes.

All at once, Sam's hand was in mine, and he was leading me and the other civilians out onto a small ledge that over looked the library's foyer, where snow had dusted the ice.

We all stood there clustered together, waiting for something it seemed would never come. I gripped the plaid blanket, that I had 0around my shoulders, tightly, my knuckles growing white.

Outside something black and metallic moved past the busted windows, crawling through the unfrozen waters.

The dog barked again.

"Come on guys."

Eardrums pounding, heart racing wildly, I ran behind Sam, my sneakers squealing as I moved swiftly across the tiled floor. Up ahead Sam froze and I did too along with J.D. and Brian.

There we sat on the windowsill staring out at the massive cargo ship, floating down Fifth Avenue, and then crossing over to sixth. The ship slowed to a stop, and sat still as a stone statue.

That was something you didn't see everyday.

Author's note: Sorry this took so long, but I've been xmas shopping, and preparing for this holiday. Also, I've been writing a new fanfic that's more difficult then I thought it was going to be. Sorry for the shortness of this chappy. All my chapters are quite short, so I'll have to figure out a way to lengthen them. But this will be difficult as in this portion of the film, Laura is unconsious for a few scenes, unless I do a dream sequence... Keep cheking back!