It happened so quickly that if it weren't for the look in Sirius' eye, Remus would have sworn it had never happened at all.

He raised his hand to his lips, the ones that had just been kissed, and looked at Sirius in astonishment. Sirius, for his part, fumbled with the knot in his scarf and turned away from Remus' gaze.

"You kissed me," Remus said softly.

Sirius looked up then, his eyes betraying his fear. "Yeah," he replied and then added, "I'm sorry."

Remus watched him turn away, watched him start to walk away down the road, before his better sense kicked in and he jogged to catch up.

"Sirius," he said breathlessly as he tugged on the sleeve of Sirius' coat.


Remus opened his mouth, wanted to say something – anything. Then, letting a stray giggle escape his lips, he pulled Sirius to him and kissed him solidly on the mouth. He didn't want to nearly miss this one; he wanted it ingrained in his mind. He wanted to remember exactly the way Sirius' scarf scratched against his neck and the way Sirius smiled against his lips. He wanted to remember when Sirius tread on his toe and stopped kissing him to apologise. He wanted to remember the urgency that was two boys kissing for the first time in the dead of winter.

"I reckon we should head back," Sirius said after a moment, pulling away briefly from Remus.

Remus exhaled a visible cloud against Sirius' black coat. "Yeah."

"Or we could maybe snog a little more," Sirius said, his arm coming up to rub Remus' back through his coat.

Remus smiled and pulled down Sirius' scarf to kiss his bare neck.

"Or maybe we could snog a little more," Remus echoed, unable to keep the foolish grin off his lips.

"I'd like that," Sirius said with a smile and he tilted his head downwards to kiss Remus once more, their foggy breath meeting in the middle.