Gatekeepers: Life as a teenage parent

By: aYaNe-cHaN nO kAWaii

Date: November 12, 2005

Author's note: This is not related to Gatekeepers 1985 nor Gatekeepers 21, ok? This is pure fiction. None of these really happened in the lives of Shun and Ruriko.

Disclaimer: I do not own Gatekeepers or any of its characters; I'm just using them for my fanfic.

Summary: Shun and Ruriko shares their experience as young parents in the age of 18.

First Chapter: Ruriko's thoughts

Above all the dreadful events that happened in my life, this is the most terrible thing that happened ever. I wasn't expecting it to happen. I thought it would never happen even for the first time I made love with my boyfriend. This state of event started when…

April 9, 1970; I was at school with the guy who knocked me up, my childhood friend, at the same time my boyfriend, Shun Ukiya. He was about to give me something for my birthday.

Shun: Happy birthday.

Ruriko: …Thanks.

Shun: Here's a present gives the gift.

Ruriko: a ring? What for? Are you going to---?

Shun: It's not like that. It's just a gift of…you know…love.

Ruriko: oh…

Shun: do you like it?

Ruriko: I love it. Very much. How much does it cost anyway?

Shun: I forgot. But, that doesn't matter to me…

Ruriko: where did you get the money to buy such thing?

Shun: from the prize money I got for winning the Kendo tournament last week.

Ruriko: I see. Thank you.

Shun: so…are you free tonight?

Ruriko: I guess so, how come?

Shun: would you like to have a date?

Ruriko: umm…alright then.

Shun: great! I'll drop by you house at 7:30 tonight, ok?

Ruriko: sure.

That night, Shun stopped by my house. It's a good thing my parents weren't home. They went abroad for another business meeting. If they knew that I was going out on a date, they wouldn't allow me to go even if I made fake excuses. Now, about Shun this time, when I saw him outside, he looks pretty good. Pretty good; as if he's not going on a regular date. Not to mention, he smells good too. But, there was something which I never noticed about him at that very moment. There was something in his pocket that I wouldn't like even if he forced me to do it…

Shun: man, you're beautiful…as usual.

Ruriko: blushes stop that!

Shun: Anyway, are you ready?

Ruriko: game!

After we had our long walk, we went inside a really fancy restaurant. That restaurant was the most expensive restaurant in the whole neighborhood. I never expected that Shun would take me there. I thought it was just a walk in the park or something like that. But I know he's up to something…

Ruriko: wow, I'm impressed.

Shun: I'm glad I pleased you.

Ruriko: above all dates, this is the fanciest date…ever!

Shun: yeah. Thanks to my big win last week.

Ruriko: I'm so proud of you.

He held to my right hand and started smiling at me. His precious smile made me weak inside. As if it's going to hurt me real bad.

After we had dinner, we decided to have a little walk in the park. I find it interesting because the night is clear and the perfect starry sky makes our night even more romantic than our past dates. We sat on a bench and started talking about our interests. I lied against his shoulder and he placed his arm around me trying to make me feel comfortable in his presence.

Ruriko: the stars are wonderful tonight. Just like our date.

Shun: I agree.

Ruriko: this is the best birthday I ever had.

Shun: even without your parents?

Ruriko: uh-huh.

Shun: Is this your first birthday that you weren't with your parents?

Ruriko: yes.

Shun: I see…

Ruriko: but, it doesn't matter, as long as I'm with you.

Shun: I'm happy for you.

He gives me a really sweet kiss. That kiss turned out to be a really passionate one too.

Shun: I love you.

Ruriko: I love you too.

After a few minutes, Shun starts to look around. He sees a young couple like us but the only difference is that the woman carries a baby in her arms. Shun starts to feel a bit tempted about doing such things. As for me, I'm having a really bad feeling about it…

We went home at about 10pm in the evening. We stayed in front of our door and stated talking about something. And I mean something serious…

Ruriko: Shun, I have a question.

Shun: yes?

Ruriko: what's that in your pocket?

Shun: oh these…you see…

I tried to look at him eye to eye but he keeps on looking on another direction. He's avoiding my glance. And I was thinking: is he thinking of IT…?'

Shun: Ruriko, I need you to be serious about this question.

Ruriko: I'm listening.

Shun: Ruriko, do you want to make love with me tonight?

I was so speechless when he asked me question. A very serious one too. Especially when sex is involved. I didn't think I was ready for it but I just insisted myself to do it. I realized that it wasn't a very good decision at all. I have made the biggest mistake of my life. To forget all those, I keep on thinkin' about the brighter side, if we do it, I'll become his woman forever.

The next morning, I woke up and my body feels a bit tired about the triggered event which happened between us last night. I was beginning to feel scared about the whole situation which Shun and I were both involved. The question on my mind is: Will I be pregnant or not?

After a few days, I started feeling nauseous. Every morning I have these "morning sickness" which every pregnant woman has to go through. Because of these, I didn't attend school for 2 weeks. I was thinking to myself: Am I pregnant?

I rushed to the nearest pharmacy to buy pregnancy testing kit. Not only that, the clerk asked about my age and what year I am. I told her that I was 18 years old and I'm a third-year high school student. The clerk also asked me if I was going to be the one who is going to used it. I said yes and she told me if the test says it's positive, good luck.

I ran towards my house as fast as I can. Trying to make sure if there's a classmate near by. After I got inside the house, I went immediately to the bathroom to perform the test.

After a few minutes, the test results were in. And it turned out to be…POSITIVE.

After I took the test, I started crying inside the bathroom. I keep on talking to the wind that entered the bathroom. "Why? Why does it have to be this way…? Is this going to be the start of a new life for me? Is this fate?" I muttered.

I contacted Shun and told him to come by my house right now to talk about something important. When he arrived, he immediately asked me why was I absent again. I told him the whole truth about my condition that time. He looked shocked and terrified at the same time. I can see it in his face that he wants to regret the incident that happened to us before. Our little conversation turned into a big argument…

Ruriko: look what you did Shun! Why didn't you use protection?

Shun: I thought that you wouldn't get pregnant even if I didn't use protection.

Ruriko: Damn it! How am I going to explain this to my parents?

Shun: I'll be the one to explain to them, don't worry too much.

Ruriko: don't worry too much? Shun, this situation is very bad especially for our age since we're still in High School. We're not ready for parenthood yet. I'm not even ready to be a mother.

Shun: we'll I am.

Ruriko: good for you. It's easy for you to say that because you aren't very serious about your academics.

Shun: I'm sorry I brought you to this situation Ruriko…

Ruriko: Oh dear. What are we going to do with this baby?

Shun: I don't know. Abort it?

Ruriko: What? Abort it?

Shun: exactly.

Ruriko: umm…well…I don't know…

The next 2 weeks, my parents arrived already from their business trip abroad. I tried hard to remain silent about my condition. But it wasn't a very easy thing to do…

Mr. Ikusawa: so, how are your academics?

Ruriko: I've been absent for almost a month.

Mrs. Ikusawa: what? How come?

Ruriko: because I'm…

I don't know what to say. I was so nervous to tell them the truth about me getting pregnant. But thankfully I found the confidence to tell it anyway…

Ruriko: mom, dad, I need you to know that I'm…

Mr. Ikusawa: We're listening.

Ruriko: mom, dad, I'm pregnant.

Mr. Ikusawa: what?

Mrs. Ikusawa: It can't be…

Ruriko: sorry, but it's the truth…

Both my parent were shocked about it. They couldn't believe that I was bringing life inside my body. We all became silent from the talk we had earlier. And after a couple of minutes…

Mr. Ikusawa: who did this to you?

Ruriko: It was Shun. My boyfriend.

Mrs. Ikusawa: Is he that good-looking guy who always stops by the house to picks you up every morning and goes with you to school?

Ruriko: Yes. He is.

Mrs. Ikusawa: I see…

Mr. Ikusawa: how did he do this to you? Did he rape you or something?

Ruriko: no. We did it the natural way. You know…we had sex.

Mr. Ikusawa: and you insisted?

Ruriko: that's because I love him dad! Lovemaking was the only way to prove that we love each other.

Mrs. Ikusawa: have you two thought of a way to get back in your regular life again?

Ruriko: umm…we already did.

Mr. Ikusawa: well, how?

Ruriko: we're going to set it up for abortion.

Mr. Ikusawa: you shouldn't abort it Ruriko. It's a blessing. It's life.

Ruriko: so, do you mean that you're not mad about this at all?

Mr. Ikusawa: we're not mad but we'll leave you alone with the father of that child.

Ruriko: leave me alone? But dad…

Mr. Ikusawa: that's the only way we can do to teach you to live by your own.

Ruriko: are you going to leave me alone forever?

Mr. Ikusawa: yes exactly.

Ruriko: but dad…

Mr. Ikusawa: we're only asking you to live with your boyfriend.

Ruriko: will I still be living here?

Mr. Ikusawa: not anymore. You have to leave this house and this family. You will not be recognized as Ruriko Ikusawa anymore instead, you'll have to take your clumsy boyfriend's family name.

Ruriko: can I still visit?

Mr. Ikusawa: I'm afraid not. Pack your things and get lost.

Ruriko: dad…

Mrs. Ikusawa: you heard your father, pack your things and get lost, NOW.

And so I did. I did run away from home. So what? As long as Shun's still with me. Together, as a couple, we'll raise this child until he or she grows up with a clean and peaceful mind.

After that, I went straight to Shun's apartment far from the school and far from my parents. Speaking of school, we were both expelled due to this situation. But school was never important to us anyway. Especially in this condition.

Shun: so, what did your parents say?

Ruriko: they kicked me out of the house.

Shun: I can see that…

Ruriko: by the way, I got kicked out of the Ikusawa family too.

Shun: oh…

Ruriko: how about you? What did your mother say?

Shun: she was so disappointed for what I did.

Ruriko: what about your sister?

Shun: she also got mad at me for being the most stupid brother ever. Now, she has to be the strong one now…

Ruriko: I guess this is life right?

Shun: I guess so. We'll just have to get used to it.

Ruriko: right.

After a month, specifically, I was 2 months pregnant. My mother came by Shun's apartment to tell us something about dad…

Mrs. Ikusawa: Ruriko?

Ruriko: mom? What are you doing here?

Mrs. Ikusawa: I'm here to tell you that I'm sorry for what happened a month ago and I miss you.

Ruriko: It's alright. I miss you too mom.

Mrs. Ikusawa: And I also came here to tell you something about your father.

Ruriko: how come? What's wrong with dad?

Mrs. Ikusawa: Ruriko, your father had a heart attack.

Ruriko: what? Is he dead already?

Mrs. Ikusawa: not yet. He's in the hospital right now.

Ruriko: can I visit him mom?

Mrs. Ikusawa: yes. Go ahead.

Ruriko: let's go Shun!

Shun: right.

We went immediately to the hospital and visited dad. I'm having a bad feeling that he's going to die at this very moment. So I thought to myself, I should talk to dad and forgive him. Who knows, this could be the final minutes of his life.

Ruriko: dad!

Mr. Ikusawa: Ruriko. I can see that you're keeping the baby.

Ruriko: of course I am. This is a blessing. This is life, right?

Mr. Ikusawa: I agree.

Ruriko: dad, I'm sorry for being so stupid. I guess I wasn't thinking right.

Mr. Ikusawa: I'm sorry too kicking you out of the house and the Ikusawa family. As my apology, you're welcome again to stay in our house and remain as Ruriko Ikusawa unless you marry Shun already.

Ruriko: ok. Thank you so much dad.

Mr. Ikusawa: by the way, can I talk to Shun for a while.

Ruriko: sure thing.

Mr. Ikusawa: Shun, before I die, I want you to remember to always love Ruriko and give her what she needs until that baby is born. I'm begging you to take care of her with great responsibility and of course, great love.

Shun: yes sir.

Mr. Ikusawa: congratulations.

Shun: thank you.

After an hour, we found out that father had already passed away. As for us, we were told by mom to live in our old house. And so we did. But Shun decided to stay back with his own family. But it's ok for me. Thankfully he found a job but it's not an ordinary job at all. He was employed at the most intricate company in the whole Tokyo metropolis as a CEO. I was so proud of him. I finally found happiness in my early life as a young mother.

9 months have passed; the day finally came that was actually going to give birth. Finally, I did. But it wasn't easy because it was a difficult birth. I gave birth to a strong, 8 pound baby boy who has black hair like Shun and brown eyes like me. It was the happiest moment of my entire life. Because of my mother's great support, I never had a hard time taking care of my baby. She taught me the basics on how to take care of a baby. I learned them pretty fast though I never finished my studies.

After 2 months, Shun was finally promoted into vice-president of the company which he was working for. As for me, I just stayed home taking care of my baby but I consider it a job as a caring and a loving mother. Do you agree?

The End…

Author's note: This chapter is Ruriko's thoughts about being a teenage parent. The next chapter is going to be Shun's thoughts about being a teenage parent. Maybe next weekend I'll be able to post it already. Please give reviews if you like.