"If you don't like it, you should do it with me. I've told you at least a hundred times" The young woman sighed inwardly. He had told her many times. And it was times like these when she wondered whether he loved her, like she loved him. Her beautiful blue eyes were desperate as he injected the heroin into his veins, plopping down onto the couch. He was smiling. She loved his smiles; it meant he was happy. But Shizuka didn't think that was the best way to be happy, not at all. Couldn't he just be happy with her? In between his giggles, he managed to speak, noticing the look on her face. "I am sorry, Shiz, I really am!" He pouted a little.

"No you aren't….stop lying to me Keitaro!" She cried out, tears flooding her eyes. But he was ignorant now, and looking very angry. The young man rose to his feet, crimson eyes flashing dangerously.

"What did you say to me!"
"I-if you were sorry…..if you loved me….you wouldn't do it anymore" Shizuka squeaked, eyes closed. She was bracing for the blow, which did in fact come. Atemu's hand, hard across her face. The next instant he looked sorry, but sat back down and closed his eyes, passing out. Oh…god….this is going to leave a bruise….She panicked. How will I hide it from 'Kura?. His head was lifted into her lap by her small, delicate hands. Her fingers ran through the man's hair, and she looked him up and down. Really, Shizuka felt sorry for him. What had happened, so awful, to make him turn to drugs for comfort? But her eyes and thoughts betrayed her feelings as her eyes fell on the needle. What's it like? To be so happy……

" The cottonmouth snake lives in swampy regions in…." Of course, no one was really listening. Ryou certainly wasn't. He had fallen asleep hours ago, but Bakura hadn't. Something made him wait, like he couldn't fall asleep, or he'd miss something important. And usually, his feelings were dead on. It must be that baka pharaoh……something's not right with them, I know it, I just do. She always leaves smiling but never comes home smiling.

Getting soft, are we?

No! I don't have feelings for her. I just need her to help chip in with the rent. \


Ryou snored softly, oblivious to this internal argument his yami was having with himself. As the digital clock flashed 5:00 AM, the spirit realized how exhausted he truly was. And the rain pounding outside, lashing at the windows and doors, helped to soothe him, and ease his nerves. Before long he had sunk into half-sleep.

An hour later, something hit the door with a loud thud. Bakura bolted upwards , eyes wide. Ryou just stirred a bit, opening his eyes only the tiniest bit. "yami, what was that?"

Bakura growled. "How the hell should I know? That's why I'm walking to the door, you know, to answer it." He turned the doorknob and pulled it open, trying to suppress shock. A teenage girl leaned heavily against the doorframe, almost falling in. Her stringy auburn hair clung to her neck, and there was a black and blue bruise around her cheekbone. But there was something even more unnerving – she was wearing a smile.