Chapter 1

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Draco's P.O.V

I'm not your average Slytherin.

'K, maybe I am.



Let me tell you my story, then you decide.

Ok, so my Dad's a deatheater.

Alright, dammit, even parkinson's parents are!

So that's all, but i actually did it. I got it.

The dark mark.

I've wanted it since i was ten.

And i got it.

Now what?

Now it burns, it scratches me.

And i feel like bloody potter, with a scar that pains.

Am i screwed up or what?

Well whatever.

So what?

But lately, things have been improving, no idea why.

I've becoming more, accepting.

Sure i've done it.

It being the operative word here.

Ok, i don't live for sex.

That much.

I'm not shallow.

That shallow.

I would never touch a blood traitor.

Unless she was really hot.

Or a mudblood.


Leave me alone!

But, I really started to change, and kind of pick up my pieces, you know? I think I'll be better now, not so screwed up, but if i don't...

So sue me?