Disclaimer: I do not in any way own Code Lyoko... And I'm glad I don't. Yes, I do hate most of the shows I talk about. This should not personally offend you.

The night was still young. Jeremy was on the edge of his seat while Odd and Yumi were battling the pixel monsters on Lyoko. "Ok you guys, remember, Ulrich's fighting giant robots on the moon, if he dies, he won't come back!" said Jeremy in his fake low toned voice.

Lately, the team had been separated from eachother. Odd was off being.. well, odd. Yumi and Ulrich were off at their usual hangouts, being all dramatic, and even though she could be on Earth now, Aelita felt more away from Jeremy than ever.

"Don't worry Einstein, even though I stink at life, and have really bad aim, we can do it!" said Odd, firing 10 shots at a single tiny Xana before hitting it. "Yeah Jeremy! I mean, even though Ulrich is the only one with good powers-I'M JAPANESE!" bursted out Yumi. Aelita, who was running away screaming as usual, had time to turn around and see the 3 tinies that were after her.

"Help!" said Aelita, as all the power she had was control over time and space. "Coming!" screamed Yumi, still obsessing over her Japanese descent. As Yumi hopped through the frozen wasteland, she threw one of her fans, but clearly missed. "I was so close!" she said, as she threw the other one. There was an explosion as she hit her first monster of the attack.

"Aaaaah!" screamed Aelita, as she became surrounded by hundreds of tinies, square Xanas, spider Xanas, and the Skipozoa, who's only purpose is to drain Aelita's memory for no apparent reason!

Suddenly, back in the computer room, Sissy entered from the padlocked door. "So this is where you and your nerd friends hang out! Did you know what I did to get here! Is my par par hair frizzy? It always tends to get frizzy when it's humid. Why do you hate me so much! What did I ever do to your friends! Why are y-" she said, as Jeremy used his telekenetic powers to knock her out and store her in a crate destined for Asia. "Now, back to the matter at hand," said Jeremy. "I've got a plan guys!"

Stay tuned for chapter 2... This isn't exactly a parody yet!