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Oh, and just in case you haven't figured it out already... this is a VERY azure-shippy story. VERY. (That IS my cup of tea!)

Movement 1: The Notes You Never Hear

She certainly didn't doubt him- he might not have been the most open man, but he had never given her any real reason to doubt him. However...

Reassurance was always welcome.

Ever since that day with his gift of the rose- that surprising, glorious day- he hadn't once said "I love you". Not once. Though that didn't surprise her in the least; he, in the stereotypical male way, shied away from discussion about "feelings", especially his own. She hadn't honestly expected him to change; he was far, far too stubborn to suddenly become someone different. She could deal with his silence. She could handle his emotional coldness. She could even make due with his job, and the few opportunities they had outside of school to spend time together. She was happy with what they had- for him, even putting voice to the word love (that infamous "l" word) was a tremendous accomplishment. She wouldn't ask him to do it again.

And just being with him was enough at any rate. ...Wasn't it?

She didn't want to be selfish; she didn't want to ask something of him that was unfair.

But... Well, every girl wanted to feel special. Every girl wanted to have that certain someone sweep her up in his arms and tell her that she was loved. And Téa was no different. She loved Seto, she truly did- and though she never actually said the words out loud, she was more than certain he knew.

The little things were all she had, the only clues to how he really felt. Emotion was fickle, but in her heart she knew that the intensity of what they had could certainly transcend the pettiness and the aptness to change of superficial "feeling". Sometimes he would be as snarky and careless as he had ever been, caustic and closed-off even to her. But other moments would more than betray him. There were soft, surprising touches: an unexpected hand on her shoulder, a brush past her arm, a possessive, gentle push on the small of her back- all things that made her skin tingle and heat up in excitement.

And, though she could count the times he had done it on one hand, there were always those rare moments when he would smile. A beautiful, bright, smile solely for her. Oh, those simple, everyday expressions were so common, but on him... on him they could outshine the stars and dance circles around the majesty of the moon. He was gorgeous, the fact could never be protested.

They never held hands, they never just hugged, they never kissed unless they knew they could follow it up with more. The closest things they had to pet names were the occasional "idiot" or "asshole". It wasn't much, but it was all she had. It was the only semblance of a relationship she knew, and she wouldn't trade it for the world.

They were walking one day, going to her house after another day of school. The day was grey and cool, almost wintry in the persistent breeze. She made a silly joke, and he was busy scoffing with more than his share of disdain.

"Must you be so foolish?"

"The atmosphere's heavy; I've made it my mission to lighten the mood." She grinned at him happily, warm blue eyes sparkling as the wind blew her hair in her face.

He put an arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer. She reveled in the warm, close contact. Gruffly, he responded, "You're an idiot." She laughed, and in her merriment almost missed what he was really saying. Subtlety and deception were both specialties of his, after all.

Those little words that he could never say but always meant...
'I love you.'

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