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-A/N: Well this is unexpected. But who can resist the Fairy-God Pharaoh?

-Movement 10: The Sound of Wishes Coming True
Téa rolled her eyes and tapped her foot on the ground impatiently. "You don't have to wear wings. And you can have a new name if you want. The... Fariy God-Pharaoh. How about that?"

He crossed his arms, obviously irritated. "That's a great deal stupider."

She threw her arms up in exasperation. "What do you want from me? You're here to grant my wish. How about a genie? Do you want to be a genie? I'll rub your puzzle and you'll pop out and give me a dress and a carriage and we'll go to the ball and live happily ever after."

He frowned deliberately. "I don't think this story has genies."

Téa bit her lip to stop from screaming. "Does that MATTER?!"

"I suppose not. But there might be new rules - Yugi put it together, so perhaps only he can rub the puzzle."

"Well lucky for me you're already here."

He sighed. "All right, all right. I can tell you're getting impatient." He shook his arms out and then raised them, poised to cast some sort of spell. "What is your wish?"

"I want a dress. I want a carriage. I want to go to the ball, catch prince charming and live happily ever after."

His nose wrinkled in distaste. "Prince charming? Do you mean Kaiba? I think you're better off wishing to turn into a Blue-Eyes White Dragon if you want his attention."

"I hate you."

"There is no need to get snippy with me, Téa, I am only being honest."

She rolled her eyes. "Well as much as I appreciate that, I think we should just stick to the storyline. May I please have a dress?"

Before he could start the spell, someone snorted behind them. They both turned. Téa gasped. "Kaiba!" She glared at her companion before smiling winningly at the CEO. "Hey, Kaiba - what are you doing here?"

He didn't answer. "Why is the midget wearing wings?"

"Damn it, Téa, you said there wouldn't be wings!" He stomped his foot angrily. "I'm going to - "

"You're a fairy!" She interrupted. "Of course you're going to have wings. How else are you supposed to... fly and stuff?"

He crossed his arms and looked down petulantly. "You said I could be a genie."

Kaiba stared at them. "What the hell is going on here?"

Téa sighed. "Okay. Well... We're in a fairy tale. Basically. I'm Cinderella, you're the prince, and he's the..." She waved around vaguely. "Fairy God-Pharaoh. Genie."

Kaiba snorted. "Obviously."

Téa grinned. "Right. He was supposed to give me a dress so I could go to your ball, but - "

"Wait. A ball? I have no idea what you're talking about." He shrugged casually. "I'm not throwing any ball."


"No ball."


"Does this mean I can take off these wings?"

Téa glared and Kaiba smirked. "No."

"Well what am I supposed to do?" Téa asked angrily. "I don't have a dress, I don't even have a ball to go to." She sighed dejectedly. "Now I'll never get the prince charming."

"He's not charming."

Kaiba grinned wolfishly. "He's right. I'm not. However..." He leaned over and whispered something to Téa. She perked up immediately. He grinned again. "And you don't even need a dress for that."

"Hey, sounds good to me. See you later, Fairy God-Pharaoh Genie!"

And they ran off into the sunset.

And they lived mostly-happily ever after.


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