Dimensional Dismay

- Chapter 1 -

It was another dull and rainy day in Toon World.

And yet, much to Sandra's disappointment, there was still a lot of obnoxious singing and yelling as if the weather hadn't an effect at all.

Sandra was a six-legged lizard monster (four hind legs, two arms), with a long black curly tail, four sharp fronds atop her head, and red mean-looking eyes. She had a long green strip that ran down her back, and a yellow underbelly. The rest of her scales were all a dark purple.

She walked drowsily to work, clipboard in hand, and everyone seemed to zoom past her. If it weren't for the loud honking of horns, she'd have feared that she would fall asleep standing up. Being a toon, it wouldn't be too rare on occasion to do so, but she really wanted to get on time, or at least just a couple minutes late. She couldn't care either way- she was just afraid of the line of toons she might receive if she was too late.

She worked at an office building called the T.S.P.A. - Toon Sequel Production Agency. She'd meet with several toons, as did the other toons in the department, and they'd establish a sequel to their first movie, with all the toons from that movie present. Sometimes … it just didn't go over so well. Sandra prayed for a Villain to be officially killed off. If the villain was still alive, it'd star in the sequel, but they were well known complainers. And according to Sandra's contract, she couldn't allow a villain to win. It would be a bad influence for the real world. But she could have the villain turn nice … but it really was never believable, only when a henchman or sidekick decided to turn over a new leaf. It's just not like a villain to give up all he/she's wanted. It was … unreal.

Suddenly, something collided into her, catching her off guard and knocking her to the hard cement sidewalk. She grabbed her clipboard up quickly, rubbing her head,

"Watch where you're going, you -"

She stopped, and saw that it was a 3-D Toon, a monster creature like her. He was like a big red jelly bean, with three eyes and backwards hind legs and two long arms. He wore a blue hardhat of a symbol she whole-heartedly resented.

He was also carrying a clipboard, and he hid behind it, "Sorry miss, I-I … uhh, I-I gotta go!" he stammered, and he quickly sped off down the street.

She rolled her eyes, "Damn, I hate those guys …" she muttered, and crossed the street to her work place.

She was supposed to be in that movie, 'Monsters, Incorporated'. Instead, she was created early by some moron who slipped a bunch of pictures into the wrong bin. Whoever was the idiot who made two bins- one for trash and one for creation, was certainly asking for trouble.

She, and several other monsters, were accidentally created. She could've been transformed into a 3-D Toon, but one- it was too much money, and two- they wouldn't allow it. According to them, she wasn't good enough for the film. So she left, and went on to get a cheap apartment and to start her lousy career-less life.

And then, this job came up - the closest she would ever get to being around movie stars, besides becoming a janitor. This job made her somewhat glad to not be a movie star, because half the toons hated having to do sequels, but when their directors insisted on one, they really had no choice. That's why the sequels stink sometimes. The characters aren't themselves- they are toons that have gotten a sense of the real world and given the freedom of choice, but they had it taken away when sequels were filmed. So … they just became stubborn with lines. It was what they were forced to do- they didn't do it for fun. Some toons, maybe, but others … all they could really care about were a cup of coffee in the morning, and a big-screen TV to sit in front of on a Lazy boy all afternoon.

She arrived at her floor, and the waiting room door was left wide open. Mrs. Packard sat at the desk, a cigarette in hard and phone in the other, chatting away with someone, most probably her friend Margie. Le Plume, a feather quill, twirled lazily about on a piece of paper.

Sandra closed the door behind her, looking around at the empty waiting room, puzzled. Le Plume stopped twirling and practically shrieked in his squeaky French-accent, "The door! Leave it open! It is too hard to breath with Miss-smokes-a-lot here!"

Sandra opened the door with a huff, "Packard, put it out or we'll get complaints from upstairs again …"

Reluctantly, she pressed her cig to her ash tray.

"Did you scare everyone away with your fumes?" Sandra questioned.

"Disney Land opened for toons only." She explained, ignoring her remark, "Everyone called in and cancelled." And she returned to her call, "Yeah Margie; I don't understand 'em. They've really been bugging me lately …"

Sighing with relief, Sandra tossed her clipboard like a Frisbee onto the magazine table, peeled off her backpack, and plopped down onto the couch, lying on her back and staring at the ceiling. She smiled to herself, folding her arms behind her head, "Nothing like a day off, eh Packard?"

"Shut it, I'm talkin' here" she dismissed carelessly.

Sandra never let her remarks get her down, no matter how down her day was to begin with. Slowly she closed her eyes, the bright light of the office fluorescent bulb fading in her view. Then, it happened.

Someone blocked the light, and tapped her lightly on her shoulder. She leapt out of her skin, and rolled off the couch, hitting the cold hard tile with a loud thump.

"God damn it, Packard …" she growled slowly, rubbing her head, looking up only to see that it wasn't Packard. It was a purple lizard like her, but in 3D form, with a light orchid underbelly and four arms and legs, and chameleon-like emerald eyes, and three paled pink-tipped fronds on its head. Its mouth was also wider than hers.

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