It had been a month since the nightmare of Greg's disappearance. The lab technician had returned to work barely two weeks after the ordeal, much sooner than anyone expected him to. Nick's request for a shift change finally went through and he came back to the graveyard for the second time. He hoped Eckley would leave his shift alone for the time being and let him work all hours of the night with his friends.

Nick quietly kept an eye on the DNA specialist, but didn't have the courage to lay his emotions on the table for Greg to see. It concerned him when Greg didn't bounce back to normal. He moved around the lab in complete silence, just a ghost of his previous self. It was like he'd become the shell of Greg Sanders, but no one was home inside.

Nick watched anxiously as the man he loved seemed to disappear. There were no jokes when he returned samples and no teasing during lunch. The team tried in vain to bring him out of it. They offered to go out with him to brighten his spirits, but every proposal was shot down cold. The only answer he ever gave was, "I can't, I've got to work."

Greg never seemed to leave the office; he was always in his lab, analyzing anything he could get his hands on. It got so bad that even Sara, who seemed to live at work, commented on it, "Guys, when's the last time anyone has seen Greg go home?"

They were sitting around the break room before shift when she mentioned it. Nick peered into his coffee like it was interesting, raking his mind for the answer. Catherine pushed off against the counter she'd been leaning on. She'd stuck around after her shift because Lindsey was spending the week with her father and she didn't have to be home promptly. She was the first one to break the thoughtful silence.

"Honestly, I have no idea. He's always here when I get here in the morning and he's usually still here when I leave. He must be getting more overtime than the lab is willing to pay for."

Warrick huffed a little and stated, "You guys act like it's a surprise. Would you want to go home alone after something like that?"

"I understand that, Warrick, but when does he get sleep?"

He shrugged in response.

It wasn't like he knew what to say to Greg. Even the insight to Garret Manning's actions wouldn't help him return to normal. Warrick had found the 'why' within days of the kidnapping, there had been a police report on it. The police had ruled it apparent suicide and it had never made it to the CSIs of the Seattle area, where Angie Manning had passed away. She was related to Garret by blood, she had been his sister. The file had a statement from the distraught brother the day that the girl had died, 'She wouldn't have done it if not for them! You need to arrest them! The damn bastards hurt her!' That was all the officer had recorded. Garret had been in a state of emotional trauma.

It took Warrick a little longer to dig the rest up and make a conclusion. Three out of the four boys that Garret named had been questioned, but the cops hadn't been able to track down the fourth. They'd all confessed that they'd played with Angie, led her on. Through a cruel practical joke, they'd all gone out with her, pretending it was serious, and then had revealed the whole plot to her. She'd been crushed, stopped going to school and then killed herself.

A week later, the unquestioned boy was reported missing. Several months after that, another boy disappeared. Within a year, all four were on the missing persons list. When the police had not avenged his little sister, Warrick suspected that Mr. Manning took things into his own hands, but then, he couldn't accept that his revenge was over, so he began kidnapping look-a-likes. Four 'beautiful boys' had torn apart his life and his home, so he'd torn them apart to get even. Greg was in the wrong place at the wrong time, under the wrong gaze. To Garret, he'd been one of those boys, just like the other innocent men that had been killed.

Sara's voice brought Warrick's wandering mind back to the problem at hand, "It's not like we haven't all tried to cheer him up. He needs to get his mind off of all of this."

"That's what he's using work for," Nick informed them unnecessarily.

"Wait a minute. We've all been in there except you, Nick! It's not like it's a secret anymore, except to him. Haven't you told him yet?"

"You think he needs that right now? I'm not going to push that on him until he's feeling more like himself," he said and got up to get to work. Sara blocked the door.

"No way! You're using that as an excuse! Go talk to him."

Nick didn't have to respond as Gil came in with their assignments for the night. He handed out the slips of paper, "Warrick, you have a hit and run with an uncooperative witness. Sara, you're with me, we're going to check out a break-in gone bad. Catherine, I want you to go home…"

"You're not my boss."

"… and Nick, I need to see you for a second before I send you out."

Nick sighed as the room cleared out. Gil wanted to talk to him about his actions the night they arrested Manning. He'd wondered when his boss was going to bring that up. He was getting fired; there was no way around it.

Grissom coolly eyed Nick for a moment before he spoke and the Texan braced himself for the worst, "Unspoken love always leads to a broken heart."

What? That was not what he'd been expecting at all. In fact, Nick had never thought that something like that would ever come out of Grissom's mouth. Was Gil giving him advice?

"Who said that? Frost, Hemmingway?"

"Actually, it came from the fortune cookie I had with my Chinese yesterday. I thought it was more fitting advice for you than me. When you're done here, go catch up with Warrick, we're having a slow night."

Baffled, Nick just stood in the break room for a moment. When he moved, it was in an uncertain gate down the hall. He leaned in the doorway to Greg's lab. The DNA specialist didn't seem to notice him and continued with his work. Nick opened his mouth but didn't say what he intended. He held back his confession when he realized that they had an audience. No one had actually left the office just yet. Rather than get shot down in front of a crowd, he did the next best thing, "Hey Greggo, can I talk to you for a second?"

"I'm kind of busy," he said blandly, like it was an automatic response. Greg looked like a train wreck. His skin was pale and there were dark circles under his empty, brown eyes. Nicky's chest constricted painfully. He nodded and turned to walk away. It was just too excruciating to stand in his presence; he didn't have the courage that they all seemed to think he did. From just down the hall, he received several glared daggers and was forced to turn back.

Nick set his jaw and grabbed Greg's arm. "We have to talk."

The lab technician stumbled after him, complaining weakly that the sample couldn't wait, but he was too exhausted to put up much of a fight. Nick led him through the lab to the co-ed locker rooms and gently maneuvered Greg onto the bench.

"Can't this wait until after work?"

"No. Will you just listen a minute?"

Greg shut up and leaned back on his hands. He arched one dark eyebrow in an inquisitive look that gave Nick hope. There was at least some of the original Greg left in there.

Nick's heart rate increased rapidly as his courage betrayed him and fled from battle. "I… shit… I wanted to tell you that… that I…"

That eyebrow arched a little higher and the other joined it.

The Texan's words were fleeing at an alarming rate and he could only try and spit out his confession with what he had left. "I really… Greg, I was wondering if you'd… you'd like to have dinner, but I mean… you really don't have to," Nick crashed and burned worse than he'd imagined.

"Are you trying to ask me out on a date?" the lab tech asked with some amusement.

Nick winced and squeezed his eyes shut; his mouth wouldn't seem to stop babbling, "I'm sorry. I knew you were straight… I just shouldn't have said anything… but, I…" He heaved a sigh that carried the weight of the world and met Greg's eyes, "Can I kiss you? Just once and, after that, I swear I'll leave you alone."

Greg turned away, thinking. Nick could almost hear the wheels turning beneath that mop of blonde hair. He shifted uncomfortably as he waited for the judgment to fall, feeling a lot like a suspect waiting for the jury's answer. A pink tip of tongue appeared from between Greg's lips, moistening them in one quick swipe. He'd come to a decision.

"Yeah, okay. Kiss me."

Nick would later swear that his heart had stopped when those words fell from Greg's delectable mouth. He had to remember how to breathe before he could regain the rest of his senses.

"What? Are you serious?"

"Do you want me to change my mind?"

"Hell no!"

"Well then, here's your chance. Kiss me."

Not needing to be told a third time, Nick framed the younger man's face with his hands and pressed their lips together. Greg wrapped his arms around his back and allowed Nick's questing tongue entrance. The world fell away. Every movement in the office came to a standstill and the whole of Las Vegas fell silent as electricity poured through Nick's body. And then Greg moaned into his mouth and he lost all control. The kiss quickly escaped both of them, becoming hot and needy and fierce.

Nick slid his hands from Greg's face down to the small of his back, pulling their bodies together tightly. The contact was delicious. Nick vaguely thought that Greg was probably one of those people that could tie cherry stems in a knot with their tongues, because that slick muscle was working wonders in his mouth.

Considering the in depth knowledge they both had of science, they ignored their body's biological needs far longer than they should have. When they broke apart for air, they were both panting uncontrollably and grinning like idiots.

Between gasps, Greg asked, "What gave you the idea that I was straight?"

Nick couldn't pull together a coherent sentence to give him and kept smiling instead. He nuzzled just under the blonde man's ear. "Dinner, after work," Nick practically purred at him.

Greg nodded and they reluctantly let go of each other. When the lab tech smirked at him, Nick knew that he was going to be okay. He'd heal.

"So, you're not straight?"

"Nope, bi, but if it's worth anything I've never flirted harder with anyone in hopes of catching their interest. Usually, I'm pretty laid back about catching prey."

Nick's liquid brown eyes went wide, "You were flirting with me?"

"…And I obviously needed the extra boost because you are the most clueless person I've ever tried to get my hands on."

"But I just thought that was how you acted around everybody."

Greg grinned lazily and shifted his arms further up on Nick's neck. "Nope, I tease everyone else. With you, it's flirting. Remember that time I told you that people always spit on each other when they talk, whether they're conscious of it or not?"

Nick, not quite sure where this was going, nodded.

"Well, I was kind of hoping that you'd make some joke about swapping spit so I could tell you that we were doing just that. I wanted to see you blush at the thought. That would have confirmed that my flirting had not gone in vain," Greg said rather dramatically and waggled his eyebrows.

The Texan pulled him into a sudden hug, eliciting a little yelp of surprise from the nutty lab rat.

"Um… Nick, something wrong?" Greg asked from where he was crushed against Nick's rather well-formed pectoral muscle. It wasn't that he was complaining, but he was curious about the random action.

"No, I'm just glad that you're going to be okay." The Texan's voice was kind of strangled, like he was trying to hold back tears. Greg pushed away to look at him.

"What do you mean?"

"For a little while there, I thought that you just weren't going to be the same. You haven't told a cheesy joke in weeks."

"I'm okay… or at least I will be… I just need some time to get it all out of my system," he admitted and leaned back into Nick's hold. He felt safe there in Nick's arms and his waiting sample moved to the back burner in his mind. It was tempting to take the rest of the day off, go find a couch somewhere, and just lay in Nick's lap with the Texan's broad hand carding through his hair.

Someone cleared their throat, jolting both of them out of the intimate moment. Two sets of brown eyes flew to the doorway, meeting green there. Warrick shoved his hands in his pockets, feeling slightly awkward for interrupting.

"Nick, can you wrap this up? The crime scene's getting cold, man."

Greg Sanders tapped a pen on the desk impatiently, staring at the clock with the intensity of long practice. He silently willed the hands to move faster. It was only five minutes before the end of his shift, but he'd last looked at the clock only ten minutes from the end of shift and that seemed like hours ago. The stack of samples he'd analyzed, in record time, was sitting on the edge of the table. It would probably kill some time if he went to drop them off in person, but the CSIs usually came back for their own stuff and he really didn't want to be in the lab any longer than necessary.

The clock hit six and he was out the door and on his way to the locker room. He literally collided with someone as he rounded the corner, landing on his ass hard enough to bruise. The man he'd run into laughed and offered him a hand. Greg recognized both the laugh as well as the silver ring on the middle finger of said hand. He grabbed it and let Nick haul him to his feet.

"Seems like you were in as much of a hurry as me," the level three CSI commented, still chuckling.

For some reason, Greg blushed, but Nick didn't say anything about it. Instead, he kept a hold on Greg's hand and led him out to the parking lot. He mentioned, offhandedly, that the place he had in mind wasn't far.

They made the trip to the restaurant in comfortable silence, Nick driving with one hand resting on Greg's thigh. The touch wasn't meant to be erotic or arousing, it was just a point of connection between their bodies. Greg smiled and placed his hand over Nick's. For all he cared, they could drive to the farthest point on the continent just the way they were. Garret Manning's dark basement was far from his thoughts for the first time in nearly a month. The last time he'd managed to escape him had been when Nick was kissing him senseless in the locker room. Twice in one day, he'd felt like nothing in the world could touch him because he had a Texan guardian with dark brown eyes and a genuine smile.

Greg was almost disappointed when they pulled into their destination. He really just didn't want to get out of the car, but Nick's hand moved from his leg to put the truck in park, so he opened the door. The place Nick had chosen was called Rose's, which was infamous for the pancakes they served. Despite how long he'd lived in Las Vegas, Greg had never actually been inside.

The waitress seated them in a small, circular booth near the back, which let them sit so their legs touched. She left them with two menus, but Nick didn't bother to pick his up. Instead, he relaxed and stretched his arms out across the back of the booth. This allowed him to drape a casual arm across Greg's shoulders. Greg smirked at the gesture and continued to scan the multitude of entrees the menu offered. It was like the old tactic he used in high school when he took dates to the movies. Only, he suspected that Nick was being casual about it for the publics' sake, not his own. Not everyone was entirely comfortable with couples like them.

The thought of them being a couple sent a tremor down Greg's spine. The man beside him was on a date with him, which meant Greg could hope for more such moments in the future. It made him giddy knowing that Nick could become a permanent part of his life. Then again, this was the first date. There was no telling if Nick would ever want to take him out again. Maybe the Texan would change his mind and decide that he really didn't want Greg. The lab rat chewed his lip as he fretted.

Nick reached over and ran his thumb across the lip Greg was biting, "Stop that. You're either going to make yourself bleed, or force me to jump on you so I can do that myself. Neither of which would be good."

"On the contrary, I think you jumping on me might be a good thing."

"Not in front of all these people."

Greg grinned at Nick's teasing. He would just have to wait and see. If Nick still wanted him after their first date, then Greg was going to jump up onto the nearest lab table and dance, but for now he'd just have to wait.

He closed his menu and leaned back against Nick's arm. "I think I'll have the pancakes."

"Surprise, surprise. It's only the most popular dish on the menu."

When the food came, Greg's mouth fell open. The portions were gigantic.

"Why didn't you warn me that they gave you so much food! I wouldn't have ordered the side of eggs! There's like six pancakes here, Nick!"

"Actually, you ordered the Flapjack Stack. There are eight pancakes there."

"You're evil."

Nick gave him his best diabolical grin and attacked his own pancakes. It took them nearly an hour to finish the expansive breakfast and they were both overly full when they'd eaten the last of it. Greg set down his fork and leaned back, making a face at his sticky fingers.

"How do I always manage to get syrup on my fingers? It's like it crawls up the fork no matter how careful you are…" he commented and pulled his hand up to his mouth to clean off the sticky substance. Before the digits disappeared between Greg's lips, Nick grabbed his wrist. He sucked the younger man's index finger into his mouth and rolled his tongue around it. When it was clean, he moved on to the middle finger. Nick tried not to grin as Greg's eyes got impossibly wide. His gaze shot around the quiet restaurant, but no one seemed to be paying them any attention.

Once he'd cleaned ever square inch of Greg's sticky hand, he pulled away and licked his lips. "Tasty."

Nick's date snickered as the shock wore off. "I can't believe you just did that in public," Greg muttered with a very stupid grin.

"I couldn't help myself. I told you I was going to jump on you."

After Nick paid for the meal, the food-sedated men climbed back into the Texan's truck. The driver didn't immediately turn on the six-cylinder beast, but mentioned, "Gil gave you tomorrow night off. You should get some rest."

Greg's mood shifted slightly and he turned to gaze out the passenger window. He knew that Gil had given him the night off, he'd given him a lot of time off, but Greg had shown up at work anyway. One of the downsides of working nightshift was that, when he had time off it meant that he had to stay home alone in the dark. He wouldn't admit it to anyone, especially not to the man sitting next to him, that the dark had become his least favorite thing. It made him feel like a little kid that still needed a nightlight, but he just couldn't find the courage to leave even one light off in the house when the sun went down. Black, inky darkness took him places he didn't want to go.

"You can call me if you need anything," offered a deep voice with a mild accent. A firm hand grasped Greg's chin and turned him back to face his newfound boyfriend. Nick gave him a reassuring little smile.

"Even if you're at work?"

"Even if I'm at work. I'll pick up, unless I'm doing something really vital."

Minor comfort thought it was, Greg felt better. He nodded and leaned against the Texan's broad shoulder. The armrest between them pressed against the lab technician's ribcage, but he didn't mind. An arm snaked around his waist and he was content. Nick drove him back to the crime lab parking lot so he could pick up his car and they went their separate ways after a good, long kiss.

The crime scene was relatively simple. It was going to be one of those open and shut cases that took little more than an hour or two. The cops had caught the guy fleeing the scene, the murder weapon still in his hand. Nick was processing the blood trail leading from the DB to where the cops had cuffed the suspect. It was very straight-forward. Sara was working the case with him and, between the two of them, they'd found more than enough evidence to get the dumb bastard canned.

A phone went off, causing both of them to glance down. Nick pulled his off his belt and Sara went back to work. He grinned at the name displayed on the faceplate. It was Greg.

"Stokes," he said out of habit.

The voice on the other end was strung out and terrified, just a shaky whimper that was barely comprehensible. "I'm scared."

Nick was on his feet in an instant, alarm shooting adrenaline into his veins. Something was terribly wrong. Not Greg, not again. "Greg, what is it? What's wrong?"

Sara looked up at him, his anxiety catching her immediate attention.

"I was just… that voice won't go away, Nick! And it's dark… and I just can't… I'm so scared," Greg was sobbing. He was panicked.

"Listen, I'll be there in a few minutes!" Nick covered the mouthpiece for a split-second to ask Sara, "Can you finish up here?" She nodded, once, and he bolted for the car. "Hang on, I'm coming!"

"Oh god, don't leave me alone! Don't hang up on me!" Greg's fear tore at his heart.

"I'm not going to. It'll be okay… Greg?" Nick frowned at the sudden silence and pulled the phone away from his ear. He had absolutely no signal. The phone had dropped the call. He muttered a few obscenities while he tried to dial Greg's number and drive at the same time. His cell service continued to be fickle and Nick was halfway to Greg's apartment before the call went through.

Greg was much calmer when he picked up the phone. He still sounded shaken, but not as panicked as before, "Nick? Hey, I'm sorry about that. I had a nightmare and I think I was still too groggy to separate reality from dream. You don't have to come over."

"Are you sure you're okay? I mean, I was working a scene, but…"

"I'm fine, don't leave work. I'll see you later, 'k?"


Before the argument fell from his mouth, Greg was gone. Nick snapped the cell shut and dropped it into the nearest cup-holder. Even if he did turn around, Sara would probably be done by the time he got there. Greg hadn't given him a chance to say that, but he was already too far to go back. He hadn't taken a day off in what seemed like an eternity, so he didn't see the harm in it.

Greg watched his coffee machine as it brewed. He wasn't one to be embarrassed easily, but calling Nick because of a nightmare left him feeling like a complete moron. Nick was probably laughing it off with Warrick or Sara, or whoever Gil had partnered him with for his case. No second date for Greg Sanders, no way. Not after that little idiotic display.

He sighed and shoved his hands in the pockets of his terrycloth robe.

It had only been a nightmare, the same one he'd been having for weeks, but he definitely wasn't going back to sleep. His bedroom was just too dark and he couldn't go to sleep with a light on, so he'd settle for a cup of coffee and some time in front of the television. The magical glowing box was a good way to get his mind off of anything that was bothering him. Actually, the glowing box was a good way to keep him from thinking at all.

Greg was just curling up on the couch when someone knocked on his door. The sound caused him to jump out of his skin. He composed himself quickly and glanced through the peephole before opening the door.

"Hey you, how are you doing?" Nick asked with a concerned slope to his brow. He obviously hadn't wasted a second getting there, as he was still wearing sterile gloves and the standard-issue investigator's vest that bore his last name.

Greg stepped away to let him inside. "I'm okay… You planning on doing any surgeries, doctor?"


"You're still wearing gloves."

A blush crept up Nick's face and he pulled them off. He looked around the apartment as he shrugged off his vest and tossed it across a comfy looking armchair. Nick had never actually been inside Greg's apartment. He'd driven the lab tech home a few times but had never made it to the door. It shocked him that he'd actually been able to find it without Greg's guidance.

"Aren't you supposed to be at work?"

"Yeah, but I called Grissom after I talked to you and let him know that I wouldn't be coming back with Sara. You want to tell me what happened?"

Greg rolled his big, chocolate colored eyes and flopped onto the couch gracelessly. "I just had a nightmare," he told Nick with a hint of irritation. The Texan sank down beside him and Greg dropped the frustration from his tone. He was irritated with himself and he didn't want Nick thinking that it was something he had done. "I just haven't been sleeping well lately… Ever since all of that shit happened, I haven't been able to turn out the lights. I'm afraid of the dark again, like when I was seven… It's so lame."

"You're allowed to be afraid. I can't sit in enclosed spaces anymore."

"You're claustrophobic?"

"I didn't use to be."

The lab technician nodded and edged closer to the other body on his couch. Wordlessly, Nick pulled Greg to him and pressed his lips against the top of his head. The younger man fit perfectly in the curve of his body. "Can I kiss you?"

"Will you stop asking and just do it?"

Nick grinned and did as he was told, taking Greg's waiting mouth in a hungry kiss. Tongues battled lazily when they met and there was a playful nibbling of lips. Eager desire quickly escalated and Nick was repositioning Greg so the other man could sit astride his hips. Broad hands slid through the front of Greg's robe and began mapping the surface of his skin. They roamed boldly across his flat stomach, causing Greg to flinch.

The gouges there had healed over, but he knew that Nick could feel the forming scars. If Nick noticed, he didn't make any comment on it. Instead, he rubbed a thumb over Greg's right nipple, enticing a small groan. He arched into Nick's touch and the Texan smiled around the lip he was sucking on. A scorching need curled around them both and they couldn't find enough skin to touch, enough mouth to invade, or enough body to kiss. Hands claimed territory everywhere they could reach.

Greg broke away from the frenzy and sat back on Nick's lap. The Texan tried to follow, but his boyfriend pushed him back into the couch. "No, stay there."

Nick showed some level of obedience, but continued to explore Greg's body with his fingertips. The lab technician allowed him to do so as he rolled his shoulders to rid himself of his robe. He was about to dive back in for more when he noticed Nick's impressive erection straining against his dark-wash blue jeans. Greg smirked and took in Nick's flushed face. The man was admiring him through half-lidded eyes, a look that Greg would easily categorize as 'bedroom eyes'. It reminded him that they were still on his couch.

"You know, I really don't care where we do this, but my bedroom would be more comfortable. Though, I am all game for trying things in new places."

This took a second to register in Nick's dark, lust-glazed eyes. He didn't bother to voice his agreement. Instead, he pushed himself to his feet with two good handfuls of Greg's ass. The DNA specialist tossed his arms around Nick's shoulders and wrapped his legs around his hips, grinding their erections together. Nick gasped at the sensation and very nearly fell to the floor.

The distance to the bedroom seemed extremely long and was growing in leaps and bounds every second Greg spent suckling on his earlobe. It wasn't that the lab rat was too heavy, far from it in fact, but Nick had a very hard time concentrating on walking when Greg's half-naked body was wriggling against him.

In a stroke of pure luck, they managed to reach the door. Nick crossed the final few steps and dumped Greg onto the unmade bed. The shameless creature refused to release him and he fell to his hands and knees on the mattress. Not wasting any time, Nick reached to unbutton his blue jeans. He'd lost his shirt somewhere between Greg's couch and Greg's bed, but he figured that he would find it in the morning.

Greg was more than obliged to help Nick get rid of the denim obstacle and slid down to pull off the Texan's shoes. This reduced them both to underwear, one in boxers and the other in boxer-briefs, but those too were soon tossed to the floor. Whether or not they actually hit the floor could be arguable as the floor was covered in layers of who-knows-what. Greg was obviously not the neatest person in the world, but his room could only be defined as a train wreck.

Fortunately, at the moment, Nick couldn't care less. He hadn't really even seen the room upon entering, let alone notice the state it was in. He was far too focused on a pair of warm lips and a slick, lean body beneath his own.

"How far to you want to go?" Nick panted against the pulse in Greg's neck. His hot breath sent a shiver down the younger man's spine.

"I want you to take me all the way, cowboy," Greg said teasingly and climbed to the head of the bed. He rummaged in a side table until he found a bottle of hand moisturizer. He couldn't remember ever actually using it on his hands, but it was going to prove it's worth now. "I don't have any real lube right now, but I'm going to have to get some if you want to do this again."

Greg lay back into the pillows and spread his legs, winning a raised eyebrow. Nick coated a few of his fingers in the lotion and set to work. No shock crossed Greg's face as he slid the first digit inside his hot body, just pure pleasure. Not only was he a bottom, but he'd also done this before. Both took Nick by surprise. Less than twenty-four hours ago, he hadn't even known that Greg went both ways, let alone that he'd bottomed before.

"I didn't know that you liked the bottom," the Texan murmured as he slid a second finger beside the first, scissoring them slightly. Greg squirmed beneath him and moaned loudly.

"Don't… uhn, don't get me wrong. I like both. Oh god! Do that again!"

Nick grinned and rubbed his fingertips against the bundle of nerves he'd been probing for. He mentally documented it's location for later use and rubbed his knuckles against it a few more times. Greg howled his lover's name and gripped the bed sheets, stars dancing behind his eyes.

When Nick withdrew his fingers, Greg went limp, feeling terribly empty. The lab tech barely had a second to catch his breath before his legs were pulled up over broad shoulders.

Nick gently pushed the tip of his cock past the first tight ring of muscle. He kept a strangle-hold on his dwindling control, but it was slipping away too fast. Greg bucked back against him, bringing him deeper. Nick gripped his hips to still him and the man with bleach-blonde hair groaned his disapproval.

"Come on, Nicky! Fuck me! I'm not gonna' break!"

Nick released the reigns on his control, letting himself tumble off the edge. He planted his hands in the mattress for leverage and slammed into the body beneath him. The headboard hit the wall hard enough to chip the plaster and alert the neighbors to what they were up to. Let them know. They were going to be hearing a lot more from Greg's apartment anyway.

"God, yes!" Greg shouted at the ceiling. Nick might have been a good, civil human being during the day, but he was a wild creature in bed. Greg silently thanked whatever divine being that had decided on that personality quark.

The two bodies slammed together in a quick and erratic pace. Greg moved his hips to meet every thrust and Nick kept himself angled so he hit his lover's prostate with every pass. Greg's rough vocalization was a stream of incoherent obscenities that rose an octave when a hand wrapped around his painful erection.

Nick pumped his cock in time to his thrusts, twisting it slightly to set Greg off. Within seconds, the younger man arched off the bed and came with a scream. Nick followed shortly after, unable to hold out against the clenched muscles that were tightening around him.

They collapsed in a sweaty, sticky, sated mess. Nick rolled off of Greg once he found the energy and gave him a sleepy, post-orgasm smile. "Should we clean up?"

"Nah, it can wait until morning…" Greg said and brought their lips together for a long, drowsy kiss. He broke away and picked up the nearest object, chunking it at the light switch with an accuracy that could only come with practice and extreme laziness. It hit the switch dead-on and the room was pitched into darkness.

Nick worked the comforter out from under them and wrapped his arms around Greg. "I take it that you do that often."

"Yeah, well. Sometimes you're just too comfortable to get up."

Blackness closed in around them, but Greg snuggled into the curve of his lover's body. It wasn't the same darkness as before. It was far less terrifying and only brought a dreamless sleep. Greg smiled as he let himself drift off in Nick's arms because he had nothing to be afraid of. Manning was gone and so was his dark basement. All that remained was his messy room and Nick's soft, steady breathing.


I hope you enjoyed it.