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WARNING: boy on boy relations, read or leave.

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White was the color of the ceiling, and the only thing that he could register for a long time.

His lips still burned like fire from that feather soft touch to his lips, breathing still slightly difficult as he tried to calm down his racing heart.


He had kissed him.

Yamato had kissed him!

Finally the full realization got through the haze clouding his mind and hit him like a ton of bricks.

Sitting up like a jack in the box, he covered his mouth with one hand and blushed a strong powder pink.

Fingers trembling, he traced his lips reverently, feelings of joy, wonder, and complete and utter confusion tumbling about his head.

"Why…?" He asked no one, blinking up at the closed door with sudden conviction.

Crying…Yamato had been crying….

He stood up quickly, ignoring his shaking knees and knocked hesitantly on the door, leaning his forehead against it and taking in a long breath.

After waiting a moment, he clenched his eyes shut and sighed under his breath.

"Yama….Yamato please open the door."

Still no answer.

Could he even hear him?

Looking around helplessly, he wondered how he could possibly get inside without breaking it down with an axe.

He didn't have long either, he was sure some of the neighbors must have heard him being thrown out, they might have called the landlord already!

"Yamato open the door, damnet!" He muttered, glaring at it with the anger anyone feels towards something that's blocking their path.

"What in tarnation is going on here."

Taichi almost jumped out of his skin, twisting around in startled surprise to see the little old man staring up at him with suspicion, his cat purring uncaringly in his arms.

"I-I-" Taichi stumbled, unable to think up anything in the state he was in.

He opened his mouth once again, then snapped it shut and looked away.

It was no use, he would just have to tell him and hope he would understand.

"Well…" sigh…."You see…" He started, explaining how Yamato was his dance teacher. He did Not say anything about his own personal feelings or go into detail about what had gone on. But he did say that he knew Yamato was angry with him, and that he didn't know why.

"And that's why I snuck in here to try to apologize…" He finished, dragging a hand through his hair in nervous habit.

"But he kicked me out! And…and He's crying." He stressed out the word painfully, glancing at the door every once and awhile as if hoping for it to be open.

The man was silent for a long time, then finally said in a sharp voice. "And how do I know your not fibbing again? Once bittern, twice shy young man. "

"Please." Taichi begged falling to the floor on his knees in earnest pleading," Please believe me. I'm sorry for lying, but I just had to see him! I…..I….."

He stared at the floor, disoriented and confused….


Was he just about to say?

The old man stared down at him silently for a long time, watching as mixed emotions flashed across his face, darkening it with each new thought.

He gave his cat one last pat, then set her gently on the ground with a sigh.

"I believe you."

"You…you do?" Taichi stared up at him in bewildered hope.

If Sora or anyone else of his…"station" had seen him in the act of begging a "commoner"…he would have some explaining to do…


Damnet, who cares about that!

"Oh, thank you." He said softly, looking away when he felt tears start to gather in the corner of his eyes.

When did he start to become such a girl?

But….it was for some reason such a powerful relief to have this person believe that he would not hurt Yama.

At least…not…intentionally…

He seemed to be doing it unconsciously often enough.

The old man gave a throaty grunt and looked away, a scowl marring his already sour features.

"Don't be getting all sappy now, its only because Baby seems to like you that I trust ya at all."

Taichi looked down to see the snooty cat glaring up at him in much the same way Princess did when he had said something impertinent.


Taichi formed his face into what he desperately hoped was a smile.

The man just rolled his eyes, then sighed, shaking his head and muttering about "youngsters these days" as he suddenly moved forward, pushing Taichi aside with surprising strength and starting to pull something from his pocket.

"W-what are you doing?"

"Unlocking the door." He answered simply, in a rough tone.

Taichi stared at him as if he had grown a pair of donkey ears from his thinning patch of hair.

"Since he takes care of Baby when I'm away, I repay him by taking care of his plants. So I have a spare for his apartment, as does he for mine. He sure has a lot of flowers for a man, but I let it pass since he's so good to my girl." He smiled down at the kitty cat with a tender look, then it hardened as he glanced back at Taichi.

"Now, I'm doing something that really ought not to be done since he trusts me with this key, but since you seem to want to fix what you started then I'll let you in. But boy, if I hear you made it worse, then be sure you won't ever see the inside of this here building again."

Taichi winced at the harsh words, but nodded firmly, though still quite stunned that the barrier between him and Yama was suddenly and unexpectedly disappearing.

One of them, anyway.

The old man gave him one last stare down, then sighed and shook his head, unlocking the door with one precise flick of his wrist and stepping back.

"He's all yours."


Oh, if only that were true.

Taichi gave the old man a heart achingly thankful smile, tears still shimmering in his eyes as he turned the doorknob, letting himself in slowly, cautiously, then shutting it behind him as he saw the old man take his leave.

Yamato was not in sight, the living room and kitchen were abandoned, only the pillows from the couch now littered the floor in a sparse mess.

It wasn't until he had taken a few steps down the short hall that he heard the sound of gentle weeping.

Standing in front of the door from which it came, he bit his lips in anguish at the achingly sad sound, unable to bear the knowledge of who it came from.

He pushed open the door, as it was not fully closed, and felt his heart shatter for what must have been the millionth time this day, this week, at the sight before him.

Like a broken thing, curled up in on himself, sobbing softly into the pillow he clutched desperately in his arms.


Something was playing on the television past the bed, but Taichi barely noticed it as he took one step into the room, whispering that one word aloud.


The blonde's head snapped up as if struck, staring with wide, tear filled eyes that were the most brightest, clearest most glorious color of sapphire blue.

Like deep lagoons misted over with rain, deep and filled with sadness, such an utterly vivid brilliance.

Taichi heard himself gasp, frozen in shock as he stared at the familiar person who was now suddenly a complete strange thing to him.

"W-what?" It came strangled, like some thing being suffocated by angry hands.

Yamato seemed just as stunned, tear stained cheeks shiny in the brightness of the room as his soft, pink mouth hung open, shock and fright foremost in his eyes.


"Y-your eyes." The brunette stuttered out, strained, shaken beyond what he should have been at what must have been contacts all along. Just contacts,.

But the change of his entire expression at the different color was so startling.

Before he had been a sort of gentle beauty, soft eyes and hair. A mellow kind of look.

Now he was simply breathtaking, a startling beauty, something almost too sharp and unreal.

It was like his eyes changed his face, made him more alive, more vulnerable. Just so…intensely beautiful.

The blonde choked and turned away quickly, his whole body shaking badly, whimpers escaping his lips.

The brunette broke out of his shock and hurried towards him, trying to push away the thoughts of confusion in his head and concentrate on this moment. On him.

Yamato must have felt him coming, because he suddenly leapt up and backed away, almost slamming himself into the wall as he tried to put more distance between them

"Don't." He whispered harshly, voice hoarse from his tears.

Taichi felt himself break at the utter vulnerability and brokenness of the beautiful, quailing creature before him. But he could not stop.

He walked straight up to him till he rested with a hand on the wall on either side of that golden head, gazing intently into stunning, deep blue gems.

"Yama…" He whispered softly, almost….

One would almost say lovingly….

The blonde visibly weakened, strangling away another rising sob and turning his head quickly, still shaking almost frighteningly badly.

Taichi balanced himself on one hand and drew the other to gently caress the soft, silky strands of hair. Gentle calming him like a mother would her child after he had awaken from a particularly terrifying nightmare.

It took only one more utterance of his ex-teacher's shortened name before the blue eyed man broke.

Yamato threw himself into Taichi's arms, sobbing loudly into his chest in utter misery, the sweet scent of peaches and cream wafting to Taichi's scenes as he stared blankly at the wall, continuing to stroke his head and murmur gentle words and phrases.

It seemed a good while, but must have only been ten minutes till Yamato had cried himself out, and they now sat comfortably on his bed, Yamato still in Taichi's arms.

Their was a long, heavy silence, and Taichi no longer touched his hair.

Though his fingers ached to be buried back in those gloriously silky tresses.

Finally Yamato leaned back, face ruddy with tears, but eyes finally dry, though bloodshot and still full of a strange fear.

He only trembled every now and then now, absentmindedly tucking loose strands of spun-gold back into their places where they had stuck to his salty sticky skin.

He avoided Taichi's eyes, wrapping his arms about himself and moved away from the brunette deliberately.

Taichi felt lost for words, deeply glad that the blonde was no longer crying, but now unable to find the right place to start, the questions that needed to be asked.

He shivered himself, glancing about the room uncomfortably, still unable to get the feeling of Yamato in his arms out of his mind.

He found his eyes absentmindedly glancing past the TV, then on past, and then jolting to a sudden realization and jerking back to the TV when he saw who as on it.


Dressed in an utterly sultry, heavy black silk shirt and half-faced phantom mask, black pants and gloves. Mist curled about his legs as he moved like liquid water across the stage, each step and sway of his hips was magic, every twirl of his hands was graceful, every turn of his neck precise and perfect.

Utterly beautiful, graceful like some feline creature, balanced as a deer and at some times he even seemed to be as light as a feather.

His dancing really did create such perfection…

It was breathtaking to watch. You felt as though you could simply stare at the exquisite creature till he died upon his feet of weariness.

A female in a heavy white gown and matching mask, though white like the rest of her garb, soon joined him on the stage and started to sing. And although she was beautiful, she did not create the other world that Yamato seemed to make in every single movement he made.

Taichi finally was able to tear his gaze from the dreamlike play before him and stared at Yamato with wide, stunned brown eyes.

Yamato was watching him silently, a calculated coolness in his eyes showing that he had regained some of his composure.

Taichi opened his mouth to speak, but then found he did not know what he was going to say, and closed it.

Yamato sighed and glanced away.

"Did I ever tell you that I was born in America?"

Taichi started at the seemingly completely random question, but was curious none the less, and shook his head slowly.

Yamato ran one hand up and down his arm, as if cold, and shivered slightly. He continued in a suddenly much softer voice.

"My mother was an American. My Father, who was born here, traveled a lot for his work. He met my mother at a New York coffee shop. They fell in love…and since mother did not want to leave her family, and father had no one left in Japan, he applied for a permanent job there and they got married."

Taichi watched those soft, rose-petal lips barely moving, their owner staring off into the distance as if seeing into the past.

" They had me a year later. When I was six they had my little brother. Takeru was his Japanese name, but we just called him TK….When….when he was five, and I was eleven, TK got terminal cancer and died a year later."

Taichi ached to hold Yamato once again, as he saw a single tear roll down one porcelain cheek in his silent agony. His body stiff like a statue in frozen animation.

"Our family was never the same. Mother and Father started fighting constantly….Father got drunk all the time, and mother was never home. And I don't think either of them ever felt the same way about me again. I looked too much like TK. Every time one of them looked at me I could feel their pain….and I….I myself couldn't even look in the mirror anymore without seeing my dead brother and crying…"

Yamato now wept softly into his hands, shoulders shaking with his silent sobs. He caught his breath finally, and looked up at me with glossy blue orbs, shining strangely in the lighting of the room.

"I can still see him. That's why I wear contacts….I….I can't stand to look in the mirror and see him, see what mother and father saw…." He smiled a watery smile in Taichi's direction, lips trembling as if they sat on a snowy blanket. "It just became too hard…I felt like I was losing myself. Becoming his ghost"

Taichi looked away, unable to bear that pained smile, torn up inside at the admitions. How it must have hurt….For how could you get over something if you felt you could see its memory in your own eyes?

Yamato swallowed thickly, harshly swiping the tears from his face with the back of a hand and taking in a long, shuddery breath.

"So, everything just seemed to end for awhile. It was like I couldn't live anymore, that I had died along with TK, like my family's happiness had. Then my school councilor started getting concerned….I think she thought I was going to kill myself at the first chance I got. Truthfully, I don't know if it was that far from what I had been thinking back then." He smiled balefully." She suggested I take some lessons of some sort, something for me to work on and obtain satisfaction through my goals. Something… to take my mind off of it all. Of course, my parents didn't care if I wasn't home as much. So when I started taking dance lessons…which, by the way I was very adverse to at first. Thought it was girly."

Taichi smiled weakly at the faint teasing tone in Yamato's voice, unable to find any real humor in the sad story.

Yamato cleared his throat and wiped away another tear before continuing.

"Actually, I was going to take some sort of art class at first, but then they were filled up, and since I didn't care to learn an instrument, and had no interest in sports, dance was it. I'm glad though…I…don't think I could have survived without it. Things got better after that. Not with my home life, but with my feelings in general. Every time I dance, I can forget about everything. I feel….indescribably happy and carefree. Back then it was like having someone cut me from heavy chains I didn't even know I was carrying around."

He sighed heavily, dragging a hand through glossed locks in much the same way Taichi often did, then letting it drop, slender, lily white hands clasping together loosely in his lap.

"So…anyway, with time and because it was really the only thing that actually seemed to make me feel good anymore, which meant I practiced pretty much day and night, I got really good. Fantastically good, even. And I'm not being egoistic either"

Taichi looked at him in confusion, noting the sudden sharp, bitter tang in his words and feeling a notion of dread chill his heart.

"It was right around then that my parents got a divorce." His lips curled into an unattractively fake smile." And they finally seemed to remember me again. But it was really more of a control thing. A pawn in their little game. You see, after they had fought and won their share of the money and whatever else there was, I was the last piece on the board to take. So they both started fighting over me, pretending to care for me, lavishing me with gifts and attention that frankly I had no idea what to do with. Never had I received so much attention from then… It was my mother's idea, seeing as how much I loved dancing, to win my affections by hiring one of the most prestigious dance tutors around for private lessons with me."

The blonde's hands moved from his lap to clench the bed sheets on either side of him, knuckled turning white as he practically pierced the covering with his nails.

"At first I was so very very happy…but then…the glances he would give me as he watched me practice a new step, the touches he would give me as he showed me how to bend…"

Taichi felt his breath quicken and a bile rising to leave an acrid taste on his tongue, feelings of rage and disgust at war in his mind.

"Yama…did he…"

The blonde gave him a sad, teary smile, wisps of stubborn hair framing his pale face.

"No. it never got that far. But it almost did, he would have if I hadn't gotten away. By then I was seventeen, and I decided that I couldn't hold him off any longer by myself. And since I was too afraid to tell anyone else….I ran away."

Taichi felt numb, as he watched Yamato gracefully pull his legs up to balance on the edge of the bed crossed legged, his vision misty as he felt the pain of the other before him.

"So, for a couple years I was homeless. And believe you me, it wasn't easy. I…have this ability to attract people you just really don't want following you around. I still don't know how I survived it all without having…" He trailed off, glancing at the brunette then looking away with a shameful blush.

"Anyways…" He whispered, continuing." I was scared my parents were following me, so I decided to leave the country. My dad being Japanese, and my mother being particularly fluent in it, I grew up knowing the language. It was the only place I could think of. So I got a job at a coffee shop, while sleeping on park benches for my home, and saved up and flew to Japan. A friend of mine was able to make me a fake pass, if your wondering. Anyways, I got other jobs there, just small ones, working my way up and paying my way through a dance apprentice program . I finally graduated, then started taking dance lessons again, but I still retained most of my earlier knowledge, and only had to do it a year before I was able to start teaching the younger kids. I soon graduated to teaching adults…though truthfully….I wish I was still teaching the kids."

Yamato let out a deep breath and fell backwards onto the bed, making it ripple with his wait and causing Taichi to wobble on his seat. But he didn't move more say anything, the brunette's mind still trying to process the vast and sorrowful experience. No one should have to go through all that.

And he though that "He" had it bad!

Their was a sniffle, and he broke out of his brooding to turn and see Yamato with tears silently running down the sides of his face into his soft angelic like hair.

"Do you hate me now?" He whispered brokenly.

Taichi felt his breath hitch at the vulnerable, yet incredibly beautiful picture he made, trying to smile comfortingly as he turned around and crawled over to sit next to him on his knees.

"No….why on earth would I hate you? I could never hate you Yama."

The blonde sniffed again, this time more loudly, his breathing starting to get more erotic as the tears started to fall like rain.

"B-because I l-ied to y-you and I-I….-k-kissed you." He sobbed, hiccups breaking his sentence down.

Taichi felt his face turn red and he bit his lip, turning away quickly. He had completely forgotten about that with what everything else that had been said.

"I-it's okay…" He muttered weakly, trying to find something besides the weeping angel beside him to rest his gaze upon.

"N-no! No it's not okay!" Yamato shot up with sudden conviction, anger and shame making his bright, shining blue orbs dance like a tropical ocean in a storm. "Taichi, I should never have done that. You're….you're engaged, going to be married…it was completely wrong of me to do something like that to you."

Taichi stared at his hands in his lap, a blank expression on his face.

For some reason, those words made him incredibly irritated and annoyed, as if he couldn't stand the truth in them being spouted out by the one he…

"What if I wanted it?" He asked, still gazing unseeingly downward, voice mild and without emotion.

"W-what? I-I…D-don't know what you mean." Yamato fairly squeaked, stuttering out the words as his face became a deep shade of maroon, obviously completely taken back at the question.

Taichi finally turned to rest his soft chocolate brown eyes on the flushed blonde.

"What if I liked it?"

"Y-you…what? N-no! You can't!" Yamato insisted, leaning back as if he suddenly felt too close to the one sitting beside him.

"Oh? Can't I?" Taichi asked softly, tiered of having people tell him what he could and could'nt do, tiered of always having to do what made everyone else happy, tiered of always having to push down his own feelings and go with someone else's.

It seems the boy had finally snapped.

Yamato seemed to sense it to, because he suddenly started to scuttle back and away in a very hurried manner, but was not fast enough because he suddenly found himself pinned to the bed with his wrists grasped and pressed to the mattress on either side of him, cloudy chocolate orbs staring into his only inches away.

"I…am so damn tiered….of being told that I 'can't'." He whispered in a dangerously low tone, face now so close to Yamato's that the blonde could feel every word as those soft, firm lips brushed against his.

The blonde simply didn't have time to react as his lips were suddenly, utterly, and completely taken over by a hot, demanding mouth.

Taichi felt out of control, high on emotions and the taste of Yamato as he pried those amazingly soft, plump lips apart and dipped his tongue into it's honeyed depths.

Yamato gave a strangled hybrid of a moan and gasp, body trembling in shock as the slick muscle slid between his pliant lips and utterly devoured him.

The brunette ravaged his mouth till it stung achingly, bruised and engorged with the weight of those lips pressing mercilessly down upon him.

Taichi suddenly broke contact, letting Yamato gasp for air desperately, tears even more vivid in his eyes. He stared down into those swimming blue orbs for a single breath, then lowered his head to the elegant, swan neck and started placing breathy, butterfly like kisses all the way up the smooth column.

The blonde mewled helplessly beneath his ministries, gasping and moaning in every other breath.

Taichi flicked his tongue out along his jaw, finding it to taste like warm honey in his mouth, closing his eyes in addicted concentration as the kisses lead him back to that pliant, rose-bud mouth.

"Nnnnmmmm!!" Those clear, sapphire eyes fluttered at the waves of pleasure that came from that simple contact of mouth on mouth again. Taichi moaned himself at the utterly sinful sounds that were pouring from the corners of the blonde's otherwise occupied lips.

Finally Taichi pulled back long enough for Yamato to regain a good breath, and some form of weak, blurry thinking.

"T-t-taichi-" Was the only word the blonde got out before Taichi clamped down on the slight dip in the junction between neck and shoulder like a starved vampire.

"Uuuuhhnnnnn!!!" Yamato cried out and arched against him, head falling back loosely like a dolls as Taichi single mindedly suckled all the blood from the firm, silky soft flesh in his mouth.

When he finally let go their was a deep, purple bruise where his mouth had been, and Yamato lay like a limp toy beneath him, eyes dazed and distant with a sheen of desire causing them to glint strangely.

Taichi felt all the rest of the blood in his body move south as he looked down at the flushed face and kiss bruised lips of the one before him, the completely ravished look taken to a perfection.

"Yama…" He muttered mindlessly, once again placing scores of airy kisses up and down the graceful curve of his neck, unable to get enough of that sensual taste. His kisses soon went lower till he lapped at the hallow of his throat, listening to the whimpers of the one beneath him with complete concentration.

Finally, for the third time Taichi pulled back, letting go of his grip on one arm to reach up and gently brush aside a strand of gold, caressing one smooth, flushed cheek tenderly.

"Beautiful." He murmured, shyness of the past wiped away within these last few moments, leaning down to place a single, long, languid kiss upon his lips, filled with warmth and gentility.

"So beautiful." he nuzzled into the crook of Yamato's neck and breathed in deeply that familiar, intoxicating scent. Feeling so perfectly content, complete and absolutely wonderful. It was like some gaping hole that he didn't even know he had had suddenly been filled till it spilled over the brim and spread throughout his body like a drug.

It was like having never tasted anything and then one day for the first time getting your first glimpse of heaven in a single scoop of peaches n' cream ice-cream.

He had by now released Yamato's wrists, and while one hand still cupped his cheek the other languidly slid down to gently rub the thin expanse of exposed flesh between his shirt and the belt of his pants.

Yamato's eyes were closed as he took in long, slow, shuddery breaths, flushed cheeks and lingering pants giving him a feverish, overheated atmosphere.

Taichi pulled away from the sweet crook of his neck and dropped another kiss on the bow of his lips, watching as those gorgeous eyes fluttered open for all to see.

For a long time, their was silence, as deep, intense blue stared into soft, warm chocolate.

Yamato seemed to struggle to reign in the coherency usually attached to his brain, opening and shutting his mouth twice before he sighed softly and turned his head away.

Taichi chuckled and teasingly blew into his ear, causing the blonde's breath to catch in his throat.

For a moment their was nothing said, as Yamato seemed to still be trying to regain his speech, and Taichi simply enjoying the other's body heat beneath him.

Yamato turned his gaze back to the brunette's after another long moment. A quiet, more calm expression in his eyes.

Taichi smiled and leaned down till he rested his forehead against Yamato's.

Their was a pause, as each seemed to be searching the other's eyes for some answer that they both sought.

"your not mad?" Taichi finally spoke, although he was almost sure he knew the answer.

Yamato didn't answer right away, he still seemed to be looking for something in the other's face, a key to the door he needed to open.

"….No." He finally whispered, sweet breath fanning against Taichi's lips and making it hard for the brunette not to recapture the other's plump, rosy mouth with his own.

Taichi smiled.

"Good." And then he did take those lips with his own.

Yamato responded beautifully, ready this time to meet Taichi's tongue with his own and they mutually explored each other's mouths, the blonde's hand's curling about the other's neck and burying fingers into the thick, wild brown locks.

The kiss started out long and deep, then grew more heated and desperate, as if one couldn't get enough of the other. Taichi groaned into Yamato's mouth as the blond pulled him down till their bodies were flush together, for the brunette had been balancing his full weight from crushing the blonde till this point.

Now their bodies were pressed together with no restraint, each shift and turn brushing them against each other and quickly bringing the rapidly more uncomfortably clothes to a source of hatred.

Yamato moaned into his mouth and then ripped his mouth from the other's, gasping for air as he attacked the other's shirt buttons, fingers practically tearing the plastic circles off as he grew more impatient. He had barely got the shirt off of the brunette before Taichi mimicked the actions and ripped off the other's shirt, tossing it carelessly over one shoulder and groaning as their hot upper-bodies slid against each other.

Yamato mewled with want and latched onto the other's neck, suckling it like an infants first meal as Taichi's hands boldly and possessively traced every bit of newly exposed skin.

"Y-yama." He breathed out, as the blonde suddenly pushed him back and started to frantically place hot, open-mouth kisses all over his chest.

Taichi let him take control for another moment, and then he tore the other's mouth from his skin with a groan and slammed him back into the mattress, glowering down at him with smoldering eyes filled with lust.

"Mine." He hissed, moving to harshly bite one hard, pink nipple on the other's perfectly made chest, licking and kissing it in a tender apology after Yamato cried out in pained surprise.

Yamato arched up into him as he moved to demonstrate the same attention to the other nipple, hands dancing up and down the blonde's sensitive sides.

Taichi suddenly grabbed one of the blonde's firm thighs in hand and jerked it up.

Yamato quickly got the impression and wrapped both legs around the other's waste, squeezing him almost too tightly between them.

Taichi grunted and winced but did nothing else, leaning back to survey his canvas of flesh and see all the marks he had made across it.

He smirked in satisfaction, drawing one finger down from the top of the chest to just below his stomach.

Yamato shivered at the feather light contact, hiding behind it an intense, burning desire evident in the other's eyes.

The blonde lay his catching breath for a moment, feeling as if a small fire had singed his flesh on each and every spot that Taichi had kissed.

After another minute, it seemed evident that the brunette was content at the moment with just watching the after effects of it all on the blonde beneath him, and made no move to hurry things along.

Yamato growled in irritation and impatience, reaching up to grip the other's neck roughly and pull himself up till their lips slammed together in a painful kiss, blazing blue orbs glaring defiantly back into bemused brown.

Taichi's amusement quickly disappeared as Yamato pressed his body fully against his, more importantly, their nether regions.

A deep, guttural groan was swallowed by Yamato, who was now grinning, a wicked glint in his slitted eyes.

Taichi growled and quickly dominated the kiss, stealing the other's breath away with a deep sweep of his tongue.

They both shuddered as they rubbed against each other again, Taichi pulled back just enough that their foreheads were resting against each other. Both of them breathing in raggedly as they stared into each others eyes.

"Yama…" Taichi whispered huskily, tone thick with lust.

It was an uncertainty, a question if they would go further.

If it was truly alright.

Yamato tilted his head up so their lips just touched, breathing the single word into the other's mouth.


Taichi felt his heart miss a beat at the consent, then resumed its rhythmic thud, faster and harder than before.

He desperately attacked the other's mouth once again.

Their was a brief moment of hot, needy kisses, clashing teeth and tangled tongue, before they both mutually pulled away, Yamato laying back down and letting go of the grip with his legs, letting them drop with a soft thud to the mattress.

Taichi stared down at him, panting heavily. A hand dragging roughly through already impossibly messy hair.

He moved one hand to the waistband of Yamato's pants, then stopped unsure.


Yamato went and started it for him. Long, lithe fingers moving down to unbuckle and unbutton his own pants, then letting his hands fall once again to his sides.


Taichi took a deep, shuddery breath, then moved both hands to the other's hips, taking a light grip on the waste-band and gently started to pull them down. He both felt and saw his own hands tremble, face blushed a hot red as he revealed silk black boxers, pale, milky white thighs and long, shapely legs.

His own pants suddenly felt extremely painful and restraining.

Yamato blushed as well, but stared directly into the other's eyes unblinkingly. Confidently unashamed of his almost nakedness.

And why the hell should he have anything to worry about if he had this body anyway?

Taichi felt his breath become even more labored as Yamato moved down to undo his own underwear, catching both the hands in a tight grip and shaking his head with a gulp.

"W-wait." He muttered, knowing he wouldn't be able to control himself after that.

Yamato let Taichi place his hand back on the bed, and then watched as the brunette hurriedly tried to unbutton himself, yet to no avail with his badly shaking hands and dizzy thoughts.

A smile curled across the blonde's lips as he gently swatted the others hands away, and easily slipped the button from its hole for him, then slowly zipped down the pants.

Taichi gasped as he felt knuckles graze him 'there', the feeling unbelievably good even through the layer of material.

The moment felt oddly familiar.

He wasted no time in trying to remember when it had happened before, and jerked his pants off. Throwing them off the bed and then turned to Yamato, lying there completely complacent before him, practically naked, and felt his control deteriorating like sand through parted fingers.

"Yamato…" He breathed, wondering if their was anyone else that could boast of the same utter perfection as the body before him.

Yamato smiled softly, raising a hand to cup the other's cheek gently, Taichi closed his eyes as Yamato rubbed his thumb against his lips. The blonde gasped when he suddenly caught it with hungry lips and pulled it into his mouth, suckling gently and staring with intense want into the now wide, blue eyes.

Yamato moaned, biting his lip in a way that made Taichi want to repeat the gesture with his own teeth. Finally releasing his thumb, Yamato quickly pulled his hand away with a blush staining his cheeks, though a slight smile still twitched at the corner of his lips.

Taichi smiled as well, gently moving from his position kneeling between Yamato's legs and scooting a few feet back.

He leaned down and teasingly breathed against the sensitive skin just above the underwear line, flicking out his tongue to draw a shot gasp from the other.

Smiling to himself, Taichi nuzzled the silky soft flesh before starting to lay light, tender kisses all over his stomach.

Yamato's breathing was starting to become more rapid as he continued, even more so as Taichi moved one hand to caress up and down his side and hip.

His skin really was unbelievable soft. But then, so was everything else.

He found himself murmuring words against that soft skin that he himself did not quiet understand, as his own heart picked up speed and the urgency that had for a moment melted into languid petting now returned.

Dropping on last kiss, directly above the elastic band of that sinful black silk creation, Taichi reached up to gently grasp the soft material and pull down slowly, agonizing himself at the rate of his pace but not wanting to scare the other.

Finally it was done, and he dropped the clothing onto the floor with everything else, not taking his eyes off the sight before him.

Oh yea….he was defiantly gay. No straight man would be getting as turned on by this as he was.

Or….maybe not.

Yamato's body in all its glory was something ,maybe even the most determined of men could not deny.

He was….just….



Taichi found himself murmur in awe, prying his gaze away to look up into those gorgeous liquid blue orbs and find them staring just as intently back.

Although a very light dusting of pink rested upon Yamato's cheekbones, he otherwise seemed to be as comfortable with being naked as you would be clothed.

Somehow it didn't surprise him.

"You are so beautiful." Taichi repeated again. Reaching out to lovingly brush aside some more stray strands of gold.

Yamato smiled, one of his hands darting up to capture Taichi's in a gentle grip, pressing it against his face.

"Thank you. But I would like to see you beautiful as well." He whispered in a soft, sultry tone that was as much the cause of the sudden blush on Taichi's face as the words themselves.

He could feel some of the shy nervousness he had always felt around the blonde coming back, which he hurriedly tried to bury once more.

Forcing himself not to think about it, he pulled his simple navy blue boxers down and kicked them off quickly, avoiding Yamato's gaze as he suddenly felt himself entirely exposed.

Their was a moment of silence where Taichi felt as if he would suddenly die of self conscious embarrassment, but it was instantly wiped away when small, dove white hands gently moved to cradle his face and turn it so that those soft blue eyes where connected with his.

"Your beautiful."

The same words he had said only moments ago.

They banished every uncertainty or fear in one single loving tone.

He could feel a smile on his face as he leaned forward to share another kiss, those supple lips opening for him to gentle sweep inside.

He could feel those lips smiling beneath his.

When he finally leaned back they were both short of breath and could not take their eyes of the other.

Finally Yamato spoke.

"There's lotion in the top drawer."

Taichi felt himself shiver at the implicating words, but understood and leaned over to open and take from the headstand's drawer a small bottle filled with a pale orange, creamy substance.

He read the label. "Peaches N' Cream".

He smiled softly…


Gently caressing the other's stomach, he asked if he was perfectly sure.

Their was no hesitation in the answer.

Taichi felt something inside of him become warm and alive, like a fire lit in a dark place.

Yamato wanted him…

Opening the bottle and pouring a liberal amount into one hand, he moved back into a better position and then hesitated, glancing up into lagoon blue eyes.

"I…I've never done this before."

Yamato smiled softly, gently, and said in a tender tone. "I know you would never purposefully hurt me."

Answering his unspoken fear clearly.

Taichi took in a shuddery breath and nodded, berating himself for showing signs of fear whilst Yamato waited so calmly.

Moving one hand down between the other's legs, slowly, and as gently as was possible he slid one finger inside. Biting his lip as Yamato's beautiful blue eyes clenched shut tightly at a sudden pang.

"I'm sorry."

Yamato shook his head, eyes still tightly closed.

"No…" His voice came out hoarse, tinged with pain. "keep going…"

Taichi complied, though by now he could taste the tang of blood on his tongue from his tortured bottom lip.

Waiting for the blonde to adjust, he then slid one more finger inside so that their were two, then three, tightly compressed together as the inner walls gradually started to become wider.

Yamato's breath shook with each intake, and his fists tightly grasped the bed cover on either side of him, sweat starting to dampen his honey gold locks to a warm amber.

Taichi waited as calmly as he could make himself be, trying desperately to ignore his own pulsing need as he watched Yamato's reactions.

Glossy blue pools opened to stare into his suddenly, and the words he spoke brought both the want and fear to new heights.

"I'm ready."

Taichi didn't break their eye contact as he slowly withdrew his now hot and sticky fingers, Yamato moaning at the action, then used both hands to carefully grasp Yamato's thighs and bring them into a better position. Moving himself forward till he lightly touched the entrance, he gasped as a shock of pleasure ran up his spine from just that touch, answered by a sound of need from Yamato.

"Move!" The blonde groaned, breaking the atmosphere rather forcefully.

Taichi sucked in a breathe as he complied, slowly moving forward and biting his bleeding lip at the strange sensation of him slowly filled Yamato till he rested at the hilt, anxiously watching the blonde's pained face but at the same time feeling ready to burst at the sudden barrage of intense feeling.

He felt as though he would die if he could not start making some kind of movement. The fear of hurting Yamato was the only thing holding him back.

The blonde rectified that hesitation for him, suddenly wrapping his legs around the other and arching upwards with a mewl.


Taichi cried out, seeing white spots as Yamato fell back to the mattress and then arched up into him again, pulling him into the motion and soon the were moving in a slow, but heavy rhythm, Cry's of both pleasure and pain pouring from Yamato's mouth.


Taichi could hear himself groan as he buried himself deeply in the other and then pulled out, repeating the process and starting to move faster as the other pleaded, their languid movements becoming more and more desperate and the toll of pleasure on their body formed in sheens of sweat over their heated skin.

Trying to think was like trying to walk on the ceiling, the white hot explosions that came from each movement bringing forth delicious sounds from both that only made it more unbearably pleasurable.

They could feel their bodies start to lose more and more sense of reason as hot fire coursed through their bodies and made them both burn with aching lust.

"Taichi…" Yamato cried out, from a particularly deep thrust, clinging to the other like wet paper as Taichi moaned and placed a hot kiss against his lips.

Time might not have existed, be it an hour or a second, but soon they could feel it building, till each motion brought such unbelievable feeling that it almost seemed impossible to take a single breath.

Taichi heard himself yell as he made the final thrust, Yamato arching up into him so that he was so far in they could go no further, Then a burst of white blinded their eyes and both felt it as the liquid heat filled the now glistening blonde's body.

They fell against the mattress with soft thuds, Taichi still buried deep inside the other as they lay sated yet utterly exhausted in each other's arms.

Bodies shimmered as if oil had been poured upon them, heavy pants still pouring from their mouths. Yamato buried his face into the crook of Taichi's neck, arms still tightly wrapped around the other's neck.

Taichi nuzzled tiredly into the now soaking wet hair, feeling something binding and true grow in the core of his being.


This feeling….

What was it?….

Eyes still clouded with desire and exhaustion widened as he finally understood what it was.

"I love you…"

He whispered, feeling his eyelids grow heavy as he pulled the blonde closer, suddenly knowing that he would never need anything else but this person in his arms to be happy.

Suddenly everything…

Everything in the world was perfect.

Yet Yamato had already fallen asleep, and did not hear the words, and soon the tiered brunette joined him and they lay peacefully intertwined together, deep in a loving embrace.


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