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The teacher's distributing their test papers; almost all of the class got a high grade. Fuuko sighed and continue looking outside the window, watching the birds fly on the trees trunks, sunlight that plays with the tree's leaves…

Suddenly a hand hit her desk; she turned her head to see who it was.

"Miss Kirisawa, I'm calling you. Haven't you heard me?" their professor said.

"I'm sorry Sir," Fuuko apologized

The teacher just nodded and walked in front and dismissed the class. Fuuko also packed her things and walk over with her classmates when she is about to exit the classroom, the teacher called her.

"Fuuko can I talk to you?" the professor asked her and she nodded as a reply.

"Take a seat." , the professor ordered.

"Sir, what is it?" , Fuuko asked.

"It's about your grade… you have low quizzes, no recitation at all and you failed your test! You need to take-up this exam again or you'll fail and will have a summer class, so I'm a assigning a student to teach you," the professor tells her directly.

"I can manage to study alone, sir, and by the way it's just a test," Fuuko exclaimed.

"A test that is 60 of your grade Miss Kirisawa and it's one of my requirements that you attend your make-up classes," the professor answered firmly, that make Fuuko grunt.

"He will be at the library at 4pm,"the professor said as he leaves the room.

"Sir, wait! Who is he?" Fuuko asked.

"Mr. Mikagami," the professor answers plainly and then walks away.

Fuuko was left with a long face, imagining herself together with Tokiya studying the most horrible subject in the world… MATH . She can't imagine herself doing that; this might be recorded as the most horrible scene in the world! She can't imagine that this would be happening! She would be with a nasty creature, Tokiya… he's not really that nasty except that he's arrogant, bigheaded, and proud-of-himself-man and he's teaching math, only the thought of that thing makes her dizzy and totally crazy.

Still imagining a nightmare and remained the way the professor left her when suddenly Ishijimahad arrived.

"hey Fuuko! You're classes are over aren't they?" Ishijima asked as he popped out the door but he received no reply, Fuuko is still gazing into nothingness.

"Are you alright," he asked as he pat down her cheeks.

"Am I all right? What kind of question is that?" Fuuko shouted at max.

"OK,OK will you please calm down, I'm just asking you know.." Ishijima shouted back at her.

"Sorry, I've been taken by emotions…" Fuuko apologized and then sighed.

"Huh?" Ishijimagave her a silent question.

"I've got a big problem… I flunk my test in math and my teacher is assigning me a special math classes!" Fuuko exclaimed.

"That's very nice of your teacher…" Ishijimareplied.

" And not only that he's assigning Tokiya as my teacher!" Fuuko continued to talk.

"WHAT! You're really in big trouble then…" Ishijima suddenly agreed on Fuuko.

"Yeah, it's gonna be my living nightmare," Fuuko replied as she sighed.

"But I bet the romance book in the library the you've been dying to read will change your mood," Ishijima changed the topic to cheer-up Fuuko.

"Huh?" the blue-eyed girl replies.

"You're really shocked are you? But I think the book titled 'Under the Moonlight' is in the library," Ishijima said as they went on walking.

"Really! C'mon let's go and get that book," Fuuko said excitedly as they rush through the stairs and corridors.

Alas! They've reach the library after climbing many stairs. Fuuko stopped to catch her breath as she entered the library and hurriedly speak.

"Madame, Do you have the book titled 'Under the Moonlight' ?"Fuuko said frantically.

"Wait, Is it a fictional book?" the librarian asked as she walked through the wide selection of the book.

"Yes.." Fuuko said still catching her breath.

"Here!" the librarian said as she pulls out the book on its glass cage.

"Thank You Madame!" Fuuko said as she excitedly get the book on the librarian's hands.

"Ok! Please sign your library Card." The old librarian said

Fuuko quickly signed the card date, name and time. 'time: 3:59pm' she signed. Suddenly a thing snapped back on her mind. She hurriedly fill her Library Card but…

"Ma'am have you seen a girl?" Tokiya asked as the crawling Fuuko quietly exited the door.

She was finally outside the library when she pant out her breath. 'Whew She is almost got caught there, ' but where's Ishijima ?' maybe she lost him because she ran too fast. She was starting to walk downstairs when some one called her.

"Miss have you seen-" a voice asked and Fuuko turned her head to see who is it.

Fuuko suddenly ran fast as the wind 'Oh no Tokiya!'. She was still running when suddenly she bumped into someone.

"Sorry!" she apologized and then helps him get the books he dropped.

"Thank you Ms. Kirisawa," her professor thanked her.

"You're almost late with your special classes with Mr. Mikagami…. Would you mind if I'll accompany you to the library?" her Math professor asked her and she just sighed and went up with him wearily as they go in the library.