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Eternity-Chapter 1

To say that his life had been saved by the swing of a sword was, by his own admittance, true. Had he been asked 10 years ago, his own pride would've forced him to deny it. He, Sesshomaru-Sama, Taiyoukai of the western lands, son of the mighty Inutaishou, half brother of the Hanyou Inuyasha who had slaughtered Naraku needed saving? Laughable and preposterous. Especially since it was a sword that was unable to actually cut.

He supposed that his heart had begun to melt at that swing, maybe when she had-and with no apparent fear-began to bring him food after his fight with Inuyasha. Then, after he had fully healed he had smelled her blood mingled with that of wolves. He hadn't known what he was doing, something just drew him to that spot. He had drawn his sword claiming a test but…and with that swing his entire life was changed.

She did whatever he asked, whether he stayed with her and the imp or was away for months at a time in his quest to kill Naraku. Her melodious giggle and her sheer joy at seeing him each and every time did more to melt him that even his mother would've been capable of.

She shot up before his eyes, needing kimono after kimono, growing a womanly body. When one travels with a young girl the path is littered with firsts. One that popped into his head at the moment was the mood swings. He had naively pointed out a grass stain one day in her Kimono and she had lost it, gone completely mental. "WHO CARES? NOON IS AROUND TO SEE IT!" she had screamed at the top of her lungs. She had followed this little performance by running into the woods sobbing. He had sent Jaken and Ah-un out to fetch his brother's mate, Kagome and as he did so, made a mental note to NEVER make a less-than-flattering comment about her attire again. The next day Kagome had brought her back out of the woods the next day like nothing had happened.

He considered all of this during a single dance at the annual spring celebration, for it was 11 years to the date that Naraku had been defeated. He nodded to his guests, acknowledged various lords and ladies of distant lands and spoke to his half-brother and his half-brothers mate…who was expecting their first pup. A slower song started to play and people began to pair off to dance. He was just observing when Rin took him by complete surprise and grabbed his sleeve. Unless he co-operated, she wouldn't have been able to move him…but he did. He allowed the young human girl to pull him out onto the dance floor. She slipped her arms around his waist in the fashion that Kagome had showed her while he wrapped his arm around her shoulders, in a sort of half-embrace.

Having her so close, the smell was intoxicating him-sakura mixed with roses…he shifted his arm so that her face was tilted up towards him and he leaned down, closer and closer until…with a small squeak on her part, their lips made contact. As they broke away he smiled, truly, for the first time since the passing of his mother.

He smiled because he realized that for the first time in his life he was truly happy-perhaps even happier than he had been when his mother was alive. He smiled because he realized that he was in love with his little cheerful girl.

He awoke the night after the festival to a high pitched scream-so high pitched his ears were ringing, but not ringing enough so that he heard what followed it. A name. His name. "Sesshomaru-Sama! Hel.." Her voice had been unceremoniously cut off and the sharp odor of blood hit his nose. He recoiled when he realized it was hers and let out a roar of indeterminable rage. He raced out of his room and down the hall to hers.

It was a nightmare…or something out of one. Rin was lying on the floor gasping while a minor youkai-Humanoid but minor-licked her blood off of his hand. With a primeval yell of rage he lashed out his golden whip, unrelenting until there was nothing left of the youkai. The red that he hadn't noticed seep into his eyes receded, his lust for revenge against whatever had sent this youkai temporarily satisfied.

He went like a flash of light to Rin's side. He could sense that her life force was quickly leaving her; he gathered her into his arm as she cracked an eye that-normally so bright- was dimmed with pain. She winced in obvious pain as she opened her mouth to speak. "Please forgive Rin, Sesshomaru-Sama. I have to go now…" he bent over her prone body and whispered, "Don't…" "Rin…has no choice…" Sesshomaru frowned. "I'll use the Tenseiga." "No. It won't work. I can tell that now is my time to die."

Sesshomaru shook his head. "Rin. If this Sesshomaru uses the Tenseiga, you could stay alive and stay with me." She smiled, her face now rivaling his hair in color. "But I'm mortal… I'd leave you eventually."

He smirked bitterly. "I could've made you immortal…there are countless ways…Rin. This Sesshomaru can't die unless killed in battle…in all likelihood I'll exist until the world ends. But Rin…if you leave me, this Sesshomaru will spend all that long eternity longing to die, if only to be with you." His voice changed again…surely, Rin thought, the mighty Sesshomaru she knew wasn't fighting back tears. But they pooled in his eyes even as he spoke. "Rin, this Sesshomaru loves you."

"Rin loves her Sesshomaru-" she started to say the proper suffix but she was stopped by a finger on her lips. "To you, I am only Sesshomaru." She smiled gently before turning her head to something unseen. "I have to go…" "Please don't…" She turned back to look him straight in the eyes through a veil of pain. She smiled a soft smile meant only for him. "Please…don't let the coldness consume your heart again like it has in the past. And, in your grief don't do something stupid like go into battle with the intent to get killed. If you do either you'll have me to face when we meet on the other side."

He looked down at her and promised her both of these things. "After knowing you how could I allow a trace of ice back into my soul?" this made her smile. Reaching for his face, she closed her eyes with a sigh and took in as much breath as her weakening body could muster. "Sesshomaru…I'll try to come back to you…" The had that had been resting like a butterfly on his cheek fell limply against the ground with a thud as the wound in her throat stopped pumping blood.

He shook her, begging her to wake up. When her body remained as limp and motionless as a rag doll he gently lay her down and stood up and drew Tenseiga, despite her warning that it wouldn't work. He allowed it to pulse and he brought it down on her body, hoping that it would work. When her body still didn't move he swiped again and again with similar results. "No…Rin…come back…" He threw the useless dog fang aside and gathered her into his arm once again.

The Taiyoukai of the West allowed tears to overflow his eyelids, as with a howl of pain, he realized just how his father felt when Izayoi had passed, and he wondered how he could've been that cold. Nothing could stop the tears from coming now. He spent the rest of the night wrapped in his grief as the entire castle mourned with him.

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