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"Does that feel uncomfortable Riki?" Said Mai as she adjusted the headdress that sat on her friends black hair. Riki shook her head, causing the veil covering her face to wobble slightly. "I cannot believe I actually talked him into having a human wedding. And when Kagome brought this dress from the future...it's gorgeous." giggled Riki. "I feel like a princess."

"Well...when your groom is the Lord of the Western Lands...I believe that feeling like a princess is entirely justified." giggled Mai right back. Izayoi sat on the bed, adjusting her own gown. Mai's dress had had to be refitted so many times to accomidate her growing belly that it hadn't even been funny.

"It's almost..perverted how fast you and Souta got married and you got pregnat." Riki reflected at that point on who Mai's father was. "But then again...with a father like that...I thinkI understand." Mai whacked Riki in the arm. "That's enough of that." growled the pregnat woman.

Six months had passed since Sesshomaru had managed to win back Riki. In the ensuing six months much had happened. Mai and Souta had mated-no wedding for them-and Mai was pregnat. Kagome had concieved again and was due about the same time as Mai.

Sesshomaru had had the painting of Rin removed from his room and set in a storage area. A small one still hung in the hall but to honour the dead, not to remember the past.

Riki, held her stomach, breathing as Kagome had told her to when she was nervous as she prepared to go out to meet her groom. Inuyasha came to the door-he was 'giving her away', a custom that Kaogme had told her about. "We're ready." he offered Riki an arm which she gladly took for support.

Sesshomaru was waiting anxiously in front of the priest who would preform the ceremony. A knot was in his stomach that wouldn't come undone...but it absolutely melted when she stepped out, on Inuyasha's arm. She was a vision, clad in a silk gown with small daimonds sewn into the fabric. The veil did nothing to hide the beauty that dwelt benieth and it was all he could do to keep from charging down the alise and taking her into his arms. He however, waited and took her hand on cue.

The ceremony went as it was supposed to with three figures looking on that noone could see. Kida watched as Inutaishou and Izayoi danced, all three smiling. Later on that night, at the reception a song came on that Riki recognized. She had never heard it before, but Rin had and Rin was feeding her the memory. The spring festival. It was gone as quickly as it had come. She brushed it off as her husband took her hand and lead her onto the dance floor.

Holding her close, he leaned in and said "I'll love you for eternity." Looking back up at him she responded with all the certainty she felt in her heart. After all hadn't he waited for Rin to be reborn? "I know..." she replied softly as they swayed to the music-the first dance in the dance of their life together. A dance that would last till the end of time.

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