The Lost Dog with the Human Son


It's been seven years, and just after I thought everything would be stable on our new worlds... well, it was for the most part, actually. The world as a whole was fine, as far as I knew. But who am I? One but amongst a few million?

...No, I'm one of one.

That's how I see myself now, anyway. I've wondered around here innumerable times. Surely, after seven days, they'd resurface... Their trace upon this scourged land all but vanished with the nightly rains...

Again, their strikingly familiar scent wafts through this forest. I can't help but respond to its tug. It leads me to the spot of which their scent is the strongest, as if they were standing right there, though they're not. It's a large clearing, obviously not natural, perhaps created by a fierce encounter from the gashes lining the surrounding trees. Or, the ones that remain standing, anyway.

In the dead center of this sun golden meadow amidst the glum weeping and foreshadowing trees, there's an abnormally large stone. Something's changed from the last time I passed it, there are flowers lain around it and it smells of their friends, but only faintly. Sweet water, too.

Something inside me screams of its relevance, 'It's not just a rock! There are engravings, there is a message! The truth lies in the message!'. They have to be somewhere on this planet, I just know it. I won't give up; I'll find them, even if it takes me a thousand lifetimes.

A small human child appears from behind the endless trees, Jay, they called him. His russet eyes were crimson around the rims, half hidden behind thick strands of messy, black hair. Clutched inside his little hands, a stuffed bear, visibly worn. A tear rolled down his cheek, so much does he remind me of his father...

Lloyd, Sheena, where have you gone? Why have you gone? You've succeeded in your Exsphere Extermination, haven't you? So why...

"Noishe," The boy called out to me, his small voice unstable. "Are you lost?"

Lost? Yes, I am lost in this tangled web of human livelihood. ...He doesn't understand, nor do I, really. I look away, placing a forepaw against the rock. Jay walks over to where I stand, the tips of his spiky hair barely surpassing my back. He's shaking as he sets his tiny hand over my paw, despite that, he speaks strongly, "In Loving Memory: Two of the Worlds' Greatest Saviors, Lloyd and Sheena Aurion. May the wings of Angels' guide those left lost in their absence."

I blink, letting the words unravel in my mind. In my concentration, my paw slips from the granite, but the boy's remains attached. More tears fall unto the flowers lying against the stone, his chocolate eyes reddening with each tear.

It pains me deeply to see this child cry, Goddess only knows how many tears I lapped away from Lloyd's face after the incident I dare not mention. But so, it is only fair I do the same for his own son. The boy sniffles; buries his face into my mane, just as his father often did.

When it seems Jay has calmed, I back away. He looks to me, it's then I realize I'm all he has left. The last of the Aurion bloodline, just as I promised Kratos twenty-one years ago, I'll take care of him. I'll remain loyal to the Aurion bloodline, so long as any remain on this earth.

I motion for him to climb on my back, he obliges. Together, we leave the clearing with heavy hearts. 'Chin up, you needn't be worried. You're in good paws. I'll travel to the ends of the earth, and we'll find your parents.' I reassure my son, though I doubt I was heard.

He just smiled.