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Chapter 1

"Mommy!" A little form of Inuyasha ran toward a well-dressed woman. She smiled gently as the little boy tugged at the hem of her gray skirt. She patted his head with her hand gently before continuing on with her conversation. His clothes had holes in the knees and they were soiled in many places. "Mommy." He said a little quieter.

She ignored him and continued to talk. His ears drooped as his mother gently pushed him away. The woman she was talking had given him a harsh glare, but his mother again ignored it. He wished he had someone to play with.

He walked silently back to his toy ball. With no one else around to play with he bounced it softly and ran after it when it rolled away. He was careful not to puncture the ball with his tiny baby claws. Being as young as he was he couldn't comprehend why he got all of those disapproving looks.

He wasn't completely human. He was half demon. He was conceived one night when his mother got drunk and slept with a demon. She tried to pass it off as Takemaru's son, but he didn't buy it and left her soon afterward. Takemaru was her fiancé during that time.

Being a stubborn woman she refused to give her child up or give the child to his father. For the next couple of years she found herself not knowing what to do with the little half demon child so she often ignored him. In a way she was deathly ashamed of him and made sure he didn't come out of the house unless it was absolutely necessary.

The other woman left with her big nose in the air. Izyoia glared at her little half demon child. She walked over to him silently and with the grace of a woman with her heritage. She stopped a few feet from him. She took a slow deep breath. Her eyes trailed the ball that was rolling toward her. She stepped on the ball to keep it from rolling.

"Inuyasha." Her voice dripped with untold disgust for her child that ran up to her. Inuyasha looked up at his mother innocently and smiled. One ear was flopped down. He still was trying to learning to keep his ears up. They had not gained the stiffness as of yet to keep them straight as he would when he would be as an adult.

"Mommy." He blinked and raised his hands up in the air for her to pick him up. He stood on his tiptoes in an attempt to make it easier for her to pick him up. His eyes begged silently. She slowly raised her hand and struck him in the face. He fell and landed on his back hard. She glared down at him as he looked up at her with eyes full of hurt and tears. His cheek was turning red as he rubbed it gently.

"You little brat! Never interrupt me during a conversation. I said before no one wants to hear what you have to stay." She roughly grabbed his arm and dragged him into the house. "You need to learn that. If I didn't have more guests coming over today I'd give you a proper punishment. I'm going to put you into the dark room until I think of a proper punishment." She opened a cellar door in the middle of the floor after she rolled away the carpet and dangled him over the opening. Tears streamed down his face.

"Please Mommy! Not the dark room!" He cried. She smiled wickedly. The power to cause fear thrilled her. She felt pleasure seeing fear and distress coming off of her child. This child was a burden.

"You need to learn your place and you don't talk period. For that I'm going to add to your punishment." She smiled as she dropped her child into the dark cellar. She smiled when she heard a satisfying thump and cry of pain. She closed the cellar and locked it from the outside. She rolled the carpet over it. She walked away with no thoughts of her son.


The bell rang throughout the schoolyard. Inuyasha opened his eyes slowly. He silently groaned as he jumped out of the tree. He stalked silently into his classroom. Students poured in one after the other like a buffalo stampede. He sat in the back of the classroom. It was his favorite place to sit during class hours. People didn't stare at him there.

He didn't talk to anyone and no one dared talked to him. Not that he would talk to them anyway. They all thought he was mute. He might as well be when he was not home. Then again what would he have to talk with this bunch of self absorbed humans.

He was just grateful in the fact that in this particular school year most of his teachers weren't biased against demons or half demons. His mother, out of spite made him go to an all-human school instead of a mixed one. She made the excuse that he would only get into fights there and she did not want to have to deal with those problems.

Some of the students were nice to him or they at least pretended to be on the outside, but he still didn't talk to them. In all honesty, there were painful memories tied with talking when he was not told to do so. His first teacher of the day, Keade, was one of the very few teachers that offered to teach him his school work without being forced to. He usually got stuck with teachers that were willing to teach him than those that didn't want to.

The tardy bell rang as Sango and Miroku rushed into the classroom. They looked like they just got out of a marathon make out session. For those love birds it was more than likely true. He had seen them in the process on more than one occasion. They held each other's hands, which was to be expected in an effort to keep from being separated during the mad stampede to the classroom. Keade hated tardiness. She made up all sort of bizarre and embarrassing punishments that the school board thought was funny.

He remembered that one day Miroku was late and Keade made him pick up trash around school dressed up as a pink bunny rabbit. The punishment sort of backfired when Miroku turned into a game. He started to sing and dance while he was cleaning. He even convinced the lower classmen that what he was doing was cool so they would dress up and pick up trash as well.

"I'm glad you two could join us today. All the seats are taken except those by Inuyasha. Go sit your butts down." Keade frowned at them before turning to write on the blackboard. Keade was a very serious woman during school hours. People who knew her outside of school would say she was a very kind woman.

"Yes Ma'am" They both bowed pitifully. Sango blushed as she realized they were still holding hands. Miroku grinned and sat down in front of Inuyasha. Still embraced Sango purposely sat behind Inuyasha to separate them. Looking over Inuyasha's head he gave her a look of mock hurt.