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Hopeless chapter 6

She grabbed him. He needed to go. He needed to go. Nervously he looked at her. What did she just say to him? Never mind, he needed to go now. Why did she stop him? He could feel his heart racing as his body tensed.

"Inuyasha, would you like to get some ice cream with us?" She asked innocently. His face had gone a shade paler then it usually was. "What's wrong?" Something inside of her was telling her that something was not right.

"Kagome, maybe you should let him go. He looks scared to me." Miroku leaned on the locker that was next to him. He was beginning to think that asking Inuyasha to come with them was a bad idea. Never before in his life had he seen anyone so scared. Not even in the horror movies he loved to watch.

"Inuyasha, I didn't mean to frighten you." She gently let go of his arm. They could see him visibly relax a bit.

"Inuyasha, I'm guessing you have to work. Go ahead and go." Sango nodded her head slightly for his dismissal. Taking his leave, Inuyasha, left in a hurry to make up any time that was lost.

"Sango, why did you let him go?" Kagome asked curiously. She picked up her back pack and shut her locker.

"Kagome, did you see him? He was frightened and he probably had to go to work. I feel really sorry for him." She sighed. She kind of expected that reaction, although she did hope that he would join them.

"Do you think he's poor?" Miroku stood upright. He ran his fingers through his hair. He looked silently between the girls. Both of them looked very worried.

"I think his family may be going through financial trouble. I've walked by his house a few times and it looks really expensive." Sango picked up her back pack and began to walk.

"So, he lives in an expensive house, huh? Maybe if we find out where he works we can get him ice cream on his break." Kagome smiled being optimistic was her specialty.

"Sounds like a good idea to me." Miroku trailed behind the girls. He walked a little closer to Sango. His eyes traveled down from the back of her head and rested on a certain spot. Oh how very tempting it was for him. It was teasing him with its beautiful roundness.

"Miroku, don't you have detention?" Kagome turned her head to look at him.

"Well… yes, but I think I will skip that session and deal with the consequences tomorrow." His eyes were closed as he rubbed the back of his head.

"I don't know why I even bother with you." Sango rolled her eyes.

"It is because you love me!" He extended his arms in the air.

"Sure I do." Sango giggled. She grabbed Kagome's Hand and ran off. Miroku faked a pout before he chased after them.


As soon as he left the school building he ran. He did not know how much time it took when she had stopped him. He wasn't going to risk it and so he ran as fast as he could. He had to dodge and leap over people and cars. His heart was pounding loudly.

Cars angrily honked at him as he dashed across many streets. His chest was aching with the effort he was exerting. His long silvery hair whipped behind him like a banner. His hair would be messed up, but as long as he got there in time it would be okay. He might get yelled at for having unruly hair, but at least it was a far better punishment then the one he would get for being late.

He stopped in front of dark iron gates. They were at least ten feet high. On either side of the gate were thick brick walls about a foot or two taller than the iron gates. Running along the top of the walls were barbed wire laced with electricity. On the edge of the gates were two cameras that watched his every move closely. To his right was an intercom that connected to the building that the front gates man resided.

He knew that there were booby traps set up all over the yard and some of Naraku's minions running about. The gates groaned as they opened up for him. He walked in cautiously and silently. Naraku more than likely already knew he was there. He could faintly hear the classical music Naraku played to annoy his underlings.

The music was specialty designed to help lure those who were weak to fall into a deep sleep. If anyone fell asleep they would be beaten. He witnessed a few people get punished because they fell asleep. It was really scary actually.


Naraku sat across from him. He was staring at him with his cold blood red eyes. They were seated at a Japanese style of dinner that included rice, sushi, and many other foods. Little Inuyasha's stomach growled loudly at the sight and smell of the food. His mouth was watering. It had been so long since he had eaten anything. His eyes were glued to the plate of food that he desperately wanted to devour.

"Inuyasha, you may eat. I rather speak with you when your mind is not on food. That mother of yours will learn to feed you at least one meal a day. You're far too thin for my tastes. Now eat." Naraku commanded as he watched as the boy picked up the chop sticks and begun to eat. He could tell the boy wanted to eat as fast as he could, but instead opted to eat slowly.

He would allow the boy to eat as much as he wanted this time. The boy would learn manners. He smiled. Jones picked out a rather nice out for the boy. He bet the boy had no idea that he had been asleep for two days.

0o0o0o0o0 Flash back 0o0o0o0

He could see tears run down his pale cheeks as they were driving away. Reaching into the glove compartment he pulled out a face mask and carefully put it on. Ever so smoothly he pressed a hidden button allowing sleeping gas to fill the car.

The child's eyes closed as his body relaxed. His head went limp against the window. He did not need to know where he would live just yet at least not until he was broken in. An evil smile curled itself on his lips. This was way too easy. The child just needed to be trained and he would make the perfect pet; a beautiful doll for him to manipulate as he pleased.

He drove through the thick gates and parked in front of the main doors. A few servants came up to the car and opened the doors for him. As he got out he took off the mask and tossed it on the passenger side seat.

"Take the boy and his belongings to his room." Naraku commanded them. They quickly followed his orders a few moments later he heard a scream from one of the females. Narrowing his eyes he turned around. "What is the problem, now?"

"A-a rat i-in the b-boy's cl-clothes." She stammered.

"I told him he could bring anything he could carry. Just get the rat cleaned up and in the trunk with the rest of his things. Put Jones in charge of keeping the boy." He said annoyed.

"Yes, Sir."

0o0o0o0o0o0 End Flash back 0o0o0o0o0o0

He observed the boy silently as he ate his own food. He could see that the boy made a small smile as he put food into his tiny mouth. This tiny gesture made his demonic blood excited. This child will submit to him!

He must have this child cradled in his arms. Tonight he would watch the child sleep. It wasn't time yet for the child to do what he wanted him to. The child would have to be trained up to his standards first. Tomorrow he will have the child start learning the house rules.

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