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Description: Post-OotP and heavy spoilers for HBP. This may be considered an alternate universe fic of the latter. Hints of slash abound, mostly A/L, and then maybe even some RL/SS.

Synopsis: During the Battle of Helm's Deep, a freak lightning bolt strikes Legolas and Aragorn. They are transported to a realm between worlds, apparently the same timespace-continuum where Sirius Black fell beyond the Veil. Upon encountering one another however, the two Middle Earth guys are unwittingly dragged out of the Veil and into the Harry Potter universe. Thrown unwillingly into a world of magic at war, the two are forced to cooperate with the Order of the Phoenix if they are ever going to find their way back home.


Thy soul was cast beyond defence
Of stalwart Light and goodness sure
Thy heart accepts the consequence
Of falling into evil's lure

The help of friends thou dost repel
Thy solitude will be your fall
For in your soul a traitor dwells
Your hand will break the fates of all

The phoenix rises to the sun
On hour of the blackest dawn
The powers of the good shall run
To fight, or flee, though all are pawns.

The only thing that Aragorn could remember, before the darkness took him, was the sensation of falling. He knew he had slipped, perhaps on some orc blood, or maybe even a mud puddle, and the rain stung his eyes as he stumbled over a fallen elf, with a sword thrust into the chest of an equally dead orc. He briefly recalled the rumble of thunder in the distance, and the bright flash of lightning that blinded him momentarily, and quite possibly caused the distraction to which he believed he had literally fallen for. There was a brief flash of gold as well, just before the darkness, and the feeling of tightness around his chest, as though someone were holding him against their own self. Whether or not his senses deceived him then, Aragorn was yet to discern. The sound of rain had faded away, and he was wrapped in total darkness. For now, he only wished the blanket of peace and warmth around him would last.

- - -

Dawn was yet to come, and the battle was at its fiercest. Legolas of Mirkwood had never seen this amount of bloodshed before; but though it struck a chord of terror in his bright heart, he knew he did not have the luxury to stop and reflect in the thick of the killing. He steeled himself as another blow swung his way, and quick as lightning he met it with his singing blades. Two orcheads flew off above the melee, and more dying screams followed afterwards in rapid succession. Briefly, Legolas wondered where Gimli the Dwarf was. He had lost count of the beasts he felled some time ago already, though he was still very sure that he was ahead of the stout warrior in this contest. It was Estel though whom he was more worried about. He had just recently caught sight of the Man, then pushing his way to the nearby woods with a small party of Rohan soldiers. Now that the elf had ridded himself of the orcs in his path, he made for a swift sprint to the nearby trees where more sounds of clashing steel could be heard.

He spotted Aragorn ganged upon by two orcs and three mountain men. The odds were obviously against him, but he was holding well. Thunder rumbled in the horizon, and from somewhere close above them, a fork of lightning shot down from the sky. It was only with an elf's intuitive nature that Legolas saw the danger shooting like an arrow straight onto his friend, and in a heartbeat he had dived into the fray. As he landed, he made quick work of the two remaining foes with his knives, and then he flung his arms out to grab Aragorn tight by the chest and took them both down with the remaining momentum of his fall.

Oddly, as the blinding light seeped through his eyelids, all he could think of was Estel, and how much it felt good and warm to be so close to him.

Disclaimer: LotR characters borrowed here without permission belong rightfully to J.R.R.Tolkien, and the folks at NLC who gave gorgeous faces to most of them. HP characters belong to J.K. Rowling and the folks at WB who made Snape gorgeous through Alan Rickman. I'm the kind of fanfiction writer who corporate vampire lawyers loathe to suck blood from: a combination of AB+ (for All Broke, Positive.) I'm really powerless about your all-mighty legal, er, stuff, but also totally penniless.. Okay...got carried away with my p's there, but here's another one: Please don't sue!