Dark Hearts

Disclaimer: I don't own ST: Voyager or anything associated with it, someone much more famous than me does.

AU ST: Voyager with major episode rewrites and an EVIL Janeway.

Summary: DARKFIC—Captain Janeway sets out to punish Seven of Nine for her actions against the arms dealer, Kovin, only to find a twisted pleasure in the power she wields. Feeling Alienated from the crew Seven must deal with the Captain's actions on her own until someone unexpected comes to her defense.

Authors Notes: This is the newest rewrite of Dark Hearts.

The story plot may seem the same but to be honest I've decided that it needed some major tweaking to get the story to work.

This first little bit is strictly to show major changes that must be made note of up to this point in the Voyager storyline. Without it some changes may seem a bit out of the blue or just plain wrong to die hard Voyager fans.

Seeing as I don't want people to be horribly confused I came up with this and once the story starts all new changes should come about fairly obviously.

Dark Hearts Universe History Lesson

First Change:

Naomi Wildman is still born during the Episode Deadlock, but this occurs only 6 months into Voyagers Journey.

I site this because I assume that a half Ktarian ages at 1.5x the rate of a full Human. If Samantha Wildman conceived within the month before the Caretaker episode that means that she found out by the end of month 2 she was pregnant and by month 6 or seven she could have the baby if the maturation rate remains the same in the womb.

This means that Naomi was in fact born BEFORE season 2 began, but still in the same manner. I am simply upping the Vidiian encounters in the timeline.

Second Change:

During the Episode Blood Fever, B'Elanna is given Pon Farr (yes I say it like it's a disease, for all intents and purposes this is what it seems to be.) Instead of getting together with Tom in ANY capacity (biting or kissing are BIG no no's) she kicks the crap out of him, leaving them JUST friends.

Change Three:

During The Gift, Kes helps to design the clothes for Seven, Instead of leaving the Doc to do it. She still wears the first Silver Bio-suit but WITHOUT heels.

The first suit is only necessary to help the skin around her implants re grow properly, meaning that she can change her clothes once it is no longer needed and Kes was sure to let her know this. (Yay for clothing choices!)

Change Four:

Naomi aging at 1.5 xs faster than a normal child is old enough to be considered a 6 year old and as a six year old is curious about the newest crew member from the beginning.

Like most children she will do as she pleases when it comes to making friends and is determined to make Seven hers. This leads to several short but important encounters between the two that help to expand Seven's understanding of humanity.

One such encounter is their joint creation of a new 'Uniform' for Seven as well as some armored 'Play Clothes'. (See


for an image of Seven in her new play clothes.



for an image of her new 'uniform'.)

Change Five:

Scientific Method is a MAJOR turning point in this Alternate Universe.

During the Alien experiments on the crew things go mostly the same with some minor but important changes. Each crew member is involved in ongoing treatments to reverse the experimental effects, though some take longer than others and the Captain though horribly affected is treated last under her orders. Also Tom and B'Elanna go back to being JUST friends once they realize that their feelings were false.

Seven begins to wear her new 'uniform' once her own treatments are completed.

Change Six:

Year of Hell is a particularly important step in Sevens understanding of Humanity. During this time she quickly becomes friends with Naomi as the little girl sticks close to her 'Hero'.

Most of the year goes the same through to the end, though Seven takes to actually wearing her 'Play clothes' on a regular basis instead of the bio-suits Kes had designed or her 'uniform'. (Kes really only changed the cut and footwear so it was still a cat-suit but more tastefully so.)

At the end of the Year as things return to normal Seven experiences a quick surge in her cortical node that leaves her spaced out for about 10 seconds as all of her memories of the Year of Hell reset themselves to the new timeline.

Nothing noticeable happens till she regenerates and assimilates the knowledge of the Year that Never Happened. (Yes, this means Seven remembers her experiences during the Year of Hell, but more like the memories she recalls from others who had been assimilated due to the hive mind. Hers but not.)

Change Seven:

At the End of Prey Seven is punished by the Captain for her actions by being confined to the cargo bay. At this point she has finally become friends with Naomi and actively participates in games and holo-deck adventures with the young Ktarian, and feels sorrow that she can not do so until further notice.

Memories from the Year of Hell get her to begin wearing her lightly armored play clothes at all times even when on duty. This punishment lasts for a little over a month until they meet up with Kovin from Retrospect.

Dark Hearts Begins there.

Sevens New Uniform

Sevens uniform consists of a top and bottom instead of the one piece jumpsuits employed by the rest of Voyager at this time.

Her Jacket is long sleeved and high necked with a front zipper, and fits snuggly but not tightly. (Think fitted turtleneck with a zipper) The cloth is a mix of her bio-suit material and soft cotton, the bio-suit material lining the cotton shell. On each wrist is two stripes of Science blue and the neck of the jacket is the same color.

Under the jacket she wears a tight sports tank top in science blue that cuts off at the base of her ribs and acts in place of a bra/undershirt (it covers minimal skin to allow the bio-suit material lining the jacket to work properly).

The jacket contains a single small pocket above the right breast and is big enough to carry an object the size of a floppy disk without it showing.

Her pants are a form of Cargo pants that fit well but not tight and are slightly stretchy to allow for a greater range of movement. (Think low cut Capri's but with the pockets moved and longer) The cargo pockets are located between where they normally fall and the normal pockets most pants of today have.

They hold closed with a magnetic clasp and each is large enough to hold one pad and one tri-corder at the same time. They are lined with the bio-suit material in patches that match up to her remaining implants.

The shoes she wears resemble Converse Sneakers that lace up to mid calf and are instead made of heavy leather that contains a steel-toe. The laces are checkered with science blue and black squares.

Sevens Play Clothes

Sevens Play clothes consist of 3 parts, a shirt, pants, and an armored short sleeved jacket.

The shirt is mostly bio-suit material that is reinforced in certain areas to act as a sports shirt would, leaving no need for a bra beneath. The shirt is long sleeved and reaches down far enough to be tucked into her pants, and has a low neckline that shows her collar bone slightly.

She has several that come in different colors, blue, black, silver, and dark red.

Her pants are the same as her uniform but for a few differences.

The material is more durable, and the pants have built in patches at the knees and bum that act like pads. Also the pants are paired with an optional 'utility' belt as well as a total of three pockets. One cargo pocket the same as her other pants on one side, and 2 smaller pockets (think carpenter jeans side pockets) on the other.

The 'utility' belt is a simple leather belt with 3 pouches, one that would fit a tri-corder in the front and on the side with the smaller pockets, the second approximately the same size and slightly behind on the same side, while the third pouch is about ¾ as wide and deep as a fanny pack would be located on the opposite side and to the rear. (You can think of those utility belt purse things that you sometimes see at places like hot topic, but black and soft leather with magnetic clasps.)

The jacket is armored like a motorcycle jacket would be, across the spine and other major areas, but is hardly noticeable due to Borg and child ingenuity.

The sleeves cut off right below the bicep, while the bottom comes down in a point at the front and back leaving a small gap between the pants and jacket along the side of her hips that shows whatever shirt color she is wearing.

The top of the jacket has a small collar that leaves the very base of her throat bare even when closed tight. The armor itself is sewn into the jacket interior in overlapping patterns that resemble scales allowing for maximum movement in any direction. (An important factor in its design as Naomi pointed out they would probably move around a lot when playing outdoor games, thus the 'need' for armor)

Her shoes are the same but with different colored laces depending on the color of her shirt. (Naomi insists on this particular fact)

(Once made, Seven also designs a small outfit in a similar, but child appropriate style for Naomi for when they play rough. Sleeveless vest with elbow pads, shorts with knee pads, and sneakers.)


Well I hope this was educational, and will allow readers to understand where some of the changes in this universe come from.

Stand By for the continuing rewrite of .:Dark Hearts:. And let me know what you think!