Dark Hearts

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AU ST: Voyager with major episode rewrites and an EVIL Janeway.

Summary: DARKFIC—Captain Janeway sets out to punish Seven of Nine for her actions against the arms dealer Kovin, only to find a twisted pleasure in the power she wields. Feeling Alienated from the crew Seven feels she must deal with the Captain's actions on her own until someone unexpected comes to her rescue.

Authors Notes: Welcome to the rewrite of .:Dark Hearts:. Chapter 2! I've been doing some serious rewriting of the story as I go, and this chapter is no different. Several scenes have been moved or reworked to alter the flow of the story, and hopefully make it that much better.

Quick Warning: This Chapter sees the evolution of Janeway's Dark feelings for Seven and thus means that it is not as kid friendly as the last. From this point on the story will begin to earn its M rating.

.:Dark Hearts:.

It had already been eight days since Seven had started her punishment, and she was getting desperate to avoid another night of torture. Running to her friend's mother for comfort afterwards each night was not something she wanted to continue doing, and she had decided it was time to do something to help herself. Granted it would be nothing direct, and most definitely she would tell no one else, but she felt she had to try and would pray to Omega that the Captain didn't find out.

Trying to convince the person that hated her most on Voyager to take her on an away mission was probably not the best idea to start with however.

"GOD DAMN IT SEVEN! What in the HELL is wrong with you?" B'Elanna Torres, Chief Engineer of Voyager was pissed. This of course was not anything unusual in and of itself, especially considering who she was angry at. No, what was unusual was why the half-Klingon was angry.

"There is nothing wrong with me lieutenant. I merely wish to run some close range scans of an anomaly located near the planet you are assigned to mine." Seven raised her ocular implant in amusement as the Klingon hybrid growled with rage, an event that never ceased to entertain her.

"Why? Why in Grethor would you, want to accompany me, on a three day mission to gather Dilithium, and don't give me that research crap you've been spewing! We both know the sensors in Astrometrics are much better equipped for that kind of thing, and besides… we can't stand each other!" B'Elanna wondered faintly if insanity was contagious, and if so who had managed to infect the logical minded ex-drone.

"That is of no real concern at this time. I assure you that I will endeavor to 'stay away' from you except when it is necessary." Seven calmly watched the smaller woman stalk about and briefly wondered if she had made a mistake coming to the Lieutenant first. She nearly paled at the thought that the Captain might just add on to her punishment even if the engineer did agree to her request.

She really hoped that wouldn't be the case.

B'Elanna stopped and stared at Seven, debating the small set of pros versus her arm long list of cons that came with having the ex-drone so close for so long, when suddenly a thought hit her. "Does the Captain know you want to come along on this mission?"

Seven shifted nervously, wishing for perhaps the first time that she was more capable of deception, and hoped that simply avoiding the topic would work. Of course such atypical behavior stood out like a beacon to B'Elanna's enhanced senses. "She doesn't know does she? Why not? You have to get her permission in the end anyways."

Seven blinked in mild surprise, she had actually forgotten about that rather important detail in her quest to get the engineer to agree. This was looking more and more to have been a bad idea. "I knew that if I have your support that the Captain would be far more likely to agree as well." This of course was the truth, just not the reason she had come to the shorter woman first.

B'Elanna wasn't convinced but let that slide for now. "This has something to do with the punishment Janeway gave you for hitting that guy, doesn't it?" She nearly purred in satisfaction as she watched Seven's eyes flit away in discomfort, even as the tall blonde nodded a silent yes.

"Well sorry, but unless the Captain says okay, or your punishment ends, I can't help you." She was grinning at this point, enjoying the discomfort of the ex-drone even as she turned to walk away. "If I did I'd be right there with you for the next month at least."

"That would be acceptable." The shorter woman nearly choked in surprise; surely she hadn't heard that correctly. 'What in Grethor has got her so spooked she'd be willing to bunk with me for a month?'

"Look, if you want to go you have to ask Janeway. I can't do anything except bring it up at the staff meeting tonight, and she'll instantly know it wasn't my idea." Seven felt a chill roll down her spine as her attempt to escape punishment neatly exploded in her face.

Thanking the engineer for her help she left to continue her duty shift with a sense of dread. She had a feeling this was going to be a very bad night.

'There are only six more days left in my punishment. If I am very lucky the Captain will not find a need to lengthen that time.'

.:Dark Hearts:.

As it turned out Seven wasn't very lucky at all.

The Captain had been angry once she realized what the ex-drone had been trying to do, so much so that Seven had been told to report to the holodeck an hour earlier than usual before the meeting had even finished. It had been embarrassing, and Lieutenant Torres had not made it any better by snickering at her from across the table. Things were not 'looking up' as Naomi would say.

Now she stood silently before the force ten glare leveled at her in an empty holodeck. The vague image of the Borg Queen cowering from a glaring Janeway briefly entered her head as she waited for the Captain to speak. 'I wonder if Naomi would find that image entertaining.'

"You tried to run away from your punishment." It was a statement of fact, one that would not be denied. Seven felt herself actually flinching at the tone Captain Janeway was using. Instinctively she knew that things had just gotten much worse, and she had no one to blame but herself. A feeling similar to, but much stronger than, embarrassment made her look down and away not wanting to see the disappointment in her mentors eyes. The cold press of a hypo-spray at her neck quickly startled her into looking back up.

"Why?" It was a simple question, but one that left her confused nonetheless. Was the Captain actually asking her to explain herself? This never happened; usually it was just 'What you did was wrong. You should have done this instead. This is your punishment. You are dismissed.' And that would be it, no questions asked.

"Answer me when I ask you a question, Seven." A growl that could put a Klingon to shame left the older woman's throat. "Why did you attempt to run from your punishment when you knew very well what would happen once I caught you?"

It took her a moment to find the right words to explain herself to an angry Captain. "I…" She paused a moment gathering the strength to admit her weakness. "There is no light, no sound, nothing but myself and my memories. Even vibrations from the warp core are gone, and it frightens me… I hate it."

"So you ran away like a frightened child? Disobeyed my orders? Went behind my back? To what end, a chance to escape for a few days?" Janeway glared hard at the ex-drone, noticing vaguely that she was actually growing aroused by the confrontation. As Seven turned away once more the Captain felt a primal need to make the younger woman submit to her.

Grabbing the ex-drones chin roughly and forcing her eyes back, she let out another, lower pitched growl. "You will look at me when I am speaking to you. Now, answer my question. Why did you try to run from your punishment when you knew I would find out about it?"

Seven's eyes closed briefly before she was forced to open them once more by a surprisingly painful squeeze of the Captain's hand on her lower jaw. "I would… I do not enjoy the feelings I get by reliving my memories, they are… disturbing. I would… do anything, take any other punishment. Please, do not leave me in that room."

Janeway's eyes narrowed as she contemplated this, her thoughts leaning closer towards the forbidden the longer she let this go on. "I find it strangely difficult to believe that you would stoop to begging, merely to avoid being alone in the dark."

"I give you my word Captain, anything else just please do not make me go back in there." She would beg if it came to that. Seven didn't think she could stand to watch the entire crew of Voyager be assimilated because of her once again, even if it was only in her imagination. Just the thought of having to see it again caused an ache in her chest that even her nano-probes couldn't fix.

"I may just take you up on that, but certainly not tonight. Tonight, you will continue your punishment with some altered parameters. Instead of being released at 0200 hours, you will remain here until 0400 hours. The same shall go for the remaining length of your original punishment, and then we will see what to do about your insubordination."

Seven's heart sank as she realized that not only had her original punishment been made worse, but that she now had to worry about a secondary punishment as well. As the empty grid changed in to the now familiar room, she could feel the hypo-spray contents begin working and was grateful the Captain had taken her arm to lead her into the cell. Looking up from her brief wave of dizziness, a very important change in the program made itself apparent.

The cell she had come to expect was half the size of one in the ship's real brig, but was still to be considered fairly spacious. What Seven saw before her now though, was nothing short of being a closet, a closet that wasn't even large enough to fit her alcove. Even the ceiling had been lowered so that she would be forced to duck slightly once inside! She began to panic at the sight and tried to pull herself free of the Captain's grip, but was unable to as the hypo-spray had begun to work in earnest leaving her no stronger than a child would be until it had run its course.

"No! I do not wish to go in there!"

"Well then, it's unfortunate that you disobeyed me…" And with that Captain Kathryn Janeway threw Seven into the modified cell before quickly activating the force field. "… isn't it."

.:Dark Hearts:.

Here she was again, sitting on the couch she had created as she listened to her Astrometrics officer crying in the dark. It had become a sort of ritual to do so over the last few days, a morbid and perverse ritual, but one she felt was necessary. After all, the reason she had made sure to install a one way com-unit was to make sure that things could not get out of hand. That she found herself more often than not fantasizing about the younger woman, even as that same disturbing litany continued to play in the background, was beside the point.

She tried not to be aroused by the cries and pleas the ex-drone would release, but it was steadily getting harder and harder for her to resist thinking of just how easy it would be to do the things she imagined. Once those thoughts began to make themselves known it was all she could do to just leave the program instead of remain there and allow herself to think perverse thoughts.

'I need to control myself, control. Letting my hormones lead will not help me get this ship home any faster…' She was pulled from her thoughts as a change in the usual litany caught her attention.

"…good, I promise. Please let me out. I will be good, I..."

'I need to leave.' She quickly snapped the com off and stood, a burst of arousal traveling down her spine as naughty thoughts danced in her head. 'Right now.' And with that thought Captain Janeway practically ran from the holo-deck even as images of a helpless Seven flashed before her eyes.

.:Dark Hearts:.

Samantha Wildman may have only been a lowly Ensign on this ship, but she was also a mother, and as a mother she had some very choice words she wished to share with her Captain. Unfortunately she had promised not to reveal her knowledge of certain events to anyone, and oh how she wished that wasn't so, but Seven took her promises very seriously.

For the last few nights Seven of Nine had been coming by the Wildman quarters once her, she put as much venom as possible into even thinking about it, once her punishment was over. That first night had been unsettling, and seeing the ex-drone so vulnerable had forced her to re-examine the way she had been acting since Naomi had come home and told her that Seven had agreed to be her friend. She had known, intellectually, that someone her daughter enjoyed spending so much time with couldn't be nearly as cold or dangerous as many of the crewmen tended to say, especially when they thought they couldn't be heard.

It had taken having the woman break down in her quarters for her to understand exactly why it was that her daughter adored an ex-drone. Seven was as close to a sister figure as Naomi would ever have on this ship full of adults, and Sam was finally ok with that.

Currently she was waiting up for the younger woman to stop by; she knew it would happen even if Seven said differently, the younger woman needed the comfort provided too much not to. Glancing at the chronometer on the wall Sam frowned, it was almost 0400 hours and the other woman hadn't come by yet. Quietly she asked the computer for the location of the Astrometrics officer.

*Seven of Nine is located in holodeck three*

"Computer, is there an active program running in holodeck three?" She was getting a little bit worried; Seven should have left from her punishment by now.


"Computer, how much time remains until the program in holodeck three finishes?" A scowl was slowly making its way onto her features, if the Captain had done what she thought it would take a miracle for her not to explode next time they crossed paths.

*There are 3 minutes remaining*

'Eight hours! Seven can barely handle being by herself for six hours at a time!' Sam bit her lip as she tried to think of what the ex-drone would be like after an extended time in that room. Whatever her reaction, it would not be good. Glancing at the chronometer once more she made a quick decision, nearly leaping off the couch in her hurry.

"Computer, alert me if Seven of Nine leaves holodeck three before I get there."


As she rushed silently to the nearest turbo lift Sam hoped desperately that she was simply overreacting and would not find a broken ex-drone waiting for her.

.:Dark Hearts:.

Seven had never before in her existence felt as she did when she had been locked into that modified cell. The added knowledge that she was in so small a space had made it feel as if the darkness was trying to crush her, and unable to even stand properly she was helpless to prevent it. Numerous new and increasingly horrible memories had played before her eyes, quickly reducing her to a sobbing fetal mess.

For the first time since she had understood what it was to be an individual, Seven wished she had never been severed from the collective.

She had begged endlessly to be let out; hoping that someone, anyone would hear and make it so; even the Borg Queen would have been a welcome savior. After a while it had become a mantra, promising to do whatever was asked of her if only someone would let her out of that horrible place.

"…me out. I promise I'll be good, please let me out. I promise…"

At some point Seven had begun rocking herself back and forth in time with her words, and was lost so far into herself that when the program ended she did not notice. It took a gentle hand on her shoulder and a familiar voice calling her name to break her trance.

"Seven? Please look at me Seven, you're scaring me."

Looking up and into the light for the first time in over eight hours, Seven let out a relieved sob as she saw the face of Samantha Wildman and quickly lunged into the older woman's arms. "Thank you. Thank you. Thank you…" Over and over again she thanked the woman who had come to help her, and relished in how safe she felt now that she was out of that room.

"Shh, it's alright Seven. You're safe now, just let it all out. Shh, it's ok now…"

They didn't leave until they had to.

.:Dark Hearts:.

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