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Several minutes have passed yet the uncomfortable aura still lingers inside the cave. Albel positioned himself near the mouth of the cave as guard. Sophia was near the fire trying to get some rest.

Sophia tossed and turned, finding a comfortable position in the ground. As she faced the direction of Albel, Albel was also facing her way. (He was staring at her while she was trying to sleep.) They stared at each other for quite a while. And both of them blushed. When they noticed that they were blushing, both turned way from each other immediately.

Sophia's Thoughts

" I'm so stupid! Why did I turned that way? Of all directions, why THAT way!"

"Worst part is, I stared at him, and BLUSHED!"

" Maybe he'll think I like him…"

"NO! NO! NO! Why am I thinking like this? Of course he doesn't like me, he's a cold-hearted bastard!"

"He is always harsh on me, especially when we were training…"

"But, he helped me, saved me in fact, when I fell down the slope…"

"I haven't said thanks to him on that. I should at least thank him."

"I'll do that first thing in the morning."

And Sophia drifted to sleep.

Albel's Thoughts

"Why was I staring at her?"

"Did she notice me staring at her so she faced my way?"

"Oh, God, I blushed!"

"What am I thinking, of course she hates me!"

"She thinks I'm a cold, especially when we were training. Well, everybody thinks I'm cold."

"But I trained her for her own sake!"

"Of course some of it is because I promised this to the blue-haired worm…"

"Well, I was kind of harsh on her…" Albel said as he looks at Sophia's sleeping form.

"I guess I'll apologize to her for all I've done bad to her…"

A small smile formed in his lips and decided it was time for him to sleep too.