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Oyasumi Nasai

The sky's starting to cloud over as a cool wind brushed through the field. Tall grass sways in the breeze, the waves shining in the disappearing moonlight. My eyes take in the beauty of it all, and I shiver faintly when a familiar presence…that strange, terrifying power that comes with bloodshed, appears behind me.

I know who it is, before he even steps free of his guymelef. He was rather quiet and it's no surprise why; he doesn't want Van or Allen knowing he's here and I'm here. That would be bad. Very bad. He may have been surprisingly quiet, but I still felt him.

Leave it to this weird seeing stuff I go through, nearly constantly. It's such a pain, really, and it's never happened so much before being sucked up here. This planet is one big psychic's nightmare; the fear that grips my heart, the strange pang that goes through my mind like a knife, the shortness of breath and the strange sounds that fill my mind haunt me during the day, making it so that any distraction from them is quite welcome.

Even if it is him. Why he's here, I don't know. Maybe it's to kill me, for all the trouble I've inadvertently caused him. I heard through third and fourth party information that the soldier they had taken hostage had tried to escape…and died in the process.

I wince faintly; the burden of knowing it was my fault he was dead…and my fault Allen got hurt…it just comes crashing down on me sometimes. So much so that I've starting staring at sharp weapons, wondering just what it feels like…pondering if it really does provide a little bit of release. Does it really help let some of the frustration out? It's a bad habit, I know, believe me, but the nagging thought of whether it does or not leads me to want to find out for myself.

But now I have a distraction, a dangerous one, but at least it takes my mind away from all the trouble we've gone through and the fact that my home planet is still in the sky, staring down at me and practically begging me to come home. I still haven't gotten used to seeing Earth up there and me down here. If I ever did…I'd be terrified, I suppose, seeing as to get used to watching Earth would be to start making Gaea my home, in a sense at least.

It'd dull my want to go home, I know that much, and being around Van and Allen have already done that damage.

I don't bother moving; don't waste my time turning to look who it is because I know who it is already. That and I'm currently too lazy to get up. If he stabs me in the back, or I hear the unsheathing of his sword…I can get up and run for it.

His footsteps thunk against the ground as he makes his way towards me, and I know I'm starting to shake in fear; the guy really does freak me out. I mean, that look he first gave me when I met him at Allen's fort…

I shudder involuntarily and wince when I hear his snigger. Damn him and his keen eyesight. He watches his prey, just like any predator would, and knows every movement it makes.

"You shouldn't be sitting out here alone, little girl," he coos and I jump at how close he was. I didn't even realize that he had closed the gap and was standing right behind me. "Something wrong? Van and Allen too busy with each other to pay any attention to you? Or maybe that snotty little cat-girl has Van's attention…while the brave knight is sweeping the princess off her feet?" He laughs and I stand quickly, turning a pathetic attempt for a glare onto the devil before me.

And then I realize how beautiful he looks in the partially covered moonlight. His silver hair sparkles, his eyes are startling and his skin seems to glow…

Growling faintly at my stupidity I shake my head, reinforcing the "You-can't-think-that-about-your-enemy" factor, and then continue the glaring process. It's too late though; he saw the look.

"Ah-ha…so that's how it is…the little girl from the mystic moon prefers the dangerous enemy rather than the pretty boy knight and the fallen king."

"That's not how it is at all, you jerk," I spit back at him, trying to muster every ounce of courage I can to make it sound convincing. Pfft, yeah, right. Convincing.

Convincing is his sick laughter at my expense. Of all the words I had to use, I used "jerk"…one of the lamest insults in the book.

"Nice try," he chuckles, a sick grin coming to his marred face. I don't see why he's so upset about the cut…I mean; it gives him a little more character. But…what should I expect from someone who's nearly up there with Allen on pretty boy-ness. The mere fact that I'm the main reason he has that scar in the first place brings me to think of all the cruel things he could do to me right now for the pain his handsome face had to go through.

'Damn! I did it again! This psycho is NOT handsome!' I curse myself, suppressing the urge to stomp my foot on the ground like a child.

"It's not exactly the smartest thing in the world to day dream in front of your enemy," he says, raising an eyebrow faintly as if to ask "what the hell are you thinking! I could kill you right now and you're staring off into space! Am I not terrifying enough!"

"Not exactly the smartest thing to leave your floating rock of a home and come into enemy territory, now is it?" I hiss back at him, making him laugh again. "I could scream right now and everyone in the city would hear it," I continue stupidly.

"I haven't done anything yet, so why bother wasting your breath?"

"What do you mean by "yet"?" I ask, locking eyes with him and realizing he was three steps closer than he had been before. He was closing in on me. If I didn't run soon he'd be able to grab me before I even made the mad dash for safety.

"I'm pondering whether or not to kill you now…or take you away and kill you later."

"Right…" I mutter, wondering how the hell a teen like him could be so…so…eh?

I make to step back quickly, but not quick enough, and before I can utter a word hot lips are pressed against my own. My eyes widen in shock, staring at the red orbs locked on mine, and I try to make a sound in protest, only to fall for the typical trap. His tongue invades my mouth before I can snap my mouth shut again and he's got me trapped for good.

Needless to say, when he pulls back I'm out of breath and my face is burning up, even in the cold wind. My heart is beating rapidly and I can't ease the shock away.

'Why didn't Allen ever kiss me like that?'

I shake the thought from my mind as he lets me go, and chuckles faintly as he takes my chin in hand gently. I never figured he could do anything gently.

"I'd like to see him beat that, Hitomi," he purrs and my blush increases tenfold. No one, absolutely no one, ever said my name like that.

"Why…you…but…" I stutter, completely unable to form proper sentences.

"I'll leave you alone for now…but next time...you won't be so lucky, little girl."

I frown at his nickname for me and cross my arms over my chest indignantly…and to try and warm myself up…and watch him meander away, moving gracefully through the grass and into the darkness of the forest. The moonlight has gone with him, leaving me shivering in the dark.

"Hitomi? Hitomi, where are you!"

I roll my eyes at Merle's annoying voice and turn around. I brush my lips faintly before licking over them and blushing yet again. I could still taste him…the strange sweetness of the wine that got me so easily intoxicated…maybe that's why I couldn't do anything.

"I'm over here, Merle!" I call back to her and she bounds over to me and snorts faintly.

"Staring at the Mystic Moon again, huh? When are you ever going to get over the fact that it's there?"

"When I'm back home," I hiss at her and follow the young feline back to our current residence. 'I'll never get a kiss like that again…I know that much…' I think and shudder again when I get the feeling of being watched. I know he watching me from the forest and I do my best to ignore it.

I shouldn't want to meet him again. I really shouldn't…but I do.

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