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Hitomi struggled to sort the thoughts starting to flow through her mind. She couldn't remember much, if really anything, of what had happened to land her with a splitting headache and a painful throbbing on her right cheek. Slowly, as her mind started merging with her body again she realized, with faint horror, that her arms were tied behind her back and she was lying in a rather uncomfortable position on an equally uncomfortable bed.

Tearing her eyes open her heart began to beat faster and her breath came quicker as she began to panic. The ceiling…the walls…the blue flame lamp by her bed…

This was not her room at the castle!

Closing her eyes she tried to find the misplaced memories, finally summoning them a few moments later after replaying her day. Things clicked into place and she let out a quiet sob, tears welling up and spilling out of her already swollen eyes.

Van had failed to rescue her.

Her heart dropped into her stomach, and the urge to retch in heartbreak flowed through her. There were so many possibilities as to why he hadn't saved her, and she had to take them into account. Dilandau was the devil, he was a sneaky conniving bastard, she knew that for certain, and he probably cheated in his fight!

'What's going to happen to me…?' She thought quietly, swallowing faintly and sniffling loudly.

Outside the metal door she could hear the faint sound of clicking, the sound of boots walking calmly in her direction, getting louder and louder until what little light that was cast into the dark room from the barred square in the door was covered. Whoever was looking in at her wasn't Dilandau, she knew that much, but the second pair of clicking boots had that strange "I-am-better-than-all-of-you-losers" swagger to it and she had a feeling she knew who it was.

The door opened and Hitomi hid her face, trying to get rid of the tears and make sure no one knew she had been crying again. The first person walked in and when she peaked an eye open she realized he was much taller than Dilandau…

And had a strange hair cut, much like the singer/actor David Bowie.

"Dilandau…what have you done?" The voice asked and Hitomi shivered faintly.

"Why, Folken, I'm surprised! I brought the girl from the Mystic Moon; she is no longer a threat to our purpose…"

"Don't lie to me, Dilandau," Folken muttered, casting a glance back to the silhouette in the doorway. "You shouldn't have abused her like this," he continued, walking over to her and leaning down, taking her face in his hand gently. "Why didn't you clean this out properly? It could get infected."

"The bitch would deserve it, after the pain she put me through," Dilandau hissed and Hitomi winced faintly; the strange tone in his voice scared her.

Folken merely sighed and leaned over her, undoing the rope around her arms and helping her to sit up so he could see the full extent of the damage done to the young female before him.

"You can't keep her, Dilandau," he finally said and Hitomi suddenly felt a great amount of tension in the air.

Dilandau was not happy.

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