Like the first Saw, I'm just gonna go straight to the main victims in the opening. And since I just love the bathroom scene, I want Saw III to also take place there, with the bodies of Adam, Zep, Xavier, Eric Matthews, and Dr. Gordon's leg still there. This will have 4 main victims, all chained.

Voice 1: Hello! Is anybody there? Can somebody hear me?
Voice 2: Yes.
Voice 1: Where are you?
Voice 3: Where are you? Where the hell am I?
Voice 1: Hello?
Voice 2: I found a light switch!
Voice 3: Well turn it on!

The lights turn on. The person near the light switch (Voice 2) is a woman in a sweatshirt and jeans. The man near the bathtub (Voice 3), is Daniel Matthews, back again in this plot. The person in between them (Voice 1) is Alison. And the last person who is near the corner by Dr. Gordon's leg is a bald man in a business suit.

Daniel: Oh no! Not here again!
Bald Man: What?
Daniel: I've been here before!
Woman: Then where are we?
Alison: I don't know! But I want to know where my baby girl is!
Woman: You have a daughter?
Alison: Yeah. Her name is Diana.
Bald Man: Damnit! What the fuck is going on?
Daniel: This is a game.
Bald Man: What game? This is no game?
Daniel: A serial killer named Jigsaw, kidnaps people who don't appreciate life like us, and put them in fucking weird situations like this!
Alison: Oh my god!
Woman: What?
Alison: My husband was in this game once. Actually, he was playing in this very room, with a lying photographer named Adam.
Woman: Adam?
Alison: Yes. Adam.
Woman: I know him.
Bald Man: What?
Woman: I used to be his girlfriend once. But I dumped him because he had a bad temper.
Bald Man: Hey lady!
Alison: What is it?
Bald Man: Not you! That other woman!
Woman: What?
Bald Man: Your arm is on something.
Woman: What? (She turns around)
Alison and the others see a leg. Alison knew Dr. Gordon's task, and she knew that was HIS leg.

Alison: Oh my god!
Bald Man: What?
Alison: See that leg over there?
Daniel: Yeah.
Alison: That's my husband's leg.
Woman: Shit.
Daniel: I know that guy on the ground there. (Points to Xavier)
Alison: Who is he?
Daniel: He was a part of my game. He went crazy and chased us in here.
Bald Man: What a minute! Who's us?
Daniel: Me and this girl named Amanda who was with us.
Alison: And what happened next?
Daniel: Well he cut off a part of the back of his neck.
Bald Man: Damn.
Woman: Ah man. This is fucking crazy!
Daniel: My dad came down here to rescue...

Daniel begins to recognize his father's body.

Daniel: Shit! Shit! Nooooooo!

Daniel begins to freak out when he notices a tape in his pocket.
Woman: Where'd you get that.
Daniel: I found it in my pocket.

Everybody reaches into their pockets and pulls out their tapes. They begin to look around for a tape recorder. Daniel finds it in the bathtub. He plays his tape first.

Hello Daniel,

You're probably wondering why you're back here again. Well, I'll tell you why. You never appreciated your father, your well-being, and overall, your life. Now you must pay, by watching the corpse of the very thing that needed you to show love, even when it was denied. Your task is that you must find a way to search the father's body with the hacksaw in the corner there, for he holds something that you never showed, and it will set you free. If you can't find a way to, you will be responsible for the deaths of everyone in the room, including yourself.

Daniel: Why do I recognize that voice?
Bald Man: I don't know. But that's some freaky shit there. Give me the tape recorder.

He plays the tape marked "Jack".

Hello Jack,
For years you have taken, but have not given back to others. You fail to reward others for giving you money, or love, or anything else of the matter. Now I have taken something of yours, your sanity. You must kill Alison before time runs out. It's only the proper way to repay your life. And I will give you something in return, a way out.

Jack: Who's Alison?
Alison: I'm...Alison.
Jack: Ah shit!
Woman: Give me that!

Jack gives her the tape recorder. She plays the tape marked "Heather".

Hello Heather,

You have given your pride and respect to many men, most of them in dance clubs. Your last boyfriend, Adam, made a foolish mistake. He pulled the plug. Hahahaha. You must make up for his mistakes, since he's your responsibility now. Look by Daniel. Do you see the two men, piled on each other by the tiolet? The one of the bottom, flat down, is an orderly. The one laying stright up, is Adam. Fix his mistakes, Heater, fix them.

Jack: Well...there's Adam.
Heather: No!
Alison: Can I please see the tape?

She passes it over to her. She plays her tape.

Hello Alison,

You might be wondering where your daughter is and why you are here. Well I'll tell you. She's asleep in her bed, unaware that someone may strike on her in the middle of the night. You are here because your husband is dead, and you must find something of his to help you survive. Since Jack is targeted to kill you, you must find the gift that your husband send you. I'll give you a hint, X Marks The Spot. Happy Huntings!

Alison: X Marks the Spot?
Daniel: Oh my god.
Heather: What is it?
Daniel: I've heard that before. Wait a minute...(Stands up)...(Screams)...Go to fucking hell Amanda!
Jack: Amanda? Isn't that...
Daniel: Yes! It's exactly who it is!

We see short flashbacks. One shows Amanda taking him into the bathroom, then her stuffing him into the safe, then her jumping out of the bathtub, then her saying "Maybe you should ask the cop who arrested me.", then him replying "My dad's...a real artist.", and then Laura saying "X Marks the Spot" right before she died in Amanda's arms.

Daniel: Damn! How could I be so stupid? There has to be an X somewhere!
Heather: What?
Daniel: An X! Just like he said!

Jack reaches into his other pocket to find a timer.