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Early morning, the next day.

Sam wandered into her lab, coffee and hot chocolate in hand. "Grace, I-"

She stopped short. The lab was empty. The little girl was ALWAYS in her lab in the morning. Always.

"Grace?" She called.

No figure hurried forward.

She was about to leave when a picture caught her eyes. She stepped closer and picked it up.

It was the picture of the three jello goblets. Red, blue, and purple. She squinted to read the miniscule words under the goblets.


Her eyes widened.


She forced herself to read the last one.

'And Grace'...

Red and blue made purple. Mommy and Daddy meant...

Everything clicked as the klaxons began wailing and Walter announced: "Unauthorized gate activation!"



General Hammond watched with great surprise as the door opened and two people immerged. A little girl and a mass of energy... the same form Daniel Jackson had taken when he had ascended.

"Sir, I can't shut it down!" Walter said, panicked.

The power went out just as Jack jogged into the control room. "What's up?" He asked looking into the embarkation room. He froze. "Grace?" He whispered.

"Colonel?" Hammond asked.

Jack gave him a panicked glance and hurried down the stairs.


Grace squeezed the 'hand' she 'held' tightly. She had to go...

The doors on both side to the embarkation room flew open.


The little girl looked at Oma, and then ran down the ramp.


The whole SGC watched with interest as a little girl detached herself from the energy 'ball' and ran down towards O'Neill and Major Carter.


"Don't go," Sam pleaded.

Grace smiled. "You found my picture."

"What picture?" Jack asked.

"You... are my daughter?" Carter whispered.

"She is? What?"

"Lightning flashes, sparks shower, in one blink of your eyes you have missed seeing." Grace quoted.

"Why did you come?" Sam asked, ignoring her CO who was sputtering.

The girl smiled. "10 years ago, a little girl appeared to first my mother then my father. The result being their marriage. I was sent... for the same task."

Jack's eyes widened.


Daniel and Teal'c edged in. The little girl was whispering something to their friends. Grace looked up. "Daniel," she greeted, "Teal'c."

Daniel gave her a smile. "You're leaving?"

"I have too. My parents miss me."

He nodded. "We'll all miss you."

She nodded. "Of course," she said saucily."

"How did you come here?" Teal'c asked in his deep voice.

"I was sent back in time to another world. Oma helped me with everything."

"I thought-" Jack began when Grace shushed him.

"She's not supposed to help," She whispered into his ear. "But sometimes you have to break the rules."


Grace looked up the ramp then nodded. "I have to go," She whispered.


Everyone watched with a few tears in their eyes as the little girl hugged SG-1 good-bye then disappeared through the Stargate.

The power turned back on.

Hammond hesitated then called through the speaker. "I'm sorry SG-1 that I doubted you."

Jack waved his hand airily. "It's alright Mon General."

Å 10 years into the future... Å

Sam clutched her husbands hand and watched impatiently as the minutes ticked by.

"Jack," She began, "What...what if something went wrong?"

Jack shook his head. "Everything will be fine Sam."


The Stargate activated and a small figure ran through. The two rushed into the gate room.

"Well?" Jack asked.

Grace beamed. "Mission accomplished."

Å 3 months later... our time... Å


She pulled her front door open, "Sir?"

He shook his head disapprovingly. "Carter... I retired. You don't have to call me sir."

"Habit Jack."

He took in her attire. "See you're for fishing."

She looked at her own jeans and t-shirt. "Yes. We leaving now?"

He handed her the coffee he held. "For you. Where are your bags?"

She gestured behind her. He grabbed two and swung them over his shoulder.

She fingered the ring on her hand and smiled. Jack had proposed only last week.


She laughed and grabbed her other bags. "In a minute Jack!"

She took one last look around then closed the door. On her way to the truck, she fixed the real estate sign that read: FOR SALE!


She smiled. "Coming Jack."

As she got into his truck, she couldn't help but ask:

"What do you think of Grace for a girl?"

"I like it."

She kissed him. "I love you Jack."

"Ditto." He said once he caught his breath. "Ditto..."

And all lived as Happily Ever After as one can...


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