AN: 'The Shining'. This fic is based on the film, not the novel. Enjoy.


Wendy's head jerked to the side as though she had been slapped in the face.


He was there. She should have known that he'd find some way of getting out.

The lunatic.

The fucking lunatic.


She should have been expecting it. The axe came into contact with the door, and Jack began to rip it to shreads. Uttering a scream, Wendy grabbed Danny and ran to the bathroom, there was a window in there. They could escape.

"Wendy? I'm home." She heard Jack cry. But she didn't even care. All that mattered was Danny.

Yeah, saving Danny.

He was only a kid, he didn't deserve to die.

Sbe opened the window, and forced Danny out of it. Wendy watched him slide down the snowy slope, and then began to force herself out.

But she couldn't.

"Go, Danny!" She screamed to her son, who didn't need telling twice. He ran for it.

"Here's Johnny!"

Wendy was caught completely off guard, and screamed, almost dropping the knife. Hands shaking, she moved slowly towards the wall, whilst Jack prepared to break down the door.


"Gonna fucking kill you Wendy," Jack bellowed, "You're gonna wish you'd never been born, you fucking bitch."

Wendy was helpless.

All she could do was watch in terror as the axe came hurtling down.

Crashing down.

And all she could do was stand there and beg for her life.