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Chapter One

Reaching for the mirror he had laid there in advance, he watched as his inheritance his father had told him of since he was little, came to him. His perfect cut of platinum blonde lengthened and, if possible, bleached more, becoming an angelic almost-white. His hair, now tapping his shoulders, covered his ears, which soon poked out of his locks, the ends gracefully pointed. His mercury irises brightened and were soon laced with a beautiful cobalt blue, the lashes framing his eyes darkened and grew out, giving his eyes more of an almond shape. Next was his figure which had always been lithe and petite; his waist dropped a couple inches along with his shoulders, his hips widening the slightest bit. Once he was stable enough to stand from his ungraceful poise on the floor where he had fallen when the change had started, he moved to the full length mirror on the back of his door. 'Not bad. I had expected to grow a few inches but, what the heck? I'm still taller than all the girls except Mil.' He still thought it would have been nice to come back from winter break taller than Blaise so the teenage Adonis would stop teasing him about his stature. 'Well, I had better go find Father, I'm sure he's awaiting my appearance.' The transformed blonde thought as the made his way downstairs, wondering what his omniscient father would share with him on his new… condition.


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