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Along side the Strip people were having a good time on this warm Friday evening in October. Lights were shining as brightly as they always did, casino's tried to get people inside with free drinks in the hope they would gamble their money, and folders were handed out to let people know about the shows that were about to start.

Two young women were also walking down the Strip, looking around as if they were searching for something. You couldn't really tell if they were tourists or not. Maybe one of them was, but one of them certainly wasn't. You could see that by the way she was walking, straight forward, with a goal. The other woman was looking in awe, taking everything in.

"Hey Nina, you told me Vegas was the city were people never sleep, but I never expected it to be like this. Come on, let's go to The Mirage. I want to see that Secret Garden of theirs, as well as the Habitat's they've got."

The other woman turned around to look at her friend. "Madison, you know we…oh well…let's go then."

"Thanks Hun. You know you're the best, right!"

"Right." Nina looked around nervously though.

Half an hour later, they both exited the Mirage and made their way home. Nina was once again looking nervously around.

"Wow, that was amazing. Have you ever seen a garden like that?" Madison said.

"As a matter of fact, I have. My dad took me to The Secret Garden when I was little. Showed me all the butterfly species there were."

"So, when am I going to meet this dad of yours?"

"In time, Madison, in time. We both value are personal life, besides, after my mum took me to New York, we hardly saw each other. We are kind of trying to rebuilt our relationship."

"You think your mum would approve?" Madison cast a side-glance to Nina.

"Nope, both she and my grandmother would probably turn around in their graves if they knew. Well, I'm home. Your sure you don't want to sleep over? It's no problem at all, you know."

"Nina, I'm sure, besides, it's only a walk down the street, remember."

Both women said their goodbyes and Nina entered her apartment, while Madison walked down the street. Nina closed the door and locked it. In the dark she made her way to the living room, and turned on the light.

"Hello, sweetheart, missed me?"

Nina recognized that voice immediately and tried to get away as fast as she could, to no avail.


"Come back here, you bitch!"

She was running, running for her life. She knew he was near, she could feel it. She didn't dare look behind her, in fear of tripping. All her tries for not getting caught, were to no avail. He got her, pushed her to the ground and started ripping her clothes away. He whispered she was a bitch and that he would find the perfect punishment. She began to scream, but no one would be able to hear her. They were too far away in the woods. Soon the screaming stopped and was she gasping for air. After several minutes she stopped moving and gasping at all. The man smiled in satisfaction and placed a little jar in her dead hand.

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