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One year later:

While Nina walked to the stand she never once looked at her ex-husband. She still wasn't sure if she was ready and strong enough to testify against him. She knew her father, Sara and Greg were in the courtroom and that she had their support. Slowly she turned around, scanning the room for the familiar faces she knew who'd be there. Both, her father and Sara, gave her a small nod, while Greg mouthed a silent you-can-do-it. After she'd sat down, her eyes darted towards the table where Raymond Yessar was seated. He gave her an evil grin and Nina had to force herself to look away and turn her attention to the d.a.

An hour had passed and all Nina had answered so far were the questions asked by the d.a. She felt drained already and the most difficult questions were still awaiting her. She sighed silently when the d.a. said she had no further questions. However, the judge had heard Nina's sigh and she said there would be a fifteen-minute break. Nina quickly left the stand to get some fresh air. Grissom quickly followed, with Sara and Greg closely behind. She had sat down on one of the benches, covering her head with her hands.

Grissom sat down besides her and took her in his arms. "You're doing great Lady Bug." He softly said.

"I can't do this." Nina whispered. "I really can't do this anymore."

"Yes, you can!" Sara exclaimed while she sat down in front of Nina and grabbed her hands to give her support.

"I just want to forget." Nina was near tears now.

"You'll never forget, Nina. You just learn to live with it, but you'll never forget." Sara whispered, while she drew Nina in for a hug.

Grissom had been talking to the d.a. She told him they had the advance the judge was a woman. That probably would help their case immensely, especially since this judge had had the same experience Nina had. When they were done talking, they walked back towards Nina and the d.a. mentioned it was time for them to enter the courtroom again. They slowly walked back and just before they got inside, Nina received a quick hug of her father, Sara and Greg for moral support.

"You can do it," Greg whispered in her ear. "I love you."

Nina nodded, told Greg she loved him too and made her way over to the stand again. This time to answer all the questions Yessar's lawyer had to ask. It was the hardest thing Nina had to do. The d.a. had warned her, the whole incident would be brought up in court for the judge and jurors to know what exactly happened. But she never expected the questions Yessar's lawyer asked to be so painful and so personal.

"Is it true, miss Grissom, that after the so called incident your now ex-husband inflicted upon you, you two were still married?"


"And did I get the right information from my client that even though you were still married to him, you started dating one of the csi's that was assigned to your case?"

Nina looked fearful to the d.a. who had objected to the question immediately. "Csi Sanders, who he's referring to, has kept miss Grissom company, simply because her father didn't want her to be alone, nor did she herself wanted to be alone. Csi Sanders simply fulfilled a favour for his boss."

"Thanks for the explanation Mrs. Winters. Mr. Talden, I want you to keep your accusations out of your questions. Do I make myself clear?" The judge spoke.

Mr. Talden, Yessar's lawyer, nodded his head and continued with his questions, which stopped shortly after he started, now that he couldn't ask his accusations.

Nina wasn't allowed to stay into the courtroom after she was questioned and had to wait outside. She saw her father wanted to follow, but she shook her head. Grissom quickly understood, she wanted him to tell what happened.

Half an hour later, she saw Greg emerge from the courtroom. He saw her sitting on the same bench she had sat on during the small break and he quickly walked towards her. "The jury has retreated. Now we have to wait." Nina nodded, indication she'd heard him. Greg pulled her into a hug.

It didn't take long for Grissom and Sara to arrive. The four of them simply sat there, waiting till they could go in again. Sara asked if anyone wanted anything to drink or eat. Grissom indicated a coffee would be nice, but neither Greg nor Nina wanted anything, both too anxious.

Two hours later the moment was there. The jury had come to a verdict and they could go inside. Nina sat between her father and Greg, each one holding one of her hands. The first in command stood up: "Mr. Yessar, we, the jury, have found you guilty for the rape and abuse of miss Grissom. We have found you guilty for the murders on Madison Lansworth, Kiara Withaker and Lisa Proms. And we have found you guilty for the attempted murder on csi Greg Sanders."

Nina gave a sigh of relief. It was over, it was all over. He was found guilty and it would be quite some time before he would be a free man again. Greg didn't care where they were, he took Nina in his arms and whispered it was all over now. Both Grissom and Sara smiled at the display of affection and then looked at their joined hands. Sara squeezed in Grissom's hand. Grissom looked up, smiled and gave her a kiss. "I can't thank you enough, honey, but I'll keep on doing it."

Sara smiled. "I know you will, but I certainly would have done it again."

"I know," Grissom whispered. "Did I tell you today, how much I love you?"

"Yes, you did. But I love hearing it."

Grissom grinned and said. "I love you!"

"I love you too!"


Author's Note: And that was the end of Lady Bugs. I hope you like reading it, as much as I liked writing it. I do feel a bit saddened, now it's finished. But I also feel like I've accomplished something, since it's the first time I've writting a story this long, and a story that's taken me this long two write (a year and a half). I might write a new CSI story in the near future, but at this moment I'm a bit out of ideas.
A great thank you goes to all my readers and reviewers, It helped a lot to know people were actually reading this story. Thanks!!!