The House of the Silver Rose Opal

Title: The House of the Silver Rose Opal
Author: kazeko
Show: Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
Series: not yet ;)
Multipart: yes
Chapers: 1
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: I don't own the show.
Summary: Kimberly finds out more about her past than she ever expected.

Chapter 1: The Pink Opal
It was just a stone. She stared at it for hours, wondering why this would be the one thing her father left her in his will. She got some land, of course, and some of the money, but the stone was the only family heirloom she received. Her three brothers and three sisters split the rest of the property and none seemed to want the family home, so she gave them the money she inherited for their shares. All she had was the house and the pretty pink opalescent stone.

She knew that the stone had to be special. It entranced her, colors dancing so gaily beneath the smooth surface, pinks interchanging with golds and greens, reds and blues, purples, silvers, blacks, and whites. No color was left out, but the pink was prominent. The silly pink opal teardrop on the silver chain. Why was it so special?


"I'm here, Cora." Cora Beth Linden entered her friend's room, smiling wanly at the tiny gymnast. The taller woman was Kimberly's best friend in Florida and had helped her through many tough days.

"Are you okay, Kim? You didn't say much at the funeral or the reading of the will. Your father was a good man, and I know you must be hurting now that both your parents are dead. All the seven of you have now is each other."

"We have our friends, Cora, and this funny stone."

"I was wondering about that. What does it mean? It had to be important for your father to leave it to you."

"I know. Maybe it's just because I'm the oldest. Kenneth and Kaelyn told me that I should sell it to help take care of the little ones, but I just don't know. It's seems so important. I want to go to my house and search through all of his papers and pictures and see if he mentions this opal."

"What are you going to do about the little ones, though? Your aunt can't watch them forever."

"Kenneth and Kaelyn are nineteen and have full ride scholarships to the colleges they're attending. They don't need any help. Rhiannon and Ronan are seventeen and will soon be seniors in High School. They're very smart and I know they can get into whatever colleges they want to attend with a full ride scholarship. As for Ailan and Arthur, they're fifteen and they might need a little support, but Aunt Meredith has been living with them and Father for so long that they regard her as their mother. None of the others really remember her, and I don't remember much."

"Maybe you should go see them, though. I know they want to see you."

"But going back," Kimberly whispered, staring off into space, "means returning to Angel Grove. I don't have anybody left there."

"I think the whole town will miss him. I wonder who he willed his house and land to."

Aisha shrugged as she sipped her drink. "He probably split it up among his children. Only one of them can own the house, though."

Rocky sighed and glanced out the window toward the forested hill where the Hart mansion stood. "We were going to head to the beach next weekend for some surfing. How could he die so suddenly?"

"Things just happen, I suppose," Kat whispered. "Did any of you go to the funeral?"

Jason nodded, glancing at Billy, Zack, and Trini. "We've known him and his kids since we were young. Of course we went. There were a lot of people there, a lot of people that I have never seen before. There was something about them that seemed so familiar, even though they come from outside Angel Grove."

"Yeah, I noticed that, too. They all look the same on some level, and they don't seem like the kind of people who travel very much. I think they must have known Marcus very well to come so far to his funeral."

"Was She there?"

Jason looked up as a tall, familiar, broad-shouldered Native American joined the group of former Power Rangers, a man who had been away from Angel Grove for far too long. "Tommy! It's good to see you, bro."

"Thanks, man. I had to come when I heard about Marcus. He was like an uncle to all of us, and I can't believe that he's gone."

"She was there," Trini whispered. "She came. She stood with her brothers and sisters, all in black, unable to stop crying the whole time. She looked so small and lost. I can't imagine what it's like for her. Her mother died when she was six, and now her father's gone, too. She's an orphan."

Something in Trini's tone made Tommy look up sharply. Orphan. The word echoed in his mind as he realized that he and Kimberly were in the exact same boat except that she didn't have any loving adoptive parents to take care of her, or a grandfather to watch after her. She had no family except her aunt and siblings, since the Hart line seemed to be dying out. She must be so alone.

"I need to see her."

"Tommy? Whatever for? I think she made it very clear to you that she has no interest in you, or us, or Angel Grove." Kat placed a kind hand on the arm of the man she had briefly dated so many years ago. "She won't want your help."

"She needs it, Kat. I . . . I'm the only one who can understand. She's an orphan, now, like me, but she doesn't have anyone to look after her. She was very close to her father, and his death must have hurt her very much. No matter what she said in that letter so many years ago, she's still a Power Ranger, and we help each other in times of need. Whether she knows that she needs us or not."

Tommy's face had assumed that mantle of leadership he had grown so accustomed to wearing over the years, and the other ex-Rangers straightened. Jason glanced around, trying to determine what his fellows were thinking before turning his gaze to his soul-brother. Trini had missed Kimberly dreadfully and would always go to help her, no matter what. Zack and Billy saw her as a younger sister that they had to protect from the evils of the world, and loneliness was one such evil. Adam and Rocky were a little more reserved, wanting to give the girl her space if that was what she wanted, no matter how much their hearts told them to help. Kat, since she had finally realized that she and Tommy were not meant to be, no longer had any reason to want to keep Kimberly away from Angel Grove, and she actually missed the little gymnast. Aisha was resolute, in some ways blaming herself for Kimberly's isolation since she had changed time and stayed in Africa without ever trying to notify her best friend. Now that she was back, she would make sure that Kimberly knew she was not abandoned, that her friends would always be there for her. As for Jason, Kimberly was his little sister, as much as Tommy was his brother, and he needed to help her, to bring the little brunette back into the circle of her friends, back to the people that loved her. In Tommy's eyes, he could see that love, from a man to the woman that stole his heart and never, ever gave it back. Even if she no longer loved him, Tommy would never let her suffer alone.

"Then I suppose we'll have to find her."

"That will prove unnecessary at present," Billy murmured, staring at the door to the Juice Bar. "For the simple fact that she has located us first."

To be continued