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"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."


Skulker growled and scanned the area suspiciously. There were no floating doors here, just eternal darkness and a chill even ghosts could feel to their bones. The airs was sparse there, and there was an ever constant awareness of eyes on the back of his neck, no matter which way he turned…

This was a part of Ghost Zone even the most brave and foolish avoided, and he was not there willingly. Vlad had heard some rumor he wanted Skulker to look into and the Ghost Zone's greatest hunter had a habit of listening to his boss, if only because he had all the best tools and technology for weapons Skulker could use.

Still, he had to reconsider things now that he was actually here. Maybe he could look for another person to fund him…

"Going somewhere?"

Skulker turned too late, and screamed loudly as he was engulfed in jet-black light, disappearing without a trace. A voice chuckled softly as Skulker's memories played before it's shadow-shrouded owner on a crystal ball.

The images slowed upon getting to a young ghost with silvery white hair and vivid green eyes. The ghost watched closely as this boy defeated all ghost who came up before him, including Pariah Dark. Watching the boy transform from a ghost to a human in two beams of white light the figure grinned, showing flashing white teeth.


"Checkmate," Raven said calmly, moving her piece to capture Cyborg's king.

"Aw, man!" Cyborg groaned, slumping back into his chair. Robin laughed and patted his larger friend's shoulder.

"Better luck next time, Cyborg," he said, sympathetically.

Raven smiled in amusement as she packed the chessboard away telepathically. Beastboy stumbled into the room, apparently just waking up though it was already near noon. Robin and Cyborg argued lightly over some trivial matter and Starfire was humming happily in the kitchen, making yet another of her exotic Tameranian dishes she was explicitly forbidden from serving to others.

It was a slow day so far, all the villains were in jail (Save the ever illusive Slade and the Brotherhood of Evil) and no new ones had popped up yet, so a semi-balance of peace had descended upon Jump City, and the Titan Tower specifically.

'Knock, knock, knock!' All activity stopped momentarily as all the Titans shared confused looks.

"Was that the door?" Cyborg asked, scratching his head.

Attacks, Explosions, basic chaos and destruction, that was norm for the Titans. However, something as normal as a visitor who took the time to knock was something of a rarity. As such, Raven cast a suspicious look in Beastboy's direction.

"This wouldn't be another one of your Beastboy's Super Extravagant Titan Tower Tours, would it?" She asked suspiciously as Starfire flew to answer the door.

"Huh? No!" The green teen said quickly, holding his hand in front of him in a defensive gesture. "After the way you guys came down on me after the last one, I decided to call it quits,"

"Excuse me," An unfamiliar female voice cut in, "I hope I'm not interrupting anything…"

"Of course not." Robin said to the visitor, a middle aged Asian woman in a suit. "Come in Mrs.…?"

"Ishiyama," She supplied, "Principal Ishiyama, of Casper High in Amity Park," Raven raised an eyebrow at her introduction, mild surprise written on her face, but everyone else just looked more confused.

"Well, Principal Ishiyama," Robin said, crossing his armed, "Is there any reason you decided to pay us a visit,"

"Yes, actually," Ishiyama said in a clipped, no nonsense voice, "It's a rather long, complicated story, but to be brief I came here on behalf of Amity Park, to beseech the help of young Raven," a moment of silence passed, then Cyborg broke it with a yell.


BLACKBIRD Chapter 1; Undercover Assignment

"Raven?" Beastboy repeated, incredulously "RAVEN, Raven?"

"Yes, that's right," Ishiyama confirmed, looking at the girl, "You're something of an expertise on the Paranormal World, am I right?"

"Paranormal?" Robin repeated, "What does that have to do with anything?"

"Because Amity Park is an epicenter for Ghost Activity," Raven informed then gravely, "There's a portal there from the Ghost Zone into the Mortal Realm, a powerful one at that. I've heard of some of your more severe attacks," This last comment was directed to Ishiyama, who didn't look surprised, "Like the one instigated by Pariah Dark, but I didn't hear anything that suggested the attacks were getting too much for your local hunters to handle."

"The Fentons have the gratitude of the entire community for protecting us during the ghost raids," Ishiyama said, "And even the mysterious vigilante Hunter Girl is in our debt, but recently there's been a rapid increase of ghost activity that seems too much for any of them to handle. Besides, I'm sure you've heard of the infamous Phantom?"

"A few times," Raven said with a wry smile. You didn't hear someone mention Amity Park or even Ghost in general now a days without the name Phantom popping up.

Raven remembered how there'd been a rather heated argument in one of her favorite cafés about whether he was a hero or menace, with several people getting involved. Raven had been called upon for a comment, but wisely said nothing other then the fact that she'd never met Phantom and didn't trust secondhand information.

"The people of Amity Park are torn about his status in our community," Ishiyama sighed, "Especially since we have no idea where he came from or why he's here," Ishiyama shook her head, "In fact, all we do know about him for sure is his name, and that wasn't until after he told us!"


"And we want you to come to Amity Park to help control our current situation and try to find out a little more about our own little Ghost Child,"

"And how's Raven gonna help with that?" Beastboy demanded.

"She has a natural ability to fight ghosts with, instead of weapons," Ishiyama sighed, "Our faith in Ghost Hunting Technology has wavered of late, with Jack Fenton waving around ecto-guns like toys,"

"And gathering information?" Robin asked.

"She is a teenager," Ishiyama shrugged, "The teenaged community of Amity Park is the one that has the most contact with ghosts, especially in Casper High." Ishiyama sighed here, "We're attacked by a different ghost nearly every day now… Anyways, they don't tell adults too much when they've been attacked, especially those who have had multiple encounters with Phantom, like Paulina Sanchez or Tucker Foley. We were hoping Raven could go undercover and pretend to be a high school student long enough to learn more about Phantom."

"…You want me to what?" Raven asked, her eyes narrowing dangerously. Ishiyama, though, was a principal of a high school, and forced to work with uncooperative kids on a daily basis. Raven's look didn't phase her and she continued on calmly.

"We merely wish to eliminate him as a threat and unite the community in this time of hardship. I understand it may seem a little unreasonable to you, but I don't doubt attending Casper High will be a challenging and fresh learning experience for you,"

"Why is only friend Raven asked to attend?" Starfire asked, confused.

"We need the information gathering part of this operation to remain covert," Ishiyama told her, "And we felt Raven would stand out less then the other members of your team,"

"We're talking about Raven here, right?" Beastboy asked doubtfully. The half demon sent him a scathing glare.

"You'd be surprised how Teenaged girls are dressing today," Ishiyama say wry. "Why just yesterday Miss Sanchez-!" Realizing she was getting off topic, Ishiyama cleared her throat, "Yes, well, a change of clothes and perhaps a wig or something of the sort will be in order so no one will recognize her as a Titan, but she is allowed to pick out those clothes on her own. Amity Park will cover the funds, along with books, book bag, housing and anything else you need for the trip."

Raven went even paler when Starfire's eyes glowed at that, obviously sensing she'd get a chance to both shop and finally use Raven as a living Barbie doll, something she'd been aching to do for a good long time now since Robin had decreed she owned enough clothes.

"Oh, yes, yes, YES!" Starfire said excitedly, "Friend Raven would be most happy to attend this Casper High!"

"Uhh…" Raven started, raising a hand to object. It turned into a yelp of surprise when said hand was suddenly grasped in an alien strength grip, with Starfire flying to the door, vigorously listing all the stores she wanted to take Raven to as the boys spared her pitying looks but made no move to free her. They knew better then to try and stop Starfire when she was in 'Shop Mode'

"Yo, Danny! You get the assignment done in Lancer's class? I was busy last night…" Danny grinned and pulled the paper out of his backpack.

"Yeah. Jazz had to help me, but I got it." Valerie laughed.

"Lucky. I wish I had an older sis to bail me out every now and then…"

"Too bad the entire time she was helping me, she also lectured me on keeping up with my homework," Danny said dryly.

"Can't be as bad as my dad!" Valerie insisted, wrinkling her nose.

"Still grounded?" Danny said, wincing slightly. "How much longer till your dad lets you rejoin civilization?"

"Depends," Valerie said, "Know when the next Ice Age is gonna start?"

"Ouch," Danny said feeling guilty.

"Mmhm…" Valerie responded, not noticing Danny's guilt in her seething anger as she fantasized about the ways she'd torture the ghost kid before blasting his head into the next century. "Well, at least he doesn't have a problem with me going on that trip with your family this Friday,"

"I still don't get why you want to go," Danny shook his head, "Three days of camping out with a bunch of ghost hunters in the middle of no where?"

"I can think of worst ways to spend my time," Valerie responded with a shrug. "Anyways, are you gonna give the other invite to Tucker or what?"

"He's not coming," Danny said absently, "Made plans with Melissa, apparently."


"New girlfriend. She's in his Sewing class." Valerie stopped dead.

"…Tucker takes sewing?" Danny grinned.

"He's passing with flying colors, too." Danny chuckled. "Anyways, He kinda bailed on her last night to help me catch a-" Danny froze, causing Valerie to raise an eyebrow at him. "-A, um, a Raccoon that broke into our garage and took one of my dad's lame old experiments, the Ghost Gabber!"

"Well, then I guess it's just the two of us!" Valerie said. Then, realizing what that sounded like, she added hastily, "And your family, of course! By the way, isn't your sister inviting anyone?"

"Nah," Danny said, "It was supposed to be that both of us could invite one friend, but she doesn't want her friends to be anywhere close to my parents when they're around all this ghost hunting stuff."

"Well, I'd better get going before the bell." Valerie said, shrugging her backpack up. "See you at lunch, Danny!"

"See ya, Val," Danny responded, heading off to his own class.

He and Valerie had become much closer lately. Sam had apparently gotten into a big fight with her parents one night, who'd mistaken all the late night ghost hunts for something much less wholesome. Refusing to give their daughter the benefit of the doubt, Mr. And Mrs. Manson decided to send her to a private school district.

A catholic year-round all-girls private high school district…

…In France


To say Sam Manson was not pleased with this abrupt attack on her unique personality and individuality (Her exact words, according to Grandma Manson,) would be like saying Jack Fenton was only mildly interested in ghosts. She's more or less trashed every room in the mansion fighting off her parents and the four thugs they'd hired to make sure she 'got on the plane safely' (IE didn't run away) and even managed to send one of the thugs to the hospital. (All that ghost fighting had really improved her ability to defend herself.)

Still, in the end she was sent, unwillingly, to Saint Marguerite's Finishing School for Privileged Young Women. There she was technically not allowed any contact with the outside world, save her parents. Still, she managed to slip a letter past the nuns and to Danny and Tucker every now and then, telling them she was indeed alive. Unhappy, but alive nonetheless.

'Then Tuck went and decided to get into the dating scene…' Danny thought dryly.

Then he sighed. That wasn't very fair to his talkative best friend, though. After all, he still helped Danny out as much as he could, even with his girlfriend around. And he kept Danny's secret from Melissa, for which Danny was eternally grateful.

Not that he thought Melissa Aldermen was untrustworthy. She was always just the shy, quiet girl who sat in the back, looking like she wanted to disappear off the face of the earth every time someone glanced her way. One of those 'invisibles' of society no one paid too much attention to.

It was just the fact that he didn't know Melissa that made him nervous. Danny could count on one hand how many times Melissa had spoken directly to his face, and every time was at Tucker's urging. Tucker had told him once that Melissa was just uncomfortable around him, though she wouldn't tell him why.

Her discomfort made Danny uncomfortable, and since Melissa didn't seem to have any friends of her own, Tucker usually stuck around with her as much as possible. Danny knew Tucker well enough to know that he wouldn't want him hanging around with them if it mean that every one would just sit in an awkward silence for the entire time. With that in mind, Danny had taken to eating lunch with Valerie.

Not that Tucker had abandoned him, he still spent as much time as possible hunting ghosts with Danny, under the guise of studying if Melissa questioned him about it. Still, a lot of his conversations with Danny during this time still came back to Melissa in some way, shape or form.

Danny was admittedly a little bitter about the whole thing, which was in some ways worse then Sam's move (At least she made it clear she didn't want to leave,) but he never let Tucker know it. His friends had devoted enough time to helping Danny with his problems, they deserved a little happiness all their own.

And to top it all off, ghost had been attacking more frequently lately, becoming more and more frantic fighting him, determined not to go back to the Ghost Zone. This wasn't a good sign to the young halfa, as last time ghosts were near this desperate to get away from their home, he ended up fighting the Evil King of the Undead, Pariah Dark.

Danny sighed as he ran a hand absently through his hair, taking his seat for Math. At least now he could honestly say there was no possible way for anything to get worse…

"Okay, kids, Pop Quiz!"

'…Why do I even bother?'

"Oh, come on!" Beastboy growled, "How long can it take to change your shirt, Rae?"

"Do you want to wake up one day and find yourself in an alternate dimension were you're the only vegetarian among giant man-eating monsters, Beastboy?" an irritated voice responded. Beastboy turned green(-er) and immediately went quiet.

On the other side of her door, Raven scowled into a mirror. Today had not been the most 'fun' in any sense of the word. First of all it took Raven a good three hours to convince Starfire she absolutely would not wear anything pastel and/or glittery. Ditto for anything with a cute and fuzzy critter on the front, along with any style and length of skirts.

Determined to get the girl into something both of them could agree on, Starfire bravely brought Raven to Hot Topic, gaining the attention of the entire store by pointing things out non stop and questioning the philosophy behind the all mighty Happy Bunny.

And after they'd finally gotten clothes and even make-up (That's right, Make-up.) out of the way, then came the wigs.

Once again, Raven found herself explaining to Starfire exactly why pink wasn't her best color, and after she felt herself beginning to lose her voice, She decided to narrow Star's choices a little but saying the wig absolutely had to be black.

Fat load of good that did. Short hair, long hair, curly, straight, braided, dreadlocks, you name it, Raven tried it on. And, with that out of the way, a tired and very cranky Raven finally made her way back home, only to have the boys hound her to see the disguise before she took off in the morning for her mission.

Which had led up to this…

"Done," Raven called out, sighing slightly. And, with a horrible feeling sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach, Raven left her safe haven and faced the boys and Star, who was eager to see how the ensemble came together.


"Whoa…" Beastboy blinked "Raven, you look…"

"Wonderful!" Starfire gushed, apparently quite proud of herself.

Raven was wearing a dark blue halter-top with thin black pinstripes and black lace crisscrossing in the front. It zipped up in the back with a black zipper, and had heavy black lace hemming. Underneath that, though, was a fishnet shirt that had finger holes for her hands, and ended off the shoulders just barely above Raven's cleavage.

A black velvet choker with a silver bird was clasped around her throat, and black bracelets around both wrists, the right one studded and the left with little spikes. She wore black (And unbelievably tight) pants, with a studded belt. Beneath the flare of her pants, dark purple combat boots with black soles peeked out.

Though she had little (as in none whatsoever) experience with make up, Raven's expertise with drawing out spells in sand and chalk came in handy for something else for once. Her nails were painted the darkest shade of black imaginable, and her lips were a deep shade of blue. She didn't bother with contacts, since she was already uncomfortable enough, but she did use eyeliner and purple eye shadow.

The thing that really completed the transformation, though, was the black wig Raven wore. The hair was wavy, going to mid back, and Raven had managed to make it look like her natural hair.

"Man, you really do look like a kid in high school," Beastboy said, sounding confused.

"No one's gonna confuse you for you, that's for sure," Cyborg agreed. "Can't that bracelet be considered a weapon?"

"They'll have to deal with it," Raven scowled, "I might need it to beat my head in, after all."

"Oh, come on, Raven!" Robin smiled, "I doubt High School will be that bad. Maybe you'll even grow to like it. After all, you liked watching those kids, didn't you?"

"Doesn't mean I've forgiven you for not telling me what I was dealing with," Raven said, glaring at the team leader. Robin flinched slightly. "Well, I guess if worse comes to worst, I'll tell her I couldn't find anything and come home,"

"Who knows, maybe you'll make some new friends," Beastboy said optimistically. Raven gave him a dry look.

"I doubt that…" she said dryly, going back to her room to get some sleep for the big move tomorrow.

'I'm gonna regret this, I just know it…' Raven thought dryly.

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