disclaimer: I own nothing of Ronin Warriors nor Yoroiden Samurai Troopers

disclaimer: I own nothing of Ronin Warriors nor Yoroiden Samurai Troopers. They are owned by: Sunrise Animation/Nagoya & Sony Entertainment.

Part One
which side or in-between

The gears in his mind weren't slowing down. But the sound of nothing could still ring loudly. Images of the past filtered through out the wilderness. And that's all he could now see. The feelings of the images pushing through his mind. Were slowly shoving his being to the edge of emptiness. And soon nothing was left to see. With the images gone, the scenery around him became aware. A harsh awaking to that every thing was real. Every thing said and done were a final thought and now couldn't be taken back. Time seemed to have stood still. Feelings had now been exhausted to the brim. Nothing left to stir. And yet he closed his eyes. Trying to grab what might be left of his heart. Searching through the darkness. But all he could find was the sounds of rushing water not to far away. But so much closer than any thing else. Except the sounds of some one's foot steps coming closer. Who ever it was. What ever they had in mind....he wanted nothing to do with it. Wanting to be so alone seemed to be the only answer at the moment. How did every thing get so out of hand. And now...every one knew. Frustration fled through his body. Not only did every one know..but it also seemed clear that no one approved. In the midst of the argument. His thoughts had slipped into words. And now all he wanted was to slip into his own world. After all...isn't that what they had wanted in the first place. So at the look on their faces and at the end of the argument. He announced he was done and was going away. Then all he could remember was the slamming of the door behind as he shut it. After all...being not noticed when your not there isn't as bad as when your really gone, right? So what was going to be said when he finally seen the owner of the foot steps...It was done....it was said. Couldn't they leave it at that. And again he felt himself churn inside.

"Well, you sure know how to make an exit." A familiar voice said to him.

"I'am sure you didn't come way out here just to tease. Besides its not like you." He said in return.

"You're right...." Then for a short moment there was a pause.

"All I want to know is why." His friend asked in a soft voice.

"Why." He said looking up. "Why...Why what part why? "

"Every thing why. Tell me any thing. Don't leave us with out any answers."

"Shouldn't I be the asking why."

"Then ask." His friend said. He always had a way with words. Sure some times they were dark or unfeeling. But always blunt and to the point. He never had a need to go around what he had to say. Nor did he intend to learn.

"Why 'till now yous never seemed to care?"

"Because 'till now you never seemed to go down the wrong path.... we have a right to be angry. You stay with them... you betray us....."

"And if I stay with yous I still betray yous." He cut off his friend. With that his friend took a step back with thought. Then finally spoke. "Your right..things probably wont be the same."

"But we rather have you around rather than far way as an enemy." He said sincerely.

"Then tell me what's the use in trying to patch things up if every thing leads down to the same answer?"

"Well, I'd feel better if you at least made an effort to show us we still mean some thing to you."

"If yous don't already know that then my effort would be pointless. Besides...I've made up my mind to leave. Answers or not. Yous have already made your minds up as well." He could hear his friend sigh then there was nothing...until he heard his foot steps walk away then again stop at a short distance. "It's your decision...but, Cye...when you leave...remember we have and always will consider your friendship an honor." Then Sage continued on his way.