Part Twelve

Part Twelve
checkmate, my love

It was early evening. The sun was just starting to hide behind the greenery. The air was moist from daily sun showers. And the birds were singing of the on coming events only they knew of. He had laid the trap out nicely. Right in the path he knew they would be following. The bait would be too hard to resist with the enforcement of his nature behind it. I pained him only a little this time. To put the bearer of Kongo in the state he now was trying to survive through. But, he that was part of the reason he let him bleed as long as he did. Not being conscious during his beating might have helped him deal with it. Only having the recuperation to handle. He thought he was doing him a favor. He was skilled, but he could never match the full force of Kongo. So taking him out early in the game was perfect. The only leak in the plan would be the timing of the arrival of Cye and James. He had left that part of it up to James. To tell him that he … lied to him about them not wanting him back. Too early and all shields he put up would fall and his desired effects wouldn't hold. Too late and Cye may miss his window in returning to the group. Sure, they'd accept him back with out a thought. But, he stilled feared stubbornness might effect the outcome. After all Cye had already wanted to go back, that was a sign he wouldn't have to worry about his bull headedness. Sure, he was gonna be pissed about what he did. Which will be great when he comes along to see what he was doing now. And all James had to do was… just getting Cye back here then nothing. The plan to him was a great one. But, he still felt a sense of guilt. So, he pushed it to the back. And when the time was right… he'd use it to his advantage when he needed extra strength. His plan was so obvious that he knew they'd over look it. And so he sat. Perched on a near by hill above Kongo. With the shrubbery and darkness hiding his figure. But not his motionless pawn. "Let the games begin." Will said under his breath.


"We've been every where. We called every one. I don't know where else to look." Rowen said watching the ground he was walking on.
"I think we might just have to wait. We've done every we can." Sage said trying to his companions minds.
"No… we have to keep looking. We just might have missed him some where that's all." Ryo said in denial.

They had searched the city and all the places they thought Kento liked to spend a lot of time at. Asked every one who knew him. And even those who didn't. The last search at the beach was unsuccessful. The walk back had become even more stressful. Normally the walk through the woods would have put all their spirits at ease. Even in troubled times it seemed to take some bricks from their shoulders. There was suddenly an eary stillness to the air.
"Wait. Shhh." Sage said putting his arms in front of his friends.
"What's wrong?" Rowen whispered looking about.
"The birds… they stopped singing." Sage said as a few chipmunks and squirrels alerted nature to their presence.
"Slowly keep walking, but don't run. There might be an animal near." He added a few short moments later.

They slowly started walking following Sage almost single file. The breeze through the trees made them sway back and fourth. Making them sing. That was the only noise they heard besides the crackling of the branches and high strung squirrels. All until Ryo broke the silence. "Do you see that? Look what is that?" Quietly pointing out something ahead of them.
"I can't tell from here." Sage answered peering at the figure.
As they approached the figure it was slowly becoming clearer with each step.
"It's Kento!" Ryo said taking off from the small group of what they had left. In astonishment Rowen followed suit.
"You two! Wait!" Sage yelled half frustrated from his friend's rash out take. With no response he did the same.
"What the hell happened?" Ryo said turning him over to his back seeing the results of the previous day.
"I dunno… looks like he ran into some trouble." Rowen said observing as well.
"We should get him back soon as possible. We can find out later." Sage said grabbing him from Ryo and pulling him over his shoulder.
"Why wait. Ask me what happened." They heard a voice from above.
"Who are you? Did you have something to do with this!?" Ryo sputtered out. Nothing, but silence and the footsteps of some one coming down to their level.
"You did didn't you!" Rowen convicted.
"Come out and show yourself!" Sage added in anger.
"Getting him was easy… that must mean you's will be no task either." Will said waking out of the dark shadows and showing himself.
"You again." Rowen acknowledged.
"They make you the brains of the pack?" Will said in laughter.
"What do you want." Ryo cut him off with force.
And was answered with the sharp sing of Will's sword escaping it's sheath.
"You've got to be kidding me…" Sage said in disbelief followed by Rowen.
"We don't have time for you." Ryo said turning around.
"Your good at that line aren't you. Isn't that how you lost Cye." Will said trying to entice.
"Now how would you know about him?" Rowen said stepping closer.
"Because he was there when he left." Sage said. As he gently laid Kento on the ground.
"What he was there." Ryo turned to him and added." Why didn't you tell us?"
"Maybe he was afraid becoming an out cast like Cye."
"I didn't ask you." He yelled towards Will.
"I was hoping that if he came into our lives… Cye would to." He confessed.
"Ah. Enough of this!" Will said plunging towards Rowen whom was closest. Almost catching him off guard he barely managed to escape his attack. As he turned to Rowen's direction for another attack. From the corner of his eye. He seen the side of some ones hand trying to protect Rowen. With a quick turn and grab Ryo was skidding fourth right of Rowen. "I thought you were suppose to be tough guys." Will said now going after Sage. A swing of his sword mid stance and Sage jumped back before a follow through to the shoulders could hit. Will, stopped by a kick to his back. Sending him more to Sage. In surprise Sage seen him continue instead of try to get his composure back. Getting ready for him he crouched and steadfast his feet. Will looked to be going straight for a front attack and Sage was ready this time. Instead his confidence was upheavaled by a quick hit with the butt of his sword knocking him back over Kento. Will, kept his swing's grace by putting the kicker on his toes. Out stretched with the exstention of his sword he got mid way and crouched to a sweep. Sending Rowen to the ground. In just a few seconds Will had already positioned himself for the kill over him. But, in astonishment was quickly pulled back by the wrists and hitting the ground. He rolled to a stand and stood to face Ryo again. Who was already charging. But, instead of waiting for him he ran to him full force. Just and inch away he dropped the sword and twisted Ryo over his thigh landing him on the ground with his hand face up and arm twisted over his knee with a faint gasp. Will was about to make contact to the elbow when he felt a sting to the ear that sent him to his side. Getting back up only to face Rowen once again. Loss of breath he let him make the first move. Rowen went stead fast his charge and ended up meeting him with a block instead. He went for a hit to his ankle only to be blocked again. Simultaneously he tried a punch and the same target. Stepping back Will blocked the punch and stepped over his other attack only to be grabbed by the wrist from the side and tripped into a tumble from Sage. Getting up a few feet away he noticed Ryo to his left. "Missing something?" Ryo said sending the sword in a twirl and then back into position with a smile. "Not for long." He said going after him. Meeting Will to his pace he blocked to solid hits from him. In turn he put one foot back and swung the sword upwards left only to be dodged and followed from the right forwards motion down to catch a gash to his shoulder with it. Unfortunately there seemed to be no effect. Will had continued. He stepped right crouched and pushed out a punch that was blocked by Ryo. Automatically Ryo went for another sword attack during the block. Coming in for his thighs, but before he got half way was diverted. Will had grabbed his wrist with his right hand. Ryo tried to stop him by pulling back and bringing down his elbow. But, Will had brought his own elbow into his stomach sending him back. Before Ryo knew it, Will had twisted the sword out of his hand before he was helped back with a hit to the side of his face with his elbow. With his cocky smile he stepped back and held up the sword to show him his prize. "Yous are no match for me. Why don't yous armor up and then try me again." Will said as he gestured to them. Instant anger filled Ryo and he stepped forward before the others could act. "We wouldn't give you the satisfaction." Ryo said running to him again. "Come on! I'm waiting." He said taking stance. Ryo had run to him and slid into a sweep leading no where. When he looked up he seen Will coming down from his jump with an attack. Which was the butt of his sword. It had came down full force and made contact with Ryo's temple leaving him on the ground helpless. The others were already on their way when Will switched his blade to meet his target and was halfway there. They went as fast as they could yelling their protest, but they knew they would never make it there in time and the realization to them was horrifying.
"Like I said, no chance." Will said in the midst of making his move only to be stopped from behind with a fatal blow of a sharp edge through his chest which was held for a few seconds and slowly pulled back. Ryo still gazed watched Will fall to the ground revealing armor that contained Cye. It was quiet. The amazing shock was overwhelming as they looked at Cye who was disarming. The air had seemed to thicken and the only sound they could hear was the last few breaths of Will. Cye knelt down to him with tears in his eyes. He turned him over and brushed his face attentively. "Forgive me… my love." Cye said to him softly. A small true smile was the answer that he received. Cye looked up to Ryo and the others and they could tell he was near breaking at that moment. A few other sobs caught their attention within the trees not to far away. Knowing they knew he was there he stepped out. James slowly walked over to Cye and Will keeping his eye on the Ronins. "James… " Cye said holding his hand out. James grabbed it and knelt to his side and whispered in Cye's ear. "This is what he wanted. He found peace. I'm free and you… you can go back home now. He didn't wanted it to be any one else who set him free." And in a saddened happy shock he realized. That Will planned on every thing… because he loved him. And now… he could rejoin the others without losing face. Will's plans… were complete. Cye looked up to his friends and knew he'd never leave them again. There was no need. Checkmate… my love. You win.

The End…


alright… so maybe I could have done better on the ending.
But, truthfully you can't tell me you didn't see it coming.
I'm actually amazed you made this far. J

Heh heh heh