Title: Enemy Vessels!

Author: Smenzer

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Rating: PG

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Teaser: Luke is the radar officer on Executor's bridge but has a few problems. A funny Luke Vader story.

Disclaimer: The characters are not mine. They belong to George Lucas and Fox. This is just for fun.

"Luke," Darth Vader said as he called his son over to one of the empty seats on the bridge of Executor. "You will work the radar today."

"The radar?" Luke asked as he peered with curiosity at the round screen his father was pointing at. "I never used a radar before…"

"It is easy, Son." Vader motioned for the young Jedi to sit in the chair before the noisy circular screen. Once the boy was seated, he breathed a sigh of relief. He wasn't sure how Luke could get into so much trouble and he hoped the new assignment would keep him occupied for a while. "All you do is watch this screen. If you see anything on it, announce it immediately. Just do not fall asleep! You must keep an eye out for enemy vessels."

"Well, that sounds easy enough." Luke admitted, slightly relieved. He knew working on the bridge was a big responsibility and that he didn't really have the proper training to be there. Yet he wanted to be with his father so for the time being this was the best they could do. Curious, he studied the radar screen. A big long line, like the handle on a clock, kept going around and around. And something was making beeping sounds, too. There was a dot in the middle and Luke poked at it with a finger. "What's this dot?"

"That is our ship." Vader explained. The job was foolproof. "Just don't fall asleep!"

"I won't!" Luke promised as he watched Vader walk away. He glanced around the bridge a bit and was relieved that no one was watching him. Being Lord Vader's son might make relations with the other bridge personnel a bit tricky. He'd have to prove his worth to them, that he had gotten this job for his own skill. Turning his face back to the round screen, Luke stared at it. Ten minutes had passed and nothing appeared on his screen. The long line just kept sweeping around and around, hypnotizing him. His chin started to droop and his eyelids grew heavy. Then with a sudden jerk he woke up.

/I must not fall asleep/

Luke started to tap his foot and sing a song within his head. He had had a pleasant conversation with Ben's ghost last night and the spirit had taught him how a lovely song called Come What May. It was amazing really that a spirit could sing so well. Feeling wider-awake, Luke kept both of his eyes peeled to the radar. Then his stomach lurched upward and the song was instantly forgotten. Something was on the radar and it was rapidly approaching the ship!

"There's a GIANT FLY approaching the ship!" Luke cried in horror as he watched the fly crawl across the radar screen.

Startled gasps and a few chuckles were heard from all parts of the bridge. Then it grew as silent as a tomb as Vader hurried to his son's side.

Darth Vader bent forward, his mask peering at the radar screen. He noticed the little fruit fly slowly making its way across the screen's surface and he sighed. "Luke, you are not supposed to report insects crawling on the screen. Shoo the fly away or must I Force-choke it?"

"Oh." Luke's face burned red with embarrassment. How could he have been so stupid? And if his father killed the fly, why, the crew would think him a real helpless baby! "I'm sorry! I just got carried away, I guess. It seems like forever I sat here watching the radar…"

"It's been twenty minutes, Luke." Vader dryly stated.

"Is that all? Geez!" The young Jedi frowned and waved his hand at the fly. "Go away! Shoo! Shoo!"

"Don't fall asleep, Luke." Vader reminded and then returned to his favorite area of the bridge, before the tall windows. He pondered where the boy had even found a fly on Executor and came up blank.

Luke waved his hands at the fly and it took off to the air. Buzzing, it flew behind the Jedi and landed on the back of his collar. Crawling upward, it soon made its way towards his nose. It tickled his nostrils as it crawled and the need to sneeze soon built up within him.

"AAH-AAH-AAH-CHOOOO!" Luke sneezed loudly, mucus from his nose spraying all over the radar. One particular clump formed a long line that ran more or less vertical across the screen. It was curved as well and appeared a tad snake-like. The Jedi re-opened his eyes and wiped his nose with his sleeve. Then he spotted the new items on his screen.

"There's a GIANT SNAKE approaching the ship!"

More loud snickers broke out across the bridge, the crew enjoying the rare break from the never-ending monotony.

Vader stalked back towards the radar his long black cloak trailing behind him. Now what had the boy seen? "Luke, what is it this time? I assure you there are no giant snakes out in space!"

"LOOK!" Luke pointed at the long trail of mucus that was sitting on the radar screen. "It's right there!"

The only sound was Vader's loud breathing. Finally the Sith Lord spoke. "Luke, that is mucus from your nose. Wipe it off. And please, use a tissue."

"Oh." Luke accepted the offered tissue and wiped the screen clean. Once it was clean, Luke was unsure what to do with the tissue so he stuck it into his pocket. What if he were to sneeze again? "I'll get the hang of this sooner or later….

/I hope/

More time passed and for Luke it seemed it was crawling at the pace of a snail. His eyelids started to droop again and a new sound woke him before he dozed off. Peering closer at the screen, he saw the pale green image of something on the radar. Cautious from his previous mistakes, he attempted to rub it off with a finger but it seemed to be under the glass of the screen. Could it be he had finally found something? Studying the shape, Luke grew excited.

"There's a GIANT TURTLE approaching the ship!"

Loud guffaws broke out and several officers slapped their thighs.

"Luke…" Vader said as he once again turned away from his favorite windows. He couldn't imagine what the boy had mistaken for a turtle. Fingerprints, perhaps? If this kept up he'd have to move him elsewhere…

"LOOK!" One of Executor's crew shouted as he pointed to the main viewer at the very front of the bridge.

Lord Vader turned just in time to see the giant turtle fly past the windows. It was huge in size and its back was covered with hard, raised scales. Its mouth was partly open with a pair of white tusks sticking up from its bottom jaw. As it flew past, its eyes kept moving up and back as it scanned the area around it for the slightest sign of danger. Then the turtle tucked in its head, legs and feet into its shell and long columns of flame appeared. Spinning rapidly, the giant sea creature vanished into the depths of space at an incredible speed.

Everyone on the bridge gaped open-mouthed at the screen, unbelieving.

Snapping out of his shock, Vader hurried to his son and gripped Luke by the shirt. Pulling the boy to his feet, he started to drag him towards the nearest lift. "I think you've had enough time on the radar, Luke. You're starting to create monsters now!"

"But … but … I didn't do that!" Luke protested as he was dragged along unwillingly. "It was there! You saw it!"

"Likely story, Son." Vader didn't know how Luke had done it, but it was best to keep him far away from the radar screen. "I've been in space since I was a kid and I've never seen anything like that!"

Luke tried to dig his heels into the smooth floor and stubbornly clung to the nearest chair as realization dawned in his eyes. "That was GAMERA! I didn't know he was real! I want to see him! Let go of me!"

Vader pulled harder, using his mechanical droid arms until the chair was yanked from the floor, bolts and all. Then Luke and the broken chair were hauled kicking and screaming into the lift. The doors slid closed.


The End

Disclaimer: Gamera is not mine. He belongs to A.D. Visions, Inc and Daiei, NH (or whoever owns the rights to him). For those who don't know him, Gamera is the giant flying turtle from Japanese monster movies. He is a friend to children and helps save the planet from other monsters. And no, he never made a movie with Godzilla.