Chapter 4 The question and the crazy girl

At the hut

Sakura: Untie me! Please Saskue……

Sasuke: you know we have already tried that….

Sasuke had a black eye and some bumps. Naruto was beat up to a pulp. Sakura was bound to a chair with rope.

Sakura: You two are traitors!

Sasuke: Come on Naruto we'll look for him.

Naruto: oooowwwwwwwww! That arm hurts.

Outside the hut away from Sakura

Sasuke: ok she's crazy.

Naruto: You think!

In the market.

Kakashi: My head hurts…..

In his mind: probably from all those beers.

He and Hatomi were headed to the hut. While Naruto and Sasuke were already gone, and last but not least Sakura still tied to the chair. They were about to enter when.

Kakashi: You know I was thinking since I the mission is over why don't you stay at my village for a while?

In her mind: he's already thinking I would live with him.

Hatomi: maybe….. I still have a lot to do here…..

Kakashi: Just something to think about.

He opened the door.

Sakura:KAKASHI SENSAI! She stood up with the chair still bound to her.

Kakashi: what on earth is going on in here.

He cut the ropes from her hands.

Kakashi: what happened?

(She told him but really really fast!)

You see Naruto and Sasuke wouldn't believe me that you got kidnapped so we went and asked people but this guy was really rude he called me crazy. He ran from me and then Naruto and Sasuke tied me to the chair even through I was fighting as hard as I could and they left me here.

In his mind: Oo huhhhhhhhhhhh?

Kakashi: ok Sasuke and Naruto are gone. Do you know where they went?

Sakura: no but I didn't expect this from Sasuke!

Kakashi retying the ropes without Sakura noticing: You stay here we'll look for them.

Sakura: but wait ….. noticing the ropes…..GRRRRRR! You can't treat me like this!

They found them at the weapons shop looking at chains.

Kakashi seeing Narutos and Sasukes wounds: what happened did you guys get in a fight.

Naruto:THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT! If you didn't disappear then we wouldn't have to deal with her!

Kakashi: what are you talking about she's not crazy.

Naruto: o yeah!

He pulled out a couple sheets of paper with what looked like very poor drawings of him Sasuke and Sakura. The first one showed Sakura beating a villager with what looked like a stick, and a little Sasuke and Naruto trying to hold her back. The second one showed them trying to tie her down and them getting beat up. The last one showed Sasuke with a black eye and an angry expression on his face.

Kakashi: well every things ok now….

Kakashi: we'll be off now.. he grabbed Hatomi's arm.

Both: Not again!

Sasuke: I'm not going back to the hut.

Naruto: me neither.

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