Flaming Mirror Image--Epilog

Flaming Mirror Image--Epilog

Disclaimer:  I do NOT own any of these characters, except maybe Kyo since I made him up.  Note:  I wasn't really planning on putting an epilog up or anything but since Mystical Jade asked for a side story or something, she talked me into it so I did!  So, MJ, this is for you! ^_^

Fear raked his body as Kyo jerked himself up in a short scream, ending in gasps.  He looked around the room, everything was still and unmoved, like it was before he went to sleep.

Just a dream, he told himself in thought.  Suddenly, the fear turned into nauseous ness and he got out of bed and ran to the bathroom.  After he retched, he sat back against the wall.  He felt better soon and flushed the toilet.  Groaning, he pulled himself up and looked in the mirror.  A pale face looked back at him.  Kyo washed his face and hands then rinsed his mouth. 

I hope I didn't wake anyone; he thought and then heard a noise down the kitchen.  Too late, it's probably that motor-mouth friend of Ryo's, Kento, I think.  He stepped out of the bathroom and tried to tiptoe back to his room without being seen.

"Kyo, you okay?" Ryo's voice asked behind him.

"Ryo, uh," he turned around.  Ryo was holding a glass of water. He forced a smile; "I thought only Kento came to the kitchen during the night.  Has he been giving you lessons?"

Ryo smiled back, "nah, it's just a really warm night.  Just wait until August."  He took a drink of his water, "oh, I'm sorry, you want one?"

"Sure," Kyo said and followed him to the kitchen.  Ryo placed the glass in front of him.

"You look kinda pale," Ryo said, "don't tell me you don't like Mia's cooking."

"You like her, don't' you?" Kyo asked.

Ryo blushed, "well, yeaaaah."  He began gulping down his water to avoid from speaking about it.

Kyo took the hint and sipped his own water.  It seemed to take away the queasiness.  "I just had a bad dream; it made me sick."  Kyo explained.

"What was it?" Ryo questioned.

"You don't want to know," Kyo told him.

"Sure I do," Ryo said, "why do you think I asked?"

Kyo didn't reply and gulped down his water just like Ryo did.

"Please?" Ryo pleaded.

"Well, maybe it is better I tell you," Kyo confessed, bringing down his glass "you are my brother after all, "But this has to remain between us."

"I can keep a secret," Ryo promised.

"It's so crazy, I don't know where to begin," Kyo groaned.

"Well, why don't you start at the beginning?" Ryo joked. He gave a small laugh and immediately stopped when he saw the sad look on his brother's face.  "I'm sorry…"

Kyo took a drink and sighed.  "I guess it began the day we wore born and we were separated. Badamon kidnapped me and handed me over to Tulpa, thinking I was you."

"Wh-what?" Ryo stammered

"He knew that we were going to be born," Kyo explained, "and that one of us was going to have the armor of the wildfire and soon all the other ronins would follow.  Since I was born first, Badamon expected I was the one.  Maybe it was better this way because you didn't deserve what I had to go through."

"You didn't either, Kyo," Ryo told him.

"While you were raised here and the ancient blessed you with armor of Wildfire," Kyo told him, his voice soft with sorrow and his eyes brimming with tears, "I was brought up in the Netherworld and Tulpa damned me with the armor of Hellfire…"


Five-year-old Kyo was treated like any other boy wasn't.  Instead of loved and cared for, he was tortured and abused.  Badamon made him work hard and forced him to watch executions and beatings.  Slowly, Kyo's innocence was fading away.  It was shredded to pieces, ripped apart by Badamon and Tulpa.  Sometimes, though, Tulpa would show some kindness to him, when Kyo did his duties before he had to be told.  Kyo did it so he wouldn't' be punished.  Tulpa also liked it when Kyo did what he was told right away. 

"Someday, Kyo," Tulpa told him, "I will make you my most high warrior.  You will be the best!"

"Thank you, Lord Tulpa," Kyo muttered.

"Let's prepare you," Tulpa said.  Badamon appeared.

"Come with me, Kyo," Badamon ordered.

Kyo wasn't going to argue.  He led him to a pit with yellow yuck. (That stuff Anubis was in.) The second he looked at it, he gasped.  He knew what that pit was.  He hated that place.  Badamon would sometimes punish him and put him in there for an hour or so.

"No, please!" Kyo begged, tugging on Badamon, "don't put me in there!  I hate that place!  It's terrible; it can kill me!"

"This can make you stronger, Kyo," Badamon told him and pushed him in the pit. 

"Nooo!" Kyo screamed.  The yellow stuff went up to his neck, making it hard for him to move.  "Get me out of here!"

It didn't end there, but it did make Kyo stronger, at age twelve, he received the armor of Hellfire. 

Tulpa held his hand up to him and Kyo wore first the sub armor, dark gray and dark red in color, followed by the rest of the Hellfire armor.  Kyo looked down at himself and grinned.  It was not the innocent smile he once had, instead, it looked malicious.  

"You are now a warrior of the netherworld," Tulpa told him, "Use your armor of Hellfire well."

"Yes, master," he nodded, still grinning the malicious grin.

"I would like to see its power," Badamon said.

"I am also a little curious," Tulpa confessed, "let's have a look."

Badamon clicked his fingers and dynasty soldiers came out, dragging a tied up young girl behind them.  They forced her to her knees and left her in front of Kyo.

"Eliminate her," Tulpa commanded.

What? Kyo thought.  The malicious grin disappeared and changed to a confused frown.  I can't do this.

"Why are you stalling, boy?" Tulpa demanded.  "Prove your worthiness of the armor before I take it away!"

All right, Kyo thought, just don't think about it.  Just do it.  Don't even look at her. 

The girl raised her eyes and looked at him pleadingly.

Don't look at me like that, Kyo wanted to say.  Don't look at me! He couldn't take his eyes off of hers.  He would never forget those eyes.  They looked like a pair of shiny emeralds that were outlined in tears and they stared him down.  Her auburn hair was wet and in a mess around her shoulders.    Kyo swallowed and took out his swords.  "I'm sorry," he whispered to her so only she could hear.  He did not want everyone to think he was unworthy of the armor and then Tulpa would probably torture him again.

"I understand," she whispered back.

"SKULL FIRE RUSH!" he sent a flaming skull to the girl. It opened its mouth and swallowed her in flames.  He could hear her screaming as she burned at it made him cringe inside.  Her screaming never ended; it was locked inside his mind.  She lied there on the stone floor, burns and scars all over her body. 

Kyo had to fight himself not to run over to her, begging for her forgiveness and holding her tight.  I didn't even know her name, he thought to himself, looking at her with sorrow in his eyes.  He wanted to look away but he couldn't Kyo wished he would die or be put in the sulfur pit. He'd do anything, anything but this.  If only he were braver, he would have stood up to Tulpa and said, "No, Tulpa, I won't!" and he would run away with the girl.  But he was too afraid. Kyo just wasn't strong enough, not brave enough. He really didn't want to harm her.  It was the hardest thing he had to do.  Forgive me, he thought; watching a soldier carry her scorched corpse away, I didn't want to. 

"What have I done?" Kyo asked himself with a soft whisper, tears slowly forming in his eyes.

"Excellent work, Kyo," Tulpa said, satisfied.

As Kyo nodded and cleared his throat, the malicious grin came up on his face though he felt horrible inside, as if someone took control of his facial muscles.  His kanji of innocence glowed and quickly faded away.  What's happening to me? Kyo wondered.

When Kyo became fifteen, the age of his brother, he learned of the warlords.  He wasn't sure how long they been there, but Tulpa talked to them like he knew their entire souls. They didn't know of Kyo because he figured he wasn't supposed to know about them.  But when Tulpa and Badamon found this out when Kyo asked about them, Tulpa ordered him never to speak to the warlords then threw him in the sulfur pit.

"My warlords," Kyo heard Tulpa begin, "the ronin warriors are upon us.  I have waited for this for a thousand years!  I will get those armors."

"Yes, Master Tulpa," Anubis was the first to speak, "as you wish."

"We also have waited long for this," Kale added.  His grin was more malicious than Kyo and Kyo touched his own lips.

I'll turn into him, he thought, all of them.

"I will have them swimming in my pool of venom in no time!" Sekhmet laughed.

Dais said nothing instead he nodded.  The eye patch over his left eye made Kyo shiver. 

"Destroy them!" Tulpa bellowed.

Kyo would sometimes watch the battles between the ronins and the warlords.  He wanted to know who they were.  They're boys, like me.  Kyo observed.  He fixed his eyes on the one in the red armor that resembled his own.

That guy, Kyo thought, why do I get the feeling like I know him?

He saw Ryo's helmet fall off and Kyo gasped, "He looks like me!"

That day he heard the warlords report back to Tulpa and he was very angry.  "How could you fail me??!  Out of my sight!"

Kyo strained to hear him talk to Badamon because he knew that he ought to hear what they were going to say. 

"Wildfire is alive," Tulpa said, "but how…. I thought the one we captured was the one?"

"Kyo was the first born," Badamon said, "I figured…."

"You figured wrong, Badamon!" Tulpa growled, "The real wildfire is here.  I tried to prevent this and now…"

"Wildfire is only a boy, he cannot be all that powerful," Badamon told him.

"Be gone…bring me Lady Kayura," he ordered.

Kyo's breath was nearly taken away as he set his eyes on the female soldier.  Her bluish-black hair and dark eyes were so beautiful, more than any pair of eyes or head of hair he has ever seen.  Then his memory reminded him of the girl he was forced to destroy, her beautiful, sad, pleading green eyes.  Kyo felt sad for a small moment, wishing that the girl would come back. He pushed the memory out of his mind.

"You sent for me, Master Tulpa?" she smiled and bowed her head.

"My warlords are not doing their job," Tulpa said.  "Why don't you pay them a visit?"

She giggled, "Yes, Master Tulpa, one they will never forget!"

Something happened to Anubis.  He began to question Tulpa's orders and one time did not obey him.  Kyo could his screams coming from the sulfur pit.

Oh no, Kyo thought.  He followed the screams and found Anubis in the pit.  He was frozen were he stood, unable to take his eyes off Anubis. Him too?

"Please Master!" Anubis cried.

Kyo couldn't take his cries.  It was just as bad as he was there in that pit.  Kyo turned away and sank to his knees.  Make him stop, make him stop, make him stop…. stop screaming, Anubis!  Stop screaming, I can't take it!  Enough, enough, enough!

"Take me out!" Anubis shouted.

Please stop, please stop, tears blinded Kyo's vision.  He wanted to help Anubis and part of him didn't even care.  Part of him was smiling at the sound of his painful screams and the other was wailing, along with Anubis.

Kyo remembered the girl, her emerald eyes.  They made him stop for a moment. Why should he care what happened to her?  But her eyes, her face, looked so innocent, like the way Kyo used to be.

Eventually, Anubis stopped screaming and Kyo heard the ancient's voice.  Anubis ran away and Kyo was grateful and also angry that he got away.

I can't stand it anymore, Kyo thought to himself.  It's all Ryo's fault.  I should have been the wearer of the wildfire armor.  He should have suffered as I have.  It's he who should be here, not me!  I don't belong here!  Kyo clenched his teeth and tightened his fists.  I'll make him pay for all the torture and pain I went through. I am going to make him BURN!  I am Kyo of the Hellfire!

Kyo stopped speaking to wipe the tears that fell from his eyes.  "S-sorry, I guess I'm not over it yet."  He mumbled in embarrassment.

Ryo sniffed.  He himself was close to tears.  He felt as if the same has happened to him. Hearing Kyo's story made Ryo want to destroy Tulpa all over again.  "Man, I just can't believe it.  That's the worst story I ever heard."  He almost felt sick after hearing Kyo's story.

"I didn't really mean all that," Kyo apologized.  "All those nasty things I thought about you and said to you."

"Hey, Tulpa tortured you," Ryo said, "I understand.  It could make anyone feel that way.  It's not your fault, Kyo."

Kyo sighed, "Thanks, Ryo."

Ryo nodded for him to finish.

"Well, I was a bit happy but also angry when the Dark Warlords turned against Tulpa.  If I was strong enough, I would have followed them, but I guess I couldn't because I was afraid of what Tulpa would do to me…"

Kyo could hear the ronins and the warlords shout their attacks to Tulpa.  They knew why Tulpa wanted them.  Anubis' death proved it.  It was only their souls and their armor Tulpa was after and the warlords were not going to give either up to the likes of him.  Kyo however, could not follow the warlord's example. Maybe because he took Anubis' death so hard.  Kyo wanted to be like Anubis one day.  He was the first to realize Tulpa's plot.  Kyo knew along but why couldn't he just leave?  Why was he so scared of Tulpa?  How come he wasn't brave like Ryo?

It's not fair, Kyo thought to himself.  I don't deserve this.  I didn't do anything wrong.

The temple was falling apart. Kyo had to make a run for it.  Although he should have been happy that he was freed, he was just so angry to see it.  He lived in the temple his whole life and now the only place he ever could call home was gone.

Tulpa wanted to see the white armor of inferno and he prompted the warriors to give their powers to Ryo.  After seeing the brilliant armor up close, Tulpa wanted to have it in his possession. 

"Don't give it to him!" his friends cried.

"Yes, give it to him," Kyo whispered.  "Then he will crush you!"

Ryo didn't do as his friends warned and gave it up, "You want the armor of inferno, Tulpa?" Ryo teased, "Then try it on for size!" 

Tulpa didn't feel any power, instead, pain.  It wasn't as he expected.  Ryo, somehow, was trapped inside of Tulpa.  He told his friends to finish Tulpa.  They didn't want to do it but he said it was the only way.

"Yeah, kill him," Kyo said between his teeth with anger in his eyes.  The next second, his eyes became innocent and he parted his mouth into a gasp.  "No wait, don't."

The four warriors all gave a scream and ran to Tulpa.  They were still screaming when they all attacked Tulpa in different directions.  Tulpa was gone but Ryo was still trapped inside of him. 

"Ryo!" Yuli cried, "I've got to do something."  He raised the jewel of life and Ryo was okay.  {I can't really remember what happened there, I just remember Yuli saved him with the jewel.  I wish RW would come back!}

"Thanks, Yuli, you saved my life," Ryo said.

Yuli smiled and blushed.

Kyo couldn't believe it.  Ryo lived.  He was happy for him but he was also jealous and angry.  He lives!  It's not fair!

Then Kyo knew what he had to do.  If he wanted Ryo gone, he had to do it himself.  It was his duty as Kyo of Hellfire.  He had to make Ryo pay for every little thing that Ryo had but Kyo didn't.  Ryo lived in the mortal world.  He had friends.  He slept in a warm bed.  Kyo lived in the Nether realm.  He had no friends and slept on a cold stone floor.

Kyo was stripped of all of his innocence.  All he wanted now was revenge and he would not let anything stop him until he got it.

"I guess you could figure the rest out," Kyo groaned.

"Yeah," Ryo mumbled. 

"I realize now," Kyo said, "it was better that I was chosen.  If Badamon got you instead…I don't even want to think what would have happened."

"I'm sorry what you had to go through," Ryo sympathized, "no one has to go through what you did."

"But it happened and there's nothing I can do about it," Kyo said.  "Now don't tell anyone about this, alright?  Your friends don't need to know any more than they already do know—that we're twin brothers and I used to be the evil one—they can't know abut this."

"I won't tell anyone," Ryo pledged.

"I'll be the one to tell them when the time is right," Kyo sighed.  "But in the meantime you keep your mouth shut."  He drank the rest of his water and stood up. He was half way to his room when he turned around and pointed to his twin, "I'm warning you Ryo," he grinned a half malicious, half innocent grin, "I'm not as innocent as I look!" His kanji of innocence glowed upon his forehead. He groaned.

Ryo sighed and rolled his eyes, "Sure, whatever you say…"

When Kyo fell back asleep, the queasiness subsided and dreamed a happier dream.

The End.  How was that, guys?  MJ, you'd better like it because I wrote it just for you! (Wink)   ^_~