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(--Yukio-Man who gets what he wants--)
Summary: (Some Sas/Sak)Sasuke had been forced to return to Konaha three years after he left due to the brutal circumstances. Even though Tsunade had questioned his motives his friends still stuck behind him- believing he had changed.

Four years after that Naruto,Sasuke and Sakura have gone mostly their separate ways- Sakura,staying as a Chunnin medical nin and Naruto and Sasuke-now Jonins- doing most missions on their own.

A strange request gets asked of Konaha and the old 'squad 7' are perfect for the job. Teaming up again, they travel to Mist just to bring back a suspect but, soon find out its more serious than they expected. Actually,the Leaf has only scratched the surface of the crimson bloodshed that lies covered under a thick veil of fog- and the three are not a welcomed interference.

The Hush of Mist above Crimson


Azamaki, the feared but loved fifth Mizukage slept quietly on a moonlit night in the tranquil land of Mist.

The moon's glow seeped in through his large window,painting shadows on the wall behind him. It was silent-and dark, until something in the blackness moved. A figure glided swiftly towards the young lord.

The pitter of rain rhythmically hitting the window was the only audible sound in the room next to Azamaki's even breathing.

The floor creaked slightly and immediately the Mizukage was awake and becoming aware of the unwanted presence in the room. The hiss of chakra was the next thing to be heard but, before he could even fully stand up on his side of the bed, a hand shot out from the shadows to press violently against his chest. Azamaki cried out in agony as chakra flowed painfully through every muscle in his body.

All it took was one hit to stop his heart.

The attackers hand withdrew too let his victim fall limply to the hardwood floor. The Mizukage's eyes closed on a familiar face, features only lit by the weak moonlight.

It was finished.

"And you call yourself head ninja." Spat the dismal figure bitterly as steam emanated off Azamaki's lifeless corps.


Seconds later, shinobi came bursting into the room at the sound of their master's cry. They stumbled over the bodies of the two guards who were once posted at the door. Raising the lantern into the air they found Azamaki still in his bed, sheets tucked up to the dawn of his neck.

"Mizukage-sama!" A man cried desperately, running over to kneel at the side of the bed so he could check on him. The young master could have passed for sleeping if the small trail of blood from the corner of his mouth, cascading down his chin didn't give him away.

He stopped dead in his tracks, eyes widening slightly when the deep red line against pale skin came into view. He reached out hesitantly to check his pulse- Nothing, just as he had suspected.

He narrowed his eyes, quickly taking his hand away, then yelled back to the other men waiting expectantly by the door; the slight quiver in his deep voice was unmistakable.

"Awake master Yukio at once!"