Harry Potter woke up with a bang. WHAM! Something hard hit him on the back of the head. "Ron! That could have broken! If you broke Harry's present, you will pay!" came a girls' voice from outside Harry's bunk. Harry sat up, snatched his glasses and pulled back the curtains of the bunk. A few moments after his eyes got adjusted to the light, Harry walked directly to the pile of presents scattered around his trunk, on which his best friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, were sitting, eating Chocolate frogs and Every Flavor Beans. "Merry Christmas, Harry!" Hermione said. "Merry Christmas, guys." Harry said as he sat down, grabbed a present, and started tearing the wrapping off. He was almost done. He had 2 more presents. "Thanks Hermione!" She had gotten him a broom navigation set for his broom, along with portable hot chocolate maker and cup holder. Harry reached for the last present. I looked like a book. "Hermione, you didn't get me ANOTHER one of those diarys, did you?" "No, that was the on...Wait! It wasnt a diary, it was a homework helper, and what was wrong with it?" she asked. "Well," Ron said. "It was nice, but it would be a lot nicer if it didn't TALK!" "What's that, Harry?" Hermione asked. " It's from Dumbledore. It says, 'Harry,in the midst of everything being voldemot this and voldemort that, I though this would help you remember who you are andwhereyou came from.Albus Wulfric Brian Dumbledore P.S. Thanks for the socks. They're 'sweet'.' Ron felloff of the trunk with a loud thud, laughing."What is it, Harry?" Hermioneyelled over the laughter. "It looks like some kind of book."he said asRon clabbered back on the trunk, still chuckling merrily. "Lets hope it's not a book called 'Sex Ed.' HA! SWEET!" Ron fell again. "EW! Ron! i mean, EW!" hermione said. "It's not." said Harry, the book open on his lap. "It's my dad's journal. This is his handwriting. This belonged to him." Hermione gasped. "Your dad? That can't be...you haven't seen your dad's handwriting before, though." "Yes I have." Harry said. "In Snape's penensivewhen he was taking his OWLS." "Well, let's read." Ron said as he and Hermione sat beside Harry to start to read. "Oh, Harry, one question. Why did you get him SOCKS?" Cliffhanger