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NOTE: In this story there will be magic

Summary: Sakura is named the NERD in her school, and is often teased; her only friends are Tomoyo and Eriol, what happens when people discover her hidden Identity? What will happen to our princess?

Chapter 1: The Nerd

One this peaceful morning you could see the Deep Blue sky over your head and the town of Tomoeda in it's peaceful rest, you could she the cherry trees blooming and hear beautiful birds chirping, and also a


That's right; Sakura Kinomoto had just woken up, and everything else with a half a mile radius

"I'M LATE" screamed Sakura frantically, running around her room, hurrying to find her things

Sakura changed quickly in her school uniform and grabbed her lunch from the table and kissed her brother on the cheek.

"Touya, where's father?" asked Sakura, munching on her piece of toast while sipping her orange juice, listening to his answer

"He's at a meeting" replied Touya, smirking as he watched Sakura running like a dog looking for it's lost forgotten bone

"Kay, Cya later" and she ran off to school

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AT SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Hey here comes the Nerd" people chanted, if only they knew better on WHO they were teasing, you see Sakura was a very beautiful person, on the inside and outside but she refused to show her outside appearance and she wanted people to like her personality not her looks and status in life, her only friends were Tomoyo Daidouji who was also her cousin, and her boyfriend Eriol Hiiragizawa, you see Sakura had a secret only her family and her only two friends knew, she was the Princess of Japan.

"Leave her alone" Tomoyo cried running over to aid her friend.

"Yeah" said Eriol, walking to his girlfriend and friend.

Tomoyo and Eriol would've been very popular, wait scratch the thought they WERE popular until they became friends with Sakura, they still stuck by her even though they knew that they would also be teased also.

"Hey Sakura" Tomoyo said to her friend walking to their class

"Hey, I'm a little tired" sighed Sakura, looking down slightly, blushing slightly

"Had a ball last night?" asked Eriol questioningly as he notice Sakura's head bobbing up and down

"Yeah, had to meet the prince of England" said Sakura smiling at the thought of last night

"Really?" asked Tomoyo, smiling also with her friend

"Yeah, he seemed really cool, but he's really nice"

"That's good" Eriol said butting in

"Hey we better get to class, we're late" exclaimed Sakura and they ran off to class

As the day went on Sakura got teased and finally went to her locker to get her supplies for her next class which was Maths, but she received a little surprise at her locker.

"Hehehehe, Very funny, who put this in my locker?" asked Sakura holding a black thong to the crowd behind her

"Oh, we thought it was your's, considering you're a slut and all" said Yukari, she was the school slut but was also the most popular person in school and got any male she wanted except for Eriol who was protected by Tomoyo.

"Oh really?" "I'm the school slut, you're the one to talk" retorted Sakura

"What?" "Little old me, the school slut, who do you think you are, the PRINCESS of JAPAN?" "Dream on" scoffed Yukari and left with her gang

'If only you knew' thought Sakura to herself and went to her maths lesson.

After Maths it was home time and she left to go home, while Tomoyo and Eriol went off with Touya to meet with Fujitaka.

"Hello your majesty" said Tomoyo and Eriol and bowed down to Fujitaka

"Guards, you may leave us" commanded Fujitaka as the guards left, giving them privacy

"Now Tomoyo and Eriol, no need for formal greetings now"

"Yes father"

You can see that Tomoyo and Eriol call Fujitaka 'Father' because Tomoyo's mother had gone to do a Fashion exhibition and wouldn't be back for a few years due to many complications and Eriol was an orphan so Fujitaka supplied the two a home to live in and asked the two to consider them their father as well.

"Hello father" greeted an outside voice, as Eriol and Tomoyo turned.

"Hello Touya"

"I called you all here to tell you that I'm growing old" Started Fujitaka and held up his hand to ask for silence before anyone wanted to disagree

"I will not die just yet, but I have decided that I hand the throne over to Touya, and Tomoyo you will be the chief of the fashion and clothing the prince and princess will wear and all other clothing needs and Eriol, you will be Touya's counsellor and chief advisor to help him to make the right decisions"

'Thank you" they all said in unison, bowing their heads

"Also son, I would like you to do me a favour"

"Yes father?"

Fujitaka whispered something in Touya's ear and her was outraged on what he heard, yet he agreed to help his father, the next day Touya was crowned the King of Japan yet the princess was no where to be found, due to she was at school, but no one knew that…yet.

Sakura was in class listening to Tereda Sensei also one of the people to know who Sakura was, when suddenly someone burst through the door.


Sakura immediately looked up so see a very familiar face

"What is the Meaning of this WEI?" asked Sakura, clearly surprised

"He's coming" was all Wei said and suddenly everyone was facing Sakura

"What?" said Sakura clearly not understanding

"He's coming to tell your secret" cried Wei again, looking at Sakura desperately


"Your brother" at the sound of 'Brother' Sakura immediately went pale

"OH SHIT" yelled Sakura only to be pushed down by Yukari wanting Sakura to get in trouble yet Tereda Sensei was unfazed due to Fujitaka had already informed him

Suddenly someone with dark hair with piercing Brown eyes that could kill walked in the classroom and yelled


'Great' thought Sakura

"Why didn't you tell me you were being bullied at school?"

"Because I didn't want you to worry about me" "You're a very busy person I didn't want to burden you"

"You should've known better, now change to your REAL clothes"

"NO, you can't make me" yelled Sakura

"Very well, you give me no choice" said Touya, nodding over to Wei as he agreed, reluctantly

"Meet the PRINCESS of Japan" announced Wei to the shocked class

"Now ….

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