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Recap from last chapter:

"Meet Prince Syaoran and Princess Sakura" as Syaoran squeezed her hand, he noticed the small fist she had formed with her other hand that only hurt him, and he bent down to kiss her cheek which drove the crowd crazy, but he quietly and quickly whispered.

"I'm Sorry"

Chapter 25:

'Hurt, longing, hope, despair, pain, broken' were the only things Sakura could feel, as Syaoran clutched onto her hand, as she forced a smile, all she could think was, "why...".

She stared at his face, what the crowds interpreted as longing and happiness, yet her thoughts were completely different. How could this man, cruel, harsh, mean, disloyal, and unloving – be the boy she once fell in love with so long ago? How could such changes be made to one being? Had she not cherished him with her entire heart? Was that not enough for him? She was lost, confused and in pain.

Syaoran felt her eyes on him, yet he looked forward, a smile forced on his face as he stared at the crowd, her scrutiny was making him uncomfortable, but he knew she must have had a reason. Unable to bear the heat, he turned to look at her, only to widen his eyes in surprise...she had tears, the pain he had caused, that she felt – was feeling, reflected perfectly in front of his eyes. He wanted to hold her, run away and explain in a private room what he thought, how he felt, what he wanted, believed...but something in her eyes told him, it was too late...much too late.

The couple was ushered into the castle, as Touya and Fujitaka concluded the ceremony, wishing everyone safety and acceptance for the new couple. Sakura immediately tugged her hand free from Syaoran's grasp, rubbing her hand as if burned. He stared at her longingly, this was the girl he wanted to spend forever with...yet he had scarred her, beyond what he saw, repair. He watched her walk slowly away, tugging at the sleeves of her dress, he walked over to the couch and sat down and noticed a magazine opened to a specific page: Him – Pain, Love, Longing, Hope. Next to it, had a small star he recognised as Sakura's handwriting, as when she was little, she'd star headings about things she liked to read. Curiosity got to the better of him and he picked up the magazine, reading the story.

I fell in love.

You'd think it was easy...but you realise the pain, sacrifices you have to make – yet the rewards you reap...are worth it, are so amazing.

This is my story.

He was older, mature, kind, friendly, short tempered.

I was small, shy, happy and naive, and this...is our love story.

We met on an online game...I liked him at first, and somehow...convinced him to try going out with me. We were happy – we had ups and downs, girls I was jealous of...guys he was worried about, but we always got through it together – as a couple.

I was still blissfully happy, content with our online romance, yet I didn't realise he was in pain.

He told me he wanted to hold me, he wanted to kiss me and make love – he wanted someone 'there' to be with him.

But I was nowhere near him, oceans away, continents apart – it tore at him, and I didn't realise it.

He apologized to me, it was the first thing he said, and I knew – this was it.

He explained how he was thinking about it, how it wasn't dating...just talking, just listening, and not going on dates, just pixels holding onto one another.

Tears ran down my face, he said he wanted me there...he wanted me. I begged, begged him long and hard, as he continued to apologize to me, then he finally gave in. One week. He said. One week to find a way to be with him.

Tears ran down my face, as I recited to him I loved him, everyday, I never stopped. However, sleep was due from passing out due to exhaustion, food never entered my mouth – After three days, I had solutions, I was happy.

I told him, I can come, my parents agreed. But then I realised I reached a pit stop. My Grades.

The college he attended had scores I needed to meet...I was 0.15 off of those scores. I cried, I begged him to keep believing...but he gave me shattering news.

That friend we met – she said she likes me...she's like you...I kind of...like her a bit too...but I love you.

Shattered, was how I felt, utterly shattered.

But I believed in our love – so I persevered, through pain, my heart beating fast over nothing, stress.

In the end...we broke up

I doubted myself, I cried for hours on end till I ran out of tears, till I was screaming out I wanted to die...what did I do wrong? I asked myself that countless times...I asked my friend that...

I deleted him...everything piece of contact...

He messaged me...emailed me, "I miss you Baby...I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking...Please...give me one more chance"

One more day...one more day was left of our deadline to one another.

I finally found a way to get to him – an exchange program.

I finished my first year, and moved immediately to him – he waited 2 more months for me to get there.

We're together now.

I hope we can be happy forever.

Syaoran's eyes opened as he read the love story, sweet, bitter, hope. He was about to dismiss the story until he read the bottom part, a small note near the author's name many would have missed. "Never give up, Hope, Try, Continue, until you feel you're heart breaking, shattering and all you can think about is death, only then have you tried and done your all and can stop with no regrets".

"My friend wrote that – she's living with him now in America" Sakura's voice met his ears as he turned to look at her, she had changed into a white sun dress and sandals and she stood there staring at him, then at the magazine. "She cried everyday...she thought about death, about dying, everyday, giving up, letting him be with someone else...but sheer determination brought her to him...to his arms...She really...loves him" Syaoran's eyes widened as he realised this was a true love story, he placed the magazine carefully on the table and stood, watching her. Sakura stared ruefully at the magazine then turned and walked away, but was stopped abruptly by Syaoran's voice.

"I won't give up either Sakura, I'm not giving up on us just yet" Her eyes widened and her hands were balled by her hips, as she walked briskly away, tears threatening to spill from her eyes as she made her escape.

As he watched her leave, Syaoran felt a few shadows creep up at him.

"She won't admit it...but I'm sure she hopes you wouldn't give up on her – we've watched our friend go through hell, but Sakura also watched that girl in the magazine...and the pain, the tears, the blood that was nearly spilt and the hope, the light at the end, will still give her reason to hope...so don't waste this last opportunity Syaoran." Syaoran smiled a little, as he rested a hand on his friend's shoulder.

"I won't Eriol, this time, it's gonna count, and we'll live happily ever after too" he strode away from the people that stood around him and walked up towards his rooms. Eriol turned and place a hand on Tomoyo's shoulder before she turned to hug him, as Fujitaka, Yukito and Touya watched as the young man stride away.

"He'll make it count this time Tomoyo, definitely" Tomoyo nodded into Eriol's chest as she sniffled.

The day passed quickly, as did the rest of the week, as the Kinomoto's, Tomoyo, Eriol and the Li's settled into the castle. The days started with people slowly filing into the dining room for breakfast, today, was pancakes. Although Syaoran was right there, Sakura could not stifle her happiness for pancakes.

"Pancakes, Pancakes, Pancakes" she chanted as Wei served her a plate of choc chip pancakes, which she poured plenty of syrups on top and around. Syaoran couldn't help but chuckle as Sakura pouted, "Whattttt"

"Nothing..." before laughing a little, she never changed, always the sweet loving girl he once met, and who loved her pancakes.

Sakura stared at Syaoran oddly, her fork loaded with pancake near her wide open mouth as people from the household were beginning to enter the dining room for breakfast.

"Kaijuu, if you don't close your mouth now, a fly's gonna fly into it" snapping her mouth fast, she grumbled and stood up, stomped on Touya's foot before resuming breakfast, as the family laughed at their antics.

"They never change" laughed Fujitaka as everyone else couldn't help but nod in agreement, after eating and talking, Fujitaka stood up and clapped his hands for everyone's attention. "Today, we will start the Japan tour featuring our newly announced couple – Syaoran and Sakura. I hope everyone will be dressed nicely and we'll have a nice day"

Everyone seemed to groan a little but then laugh together amusedly, before Fujitaka continued, "Also Sakura...we'll be meeting with your old friend again...Tsukiko-chan" Sakura seemed to squeal and jump, rushing her breakfast before bolting to her room while Syaoran stared at her empty spot. Tomoyo walked over to him and spoke quietly.

"Tsukiko is our dear friend, you know that love story you read? It was hers" Syaoran formed a small O with his mouth as Tomoyo continued, "Maybe you could ask for her advice for hope Syaoran" before smiling and walking towards Sakura's room.

"I planned on it Tomoyo!" Called Syaoran after as she waved her hand in the air to signal she had heard him.

Whilst the girls went to get ready, the men all sad around the table, munching on their breakfast slowly, all recounting funny events when they were younger before the females came back with their sundresses.

Meilin was in a small red dress with a checker pattern with a small red purse in her hand, she was wearing red heels and had a pair of large sunglasses on top of her head.

Tomoyo came down next, she was wearing a simple blue silk shirt that had a wide neckline, with slightly puffy arms, accompanied with a black skirt that reached just below her knees with some sandals.

Lastly came Sakura, with her white sundress, with straps that held the dress up and hugged her chest, and flowed freely below her stomach, which gave her freedom to move. She wore white shoes that had small heels on them and a large sunhat.

Eriol came over and held Tomoyo's hand and was leading her to the car, similarly, Jason – Meilin's boyfriend (idk, I made up that name...did Mei's bf have a name already? Someone correct me on my own story please "). Syaoran stared at Sakura for a bit, before Eriol nudged him forward with his elbow slightly as Syaoran stuck out his arm, hinting to Sakura to loop her hand with his, which she did shyly before the gang proceeded to the limos.

As the limo ride was quiet, Sakura turned up the radio as she was flicking through the channels when she heard a familiar part of a song come through:

~Baby don't cry

You had my heart, at least for the most part

Cause everybody's got to die sometime,

We fell apart, let's make a new start,

Cause everybody's gotta die sometime,

But baby don't cry~

"Whoa...doesn't that bring back memories Sakura?" spoke Tomoyo, as the music continued.

"Hehe...yea...Remember when Tsuki always listened to that one part over and over? It's nice though...in a scary kinda way sometimes" giggled Sakura as Tomoyo nodded in agreement, Syaoran stared at them oddly along with Meilin as Eriol felt the need to explain.

"Tsukiko randomly liked the chorus of this kinda metal rocky band, and just hum to it, it sounded nice, but when you listen to the song, it's kinda...strange...but it always sounded nice coming from her" The other two girls nodded and continued to chat happily.

"Tomo, remember when we had that "The Script" Party? All we sang were songs by them, I love how they sound though...so happy, but their lyrics are sad, confuzzling ne?" Syaoran couldn't help but chuckle when Sakura mentioned "Confuzzled" just like a little child and he couldn't help but give her a hug...until he realised the strange action before awkwardly letting go.

"We're here Sir and Madams" announced the driver as the crew scrambled out of the limousine to be greeted with confetti on their arrival by the people of Osaka.

"This is amazing!" Squealed Sakura excitedly as Syaoran smiled and nodded to her, letting her temporarily forget the things he had done. As they walked around the town meeting people, they finally stumbled onto a small cottage that had a familiar smell that seemed to draw Sakura in.

"What is it Sakura?" Asked Meilin as they approached the house

"Tsuki's famous apple pie!" Squealed Sakura before knocking on the door, only to be greeted by a small young woman, holding an apple pie in her hand before widening her eyes, and pushing the steaming pie into Eriol's hand before hugging Sakura.

"OW IT BURNS" Screamed Eriol, but was ignored by the squealing females to be meeting each other again.

"Tsukiko Chan! We haven't seen you in so long! How have you been?" asked Tomoyo as Tsukiko ushered them into her house.

"I've been great! Living with Jay happily, thanks to you guys – oh! I'm Tsukiko by the way" spoke Tsukiko before extended her hand to Meilin.

"I'm Meilin, It's a pleasure to meet you, I've heard alot about your famous love story" said Meilin, giving a subtle hint to Syaoran.

As the girls began chatting, Sakura began to drag everyone out to the garden near the back, before Syaoran caught Tsukiko's arm gently.

"I...I'd like to ask for some of your advice please...I want to know...how to try harder" Tsukiko looked at him then smiled, knowing full well what he meant, before sitting him down at the table again, giving him a piece of the cooled apple pie.

"If you love them...you'll keep trying, no matter how much it hurts, and tears you apart, you just have to keep trying...until the very very last moment, when they look you in the eyes and tell you, "I don't love you anymore" are you allowed to give up, but always remember, you tried your best till the very end, so no regrets" Syaoran nodded, understanding the advice as Tsukiko tugged at his sleeve and began walking him to the back door.

"Have fun with those guys, it'll always be fun with them, and keep trying and persevering, through thick and thin, till the last second, always try and hope"

"I will...thank you for the advice" smiled Syaoran before running out with everyone, enjoying the sun of the warm and happy day of their first tour.

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