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Roy Mustang stumbled down the darkened streets and alleys as he tried to make his way through central. It had been a number of weeks since Maes Hughes had been killed, and Roy had taken up the habit of going out and drinking until he couldn't feel anything, and then blindly making his way home. It was raining, and Roy would have found himself quite defenseless if he had been in such a state of mind as to perceive such things. But as it was, he was quite content in his ignorance, as he stumbled and sang his way home. He tripped over a pile of trash and began arguing loudly with nothing in particular, yelling over some triviality that really didn't matter to anyone. Or it wouldn't have, if a certain young woman had not also been making her way home from work.

First lieutenant Riza Hawkeye had stayed overtime at her office to complete some paperwork. She finished, took up her coat and umbrella and began walking home. She was surprised to see the colonel in the streets, as he had left hours before she had.

'He's been drinking,' she thought to herself, and sighed with a great deal of annoyance. But as she continued to watch him, she saw that tears were streaming down his face, and she saw her commanding officer crumble to the ground in a groaning heap. She slowly walked over to him and placed her hand on his shoulder.

"Sir?" he looked up at her, his bloodshot eyes were brimming with tears, and he looked at her unsteadily, "are you alright?"

This was a stupid question, she realized. No, he was not alright. He hadn't been alright for weeks, and here he was, drunk out of his mind, yelling at a pile of garbage. He looked away from her and the tears began to fall freely down his cheeks. "Come on, colonel… let me help you get home."

He groaned and looked into her eyes. He smiled at her for a moment, and then turned violently away to vomit onto the street. Riza looked at her feet, leaving the officer to his vomiting. Her heart was breaking; Riza couldn't bear to see him in so much pain. She placed his arm around her shoulder and helped him to his feet.

He looked at her but didn't say anything. He was surprised that she was showing this much concern. Riza was staring straight ahead, concentrating on keeping her commanding officer stable. She really was beautiful, the way the light from the streetlamps shone in her determined eyes, her strong arm supporting his body; he was amazed at his luck to have such a creature that cared so deeply for him.

Well, she probably didn't care that much, he realized. This is just part of her job, taking home the drunken superior officer. But still, he was very lucky indeed to have her. After all, she was the best marksman in the entire military, and she said she'd follow him till the end. 'She's probably the best ally I have in the world now…' he thought to himself. This of course got him thinking about the death of Maes Hughes, and he started crying once more.

Hawkeye looked over at her colonel and decided it was best not to draw attention to it. They were almost at his house now and she didn't see the need to humiliate him by acknowledging his show of weakness. She helped him up the steps and into his home. She looked around at her superior's home. It was large, well furnished, and it had the kind of organized clutter she'd expect to see at Roy's house. She helped him over to his bed and lay him down. She took off his boots and tucked him in. 'I'd better stay with him awhile and make sure he's ok…' she thought to herself. She leaned over and kissed him on the forehead. He blinked and looked up at her. She smiled and his eyes slowly closed and he drifted off to a much needed slumber. She sat down on a chair in his room and took out her book, listening to his breathing as he slept. After a while he opened his eyes and looked at her.

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