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Roy dreamed. For days on end he lay in his hospital bed dreaming, never stirring, never opening his eyes; dreaming. He dreamed of a young man who joined the army. He dreamed of a war in a country that could not defend itself. He dreamed of that young man killing and burning and killing and tormenting... he dreamed of suicide. He dreamed of guilt and pain and hatred.

'Get up.'

He dreamed of murder. He saw his friend get shot, he watched his friend die, and he could do nothing to save him. He dreamed of funerals. Of mourners and children crying… he dreamed of rain. Roy watched as this man in his dreams, this young, brilliant and terribly sad man, lived and moved before him. He saw destruction, he saw pain and anger…

'Roy. You have to get up.'

He saw flames. He saw people and homes and women and children burning. A snap and an explosion. Burning. He saw a gloved hand covered in blood, he saw funerals. His own hands, covered in blood. He saw funerals.

'She needs you. Get up.'

He looked into the eyes of this man in his dreams. The man gazed at Roy and smiled. He drew himself closer. This man…


"You're me, right?" His doppelganger smiled and drew his lips to Roy's. The Colonel watched as his dreaming counterpart pushed himself back and melted into a pool of blood. A patch of red in his now white dream world. Roy was unphased, he saw someone waving at him in the distance…

'Jeez. I've been trying to get your attention for a while… How are you?'

Maes Hughes stood before him, bright and smiling as always. Roy was speechless. A dream come true…? He smirked to himself, that was an excellent pun indeed.


Brought back into his present reality, Roy rushed forward and embraced his friend. They stood together for a while.

"I've missed you, Maes."

'Aw, me too!'

Roy looked around at the white plains surrounding him.

"So… where is this? Am I dead? Why are you here?"

'You're not dead. I get the idea that you did something stupid and ended up in a coma though.'

Roy scoffed. If saving Riza was stupid…

'You did it… for her though.'

Roy was taken aback. He looked into his friend's eyes. Maes was grinning.

'You need to get up. She needs you to get up.'


'Get up, Roy.'

"I… I can't… My life is useless… right?"

'She needs you. Go to her.'

Maes began to fade before Roy's eyes, and he rushed forward to stop him. He could do nothing. He was alone again, and his world began to melt once more into a battlefield. Burning. Killing.

A woman. A woman by his side. On the battlefield, through the flame: a beautiful, perfect woman. Saving his life, kissing his hair, holding his hand…

He saw sunlight. He saw himself laughing with her, eating with her, becoming one with her…

Riza… She had been with him always, and she was here with him now, as he dreamed. Riza, his Riza.

"Roy, please."

He saw her with her pistols, he saw her killing and shooting and getting shot for him. He saw her eyes and he saw her devotion.

And suddenly he saw her alone. He saw a funeral. His beautiful Riza in black, her perfect face marred with tears. She was frightened, she was crying, and she was alone.

"Please wake up."

Roy dreamed of a woman who needed him. He dreamed of his subordinates, his surrogate family who he loved above all others in the world. He dreamed of the Elrics. Of never making fun of Edward again.

He dreamed of Riza.


Only Riza.


He needed her.

"I love you."

She needed him.

'Get up.'

For her...


He would do anything.


He opened his eyes.

"Please… just… wake up…"

Riza was seated in a chair beside his bed, hunched over and crying, she hadn't noticed him awaken. He looked at her and placed a hand on her arm. She leapt back and cried out in surprise. Roy smiled and looked at her.

"Hey there."

She flung her arms around him and held the strapping young Colonel to her body. He winced in pain for a moment, and she released him. She wiped her eyes before taking his hand.

"How are you feeling, Sir?"

"Heh, I'm alright… How long have I been asleep?"

"A couple of days. I've been so worried, sir…" Roy stared at her, she looked tired and hungry and sad… her eyes were dull with fatigue, and Roy concluded that she had been in the room with him since he had come out of surgery.

"Ah. You got a bunch of gifts from people at the office…'

Her devotion was so thourough it was frightening, Roy gazed at her and vowed he would never make her worry again. He drew her close and kissed her.

"I dreamed about you," he whispered seductively into her ear. "I love you Riza... I live for you."

She was blushing; this kind of attention had definitely been worth waiting for…

Riza had spent the past several days waiting and praying by Roy's bedside. She had called the office and told the rest of Mustang's subordinates what the doctor had told her: that he was in a coma and he might never wake up. Fuery had cried, Havoc stared at the ground and felt his eyes stinging, and all of them blamed themselves.

Hawkeye put Second Lieutenant Jean Havoc in charge while she stayed in the hospital, and his great sense of loyalty and duty to Mustang let him step up to the plate and hold down the fort. The four subordinates had done their duties silently and efficiantly, and they felt a similar heartache to the one that Riza felt as she waited for her Colonel to wake up.

They had each vistited him in the hospital whenever they had a spare moment, and even Edward had dropped by once or twice… The sight of their Colonel in his unconsious and weakened state was difficult for them to bear, but they came to lend their support… and hope that the Colonel hadn't given up.

Hawkeye had scarcely left the room during that time, and Mustang's other subordintates ached for her as they watched her deteriorate, seated beside the man that she loved. She had refused all offers to have someone stand in for her, even for an hour, and the men in her life developed a kind of respect for her that the never thought could be felt for anyone but the Colonel.

She had stayed with him. He kissed her and she held him close.

"I'd… better call the others and let them know you're ok…"

She dialed the number of the office and, within minutes, the four other members of Roy Mustang's posse were situated around the Colonel, hugging him and telling him how boring the office had become without him. Even Edward had come, and though he was standing awkwardly at the back of the room, his obvious releif was a comfort. Roy smiled.

"So now what happens?" Havoc asked, once the bonding had subsided, "Are you ok to come back to work so soon?"

"I dunno, his arm looks pretty bad. He's basically useless!" Edward had been waiting for this moment ever since his own arm had been broken by Scar. He grinned maniacally at his perfectly exacted revenge.

Roy ignored him.

"It does look pretty bad sir… maybe you should take a few extra days off work?" Fuery's concern was written all over his face.

"I guess I could take a few days off… but… I'm still kinda…"

"Weak? Useless? Like a dog with no legs?"

"Yes, thank you, Ed." Roy sighed. He'd make sure to get him a booster seat for their next meeting, and then he would laugh.

"So he needs someone to take care of him…?" All eyes in the room turned to Riza.

"Well I wouldn't want to impose, but if you insist…!" Roy's eyes were sparkeling. A private vacation time off alone with Riza… excellent.

She smiled "I'd be happy to look after him."

The other men smiled back at her... she'd earned it.

'Well,' she thought to herself, 'this could be interesting…'

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