Disclaimer: Hellsing belongs to Kouta Hirano.

Author's Notes: Quick fic written in a couple of minutes for the Birds of Hermes forum Girlycard/Young Walter thread. Edited by Puck 3/4. It's one shot, exploring of canon and has no plot.


Alucard awoke inside the coffin, his eyes opened wide when the casket was shaken. He gritted his fangs, ready for battle when he realized it was just Walter, kicking his Last Domain out the airplane. The vampire flinched involuntary to the sibilance of the fall around his precious resting place, imagining the rigid ground down below and how the coffin would shatter into million of shards.

The tension of Walter's wires wrapped around it did not lessened his worry. If he tightened too much, it would damage the casket. For his good, the boy better not ruin the perfectly varnished surface.

He should have put a parachute around my Last Domain.

Once down, Alucard settled back in a huff about the unnecessary stakes. The Angel of Death had no respect towards adults. Not with Arthur to whom his nagging was tiresome. Nor towards the former authorities of his orphanage, Walter had made their lives impossible until they had finally expelled him.

Now, Walter was showing no respect to him.

Alucard would not have that, he was going to teach Walter a lesson about manners. If he could not respect Alucard as an adult, war partner or vampire, there was going to be a way for the young man to open up. He waited and pondered his choices, catching Walter off guard and saving his mortal life would be a start.

His patient was well earned. Walter's blood had been splattered on the lid of his coffin. Alucard absorbed it and the desire within. His body shaped to fit the Angel of Death's cravings, shrinking, changing into a young feminine silhouette clothed in white.

Alucard grinned, licking his full lips and wielding his Tommy Gun. Time to save your life, Angel of Death. And to teach you a lesson of manners. You wouldn't be rude to the girl ofyour dreams.