Trading Places

Ok this is my first attempt to do a story about characters switching places. This is supposed to be a really funny story I just thought of last night.

This is a funny story that is about Spongebob Squarepants and Debbie Thornberry switching places by accident when they both make one wish to live as somebody else but they don't know who and don't even realize that this could happen. Everything goes haywire when they both end up as each other.

One morning Spongebob awoke feeling kind of sad because he had a huge fight with Patrick over doughnuts and he was up all night feeling bad for what happened. Spongebob just wanted out of Bikini Bottom for good and never come back. He just found out that Sandy had moved to another town 10 miles away and he wouldn't see her everyday and do karate choppers with her. He was up all night crying because he just lost his best friend, Spongebob was making plans of running away to Sandy or going thousands of miles to nowhere and be by himself forever.

On the other side of the world Debbie Thornberry had just gotten up and is now having breakfast with her family. She is in a huge fight with Eliza, Eliza had gotten so upset with her sister that she tore up all of Debbie's magazines and then threw them all over the place she had gotten grounded for it but that has just made her worse. "Eliza! Why did you have to go and do that! You maniac!" Debbie screamed at her sister. "You made me crazy Debbie you twerp!" Eliza shot back. Their parents could only watch this going on and could actually see this going on because it is what both Eliza and Debbie did all the time but this time was different, much different. Eliza ran out the door making sure it slammed back as hard as it could it felt as if the door hinges would fall off the front door.

Debbie screamed at Eliza one last time and ran to her room stomping and mumbling to herself. "UH! I can't believe that Eliza how she could treat me like that tell me those things and expect me to believe that? And respond to it?" Debbie had to get out of there but how? She asked herself, she couldn't run away first off she had no where to go second she didn't want to hurt her parents they didn't do anything to make her mad it was just her stupid sister that she could stand or so she thought…

Back in Bikini Bottom Spongebob was planning a runaway route and took his snail Gary with him and took off not knowing where he was to go he would just go and get there someday, and somehow. Spongebob was in the middle of nowhere far away from any roads and any kind of civilization by midnight. "Gary I guess this is where we will be for tonight and tomorrow I will make sure we get somewhere." "Meow" Gary replied back in a agreeing way. Just before he went to bed he whispered any name he would want to switch places with not even knowing if this was a real person so he whispered "Debbie Thornberry" Spongebob had himself all sprawled out on the ground just wanting morning to come. "Night Gary" Spongebob said miserably. "Meow" Gary said back.

Back in the woods Eliza had her parents let her sleep out in the tent tonight because she couldn't stand to even be in the same room as her sister right now. Her parents agreed so there wouldn't be any more conflict for the night. Debbie couldn't agree more and she curled up in her bed and just before she went to sleep she whispered a name just from the top of her head "Spongebob Squarepants" She went to sleep after that not knowing what morning would bring.

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