Chapter 7

Well this is the final chapter I hope you all enjoy this. It took awhile but finally it is done!Sorry if it is really short but that is how I planned it from the beginning. So enjoy!

Running through the marshes terrified of this pink starfish Debbie can't get away fast enough. Patrick huffing and puffing finally drags Debbie back to the jellyfish fields with her screaming to let go. " I don't want to play with you Patrick! I want to go home to my family! Dare I say I miss every one of them," she says crying. Spongebob your friends are here and your parents live across town, its not like they are a world away," Patrick says. With that she gives up running and trying to find her family. Clearly this guy doesn't get it and thinks she is messing with him. What's wrong with me? I just want to go home and tell them how awfully sorry I am for any kind of grief I caused them. I even miss nerdy Eliza and the way she talks to the animals. With that she wishes with all her heart that she could be with her family crying every word. "Spongebob? What are you doing?" Patrick asked his friend who is acting unusually weird today. "You sick or something?" he asks again as suddenly Spongebob goes limp

Debbie awoke a few moments later her head throbbing in pain as her mother and sister catch up. "Debbie! What has gotten into you today? Why did you smack Eliza?" her mother asks like something is bothering her. "W…What? I must have been dreaming of something you would never believe it," Debbie said trying to get to her feel. We were trying to figure out your problem but then you ran away from us and then you just collapsed in the hot sun," Eliza said as she helped her sister up. "Mom, Eliza I'm so sorry the way I have been treating you guys lately I don't know what's going on," she said tears welling up un her eyes. "Its alright sweetheart," her mother says as the three of them hug and take off towards home as the sun starts to set.

Spongebob awoke with a frantic Patrick screaming in his face for his buddy to wake up. "Spongebob! Please wake up don't go into the light! Spongebob!" Patrick kept crying. "Pat… Patrick I'm fine please just get off me," he said as he realized that Patrick was lying across his body. You wouldn't believe what happened to me today," Spongebob said as they walked home to his house as evening starts to settle in Bikini Bottom. Spongebob told him everything from the beginning as they ate popcorn.

The end… again I'm really sorry this is so short I guess it should have been part of the other chapter but oh well I think this story turned out decent and I had fun writing it like all my other stories. So stay tuned I will be coming up with more creative stuff in the near future. So be on the lookout!!