The Road to Freedom

By The Senshi of Valis

Chapter 1

"I'm sick of this Will!" Susan screeched.

"As if you're any better!" Will screamed, tears threatening to spill, "You care more about Mr. Collins than you do me! You're no better than dad!"

A loud SMACK was heard as Susan's hand hit Will's face hard, knocking the red head down. Susan gasped, covering her mouth with her hand.

"Oh god, Will…I'm sorry…I'm s-sorry…" Susan cried.

"No you aren't!" Will cried as she stumbled to her feet and ran out the door before her mother had a chance to realize what was happening.

Crying, Will ran through the streets of Heatherfield until she came to the one spot that usually comforted her, the old vacant lot where her friends and her gathered to practice their powers but today they all said they had other stuff to do. If they did though, why where they all gathered there.

Quietly, Will sneaked closely towards the group and listened to what they were saying.

"It' all her fault!" Cornelia snarled, Some leader…she's worthless as a leader."

"Corny, that's a little harsh." Irma said.

"Don't call me Corny, Irmie" Cornelia growled. "Don't you ever wonder what it would have been like if she never came here? If she never came none of this probably would have happened. I…I wish she'd just go back where she came from."

"But…" Taranee started but was cut off from saying any more by Irma.

"Yeah…I have wondered what would have happened but…" Irma was cut off though as Will let out a startled sob.

"Will?" Hay Lin gasped in shock.

"If nobody wants me around then FINE!" Will cried out flinging the Heart of Candracar at the startled girls but it disappeared. Turning away from the others she fled not caring about the cries from the others begging her to stop.

She wasn't too sure how long she ran or to where as she didn't recognize any of the landmarks of where she was at. Growing a little scared she wish she paid a little more attention or at least still had the heart with her. Suddenly a bright glow flashed in front of her and the heart appeared floating in front of her. Clasping it she held it tightly while bringing her hands to her face sobbing. A tear slowly worked its way to it, hitting it causing it to glow brighter. Moments later Will disappeared in a bright column of pink light much to the astonishment of several onlookers.


Ranma sat on top of the house and looked up into the night sky watching the stars, trying to work out everything that happened over the last few hours. He still felt a lot of pain from the collapse of the dojo not to mention all of the emotional pain from everyone blaming him for it and treating him like dirt because of it.

Earlier he had come so close to marrying Akane until the other fiancées and rivals showed up but he didn't invite any of them. That didn't stop others from blaming him though, even Kasumi and Nodoka blamed him which hurt more than any of the rest of it. It seemed like everyone hated him, like the whole world was against him.

Leaning back with a sigh he mumbled, "I wish I could meet someone who loved me for me."

A bright flash of light caused Ranma to sit up quickly but found a strange red haired girl in his arms.

"S-Sorry about this." The girl said with a goofy looking smile before her head fell back in a faint.

"RANMA!" Akane screeched from the ground below, "HOW DARE YOU CHEAT ON ME!"

"B-But…" Ranma tried to say but Akane's screech drew the attention of the other occupants inside the house.

"Oh, what a disgraceful son I have." Cried Genma.

"Boy, you will marry Akane now or get out and don't come back." Soun growled in full demon head mode.

"Forget it!" Akane huffed, "I'm not marrying that two-timing perverted freak!"

"Son…while what you're doing is manly, it is not appropriate. Your first should be your wife!" Nodoka said, fingering her katana.

"How could you, Ranma…after everything we've done for you." Kasumi said, "First you destroy mother's shrine and now you cheat on my sister. I'm ashamed of you!"

Clenching his eyes shut, Ranma held the girl in his arms and gathered his legs under him jumping high into the sky roof jumping away from the Tendo home refusing to let them see him cry. He was sick of it, of them and all the crap they heaped on him. All they could do was whine about honor but he had yet to see any of them practice one bit of honor. Ranma failed to notice a light coming from the pendant the girl was wearing or the blue portal that opened just before he ran through it.

Opening his eyes Ranma couldn't help but say the first thing that came to mind which unfortunately reminded him of one of his worst rivals. "Where the hell am I now?"


Back on earth, Ryoga the eternally lost boy sneezed and for once he was right, it was Ranma's thinking about the two time cursed martial artist that caused the boy to sneeze. "RANMA, THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!"