The Road to Freedom

By The Senshi of Valis

And Ch33t4h Grl

Chapter 30

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"DIE YOU INSOLENT WHELP!" Cologne shrieked as she rushed forward, swinging the large sword at Ranma who barely dodged in time. She couldn't believe how fast the Amazon Elder was, it was nothing like the way she remembered.

"I don't thing that's a good idea you old ghoul." Ranma laughed sticking her tongue and nearly having it cut off by another swing of Cologne's sword.

"You really should learn to watch your tongue boy…You may just loose it." Cologne cackled in glee as she danced around Ranma, clearly playing with her making Ranma even the more nervous. There was no way she could defeat Cologne if things kept going like they were.

"DIE!" a few shouts called out from all around Ranma as guards rushed forward to attack Ranma.

"NO…HE'S MINE!" Cologne shrieked causing the advancing guards to stop momentarily.

A soft, warm glow enveloped Ranma lifting her a few off the ground before exploding outward in a shockwave knocking the guards back and making Cologne take a few steps backwards as she blocked most of its impact.

When the dust settled Ranma was in her guardian form staring darkly at Cologne.

"Well, Well Ranma…Never pegged you as a weak magical girl." Cologne laughed, "How pathetic, I guess all your insisting that you are a martial artist was just all talk…Accepting a free power upgrade. How pathetic. Boy but I shouldn't have expected anything else."

"And what about you? I'm sure you found some technique to make you young again." Ranma smirked, "And besides, I'll do anything to protect those I love unlike you."

"I think its tile you die." Cologne said with a smirk as she vanished and reappeared with a shocked expression as Ranma caught her blade between two fingers and held it no matter how hold Cologne struggled to pull it free.

"I think not." Ranma said with a smirk, another voice seemingly coming from Ranma as well speaking word for word right along with Ranma.

"Wh-What?" Cologne gasped in shock, "How could you stop my blades?"

"Its easy." Ranma said flexing her fingers causing the blade to snap in half and causing Cologne to fall backwards from pulling on the sword trying to free it.

"It's impossible…" Cologne growled as she climbed up and brushed herself off with a malicious grin. "No matter…You won't be leaving here today alive anyways…Even if I do have to rely on help."

As Cologne smirked about this a fresh wave of guards rushed into the corridor. It was almost impossible for so many to fit in there and fight which gave Ranma both advantages and disadvantages. Unfortunately the disadvantages was winning out in this battle as the sheer number of guards was wearing Ranma down more and more as every moment passed.

"There has to be a way to finish this quicker." Ranma and the other voice huffed grasping the heart as she was able to have a small breather. She could feel the power of the talisman inside of the heart but it wasn't working on Ranma now. Why though? "The heart is blocking it."

"What?" Cologne asked as the wave of guards parted allowing her through. "The heart…Oh the heart won't let me win. So like a weak male blaming his shortcomings on something else."

"That is where you are wrong, Cologne." Ranma and the voice asked as she started glowing, the light beating in time as if to her heart. At first the glow actually felt warm but it kept increasing until it started burning. Ranma bit her lip and fought the pain as long as possible until a scream escaped from her lips as she threw her head back as an even larger shockwave washed over the room throwing bodies everywhere and slammed Cologne into the wall hard.

Ranma's hair came free as it started whipping around her wildly as more and more energy flowed from the talisman and heart and into Ranma as she also felt another presence melding with Ranma though it wasn't invasive. She felt her body changing as it shifted from guardian to an angel or goddess for lack of better terms. Her wings expanded and grew out changing from insect like to feathery angelic wings. A few freckles appeared on her face as she grew a couple inches. Her clothes melted and changed into beautiful flowing robes (Think Belldandy's from Oh My Goddess). A halo of pure power surrounded Ranma blowing everywhere in an uncontrolled storm.

"DIE!" Cologne shrieked racing forward with her broken sword as Ranma lazily raised her arm, palm outwards. A bright flash of light launched from Ranma's hand and into Cologne knocking her straight back and through a couple of walls.

Shaking her head Ranma followed through the holes and saw that Cologne was far below in a crater surrounded by Will, Elyon and Nodoka. Spreading her wings Ranma gently lowered herself to the ground to her loved ones.


Cologne gasped and coughed as she struggled to make her way to the throne room only to be met halfway by the prince himself. For some reason the smile he was giving her didn't make her feel better like it had been lately. He gently cupped her chin and leaned in to kiss her lips and then her forehead.

"It is such a shame really…You were quite the distraction." Phobos said sending chills down her back.

"My prince…" Cologne wheezed out before he silenced her by putting two fingers on her lips.

"Don't talk, Cologne…Just…Scream." Phobos said with a smirk before a searing pain washed over her tearing scream after scream of pain and anguish from her lips before finally collapsing and then turning to ash with even that blowing away leaving no proof that there ever was a Cologne there.


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