Hello again, fellow Fanfiction-ers! (If only that was a word…) Anyway, thanks again for reading my story, but I think I might start a sequel. It depends if I have time since I'm a freshman in high school, but I was wondering if you guys had any ideas for it if I decide to make one! So please e-mail me your ideas and don't worry about how cheesy or whatever it is.

Meanwhile, I'll just concentrate on not getting massacred in high school.

Thanks tons! (Alyssa43, thanks for ur idea!)

Uh, and another thing: I seriously need to thank all of yah for being patient with me, cuz um...i know that dean was out of character most of the time, but i attempted to fix that (yes, i'm horrible at it since my mind tends to drift away...heh heh...) since i got a review a few days ago consulting me about it...not only that, i thought that in some chapters, i really did pull dean out of character, so i changed a little, but it's still the same plot, just a bit revised in some parts.

i guess in this story, dean was supposed to be out of character than the usual bad ass boy as we all know. like in route 666, it was totally new for me to see a chick flick, sweet dude on the other side. but uh, if u have anything else to tell me that i have written and shoulda been changed, just send me a message and i'll try to change it.

and yes, i will attempt on making a better sequel when i have the time, promise.

thanks much,


xoxoxoxoxoxoxo : )