His hand slipped off the desk and thudded against the side of the wood, causing his watcher to giggle. He didn't notice as his hand repeatedly hit the desk, moving at the mercy of its momentum, his brain apparently choosing to rather snore loudly.

Alphonse brushed back one of his long bangs and shivered at the touch. He still wasn't used to the feeling, having only been returned to the living a month ago.

The persistent watching of Edward was interrupted with a kitten's meow, startling Alphonse up and halfway out the door.

"It's you, you little bastard," Al greeted a small gray cat entwining itself around his ankles. "You need to shut up, fuckass, or else Ed will find you." The kitten meowed while yawning, displaying its sharp incisors. Alphonse sighed and picked up the cat, carrying it down the stairs.

The grandfather clock in the living room read two in the morning as Alphonse opened the refrigerator and pulled out a hidden milk carton. He slid a dish out from another hidden spot and filled it with milk, then placing the kitten by it. The cat mewed in happiness and began to lap up the milk.

Alphonse knelt by the cat, watching its long pink tongue lap up the milk. The kitten suddenly realized it was being watched and looked up at Alphonse.

In a split second, something snapped. The kitten's eyes were drinking in all that his eyes had to offer. Alphonse couldn't do anything but look back into the gazing kitten's eyes and let him read his mind. The kitten saw everything: How much he lusts after his brother and how much he hates his brother for making him this way; the secrets he struggles to hide from Edward each day; his life was spewing from this cat's eyes onto the floor, and this cat was just sitting there, reading Alphonse like a book and smirking at him, saying that he was better then him!

A deafening crack echoed throughout the small kitchen. Alphonse smiled peacefully. Now that damned cat wouldn't bother him.

"...Al?" A hoarse voice asked quietly. Alphonse turned around slowly to see his older brother, horror-stricken. His smiled increased rapidly as he realized just how deeply he had scarred his older brother.

"Look nii-san!" Alphonse laughed happily. "I killed someone for you, like you killed for me!"

My muse left me. I completely got the idea for this by a fanfiction on livejournal by Spinny Roses. This, however, has an extremely different moral.

No one really has understood the other stories in this series, so this one comes with an explanation. Edward did not wait around to learn about a different method to the Stone; he instead killed for his brother. Somehow this transferred into Alphonse becoming warped: the infatuation with Edward and feeling the need to kill for him.

This is third in the series, but they're not in order anymore.