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Middi is sitting in her room talking to her best friend aka Bubbles chatting away about thier boyfriends all of the sudden, Middi's little brother 'Foni ran into her room and hitted her in the head with her portable CD player.

"Middi are you alright?"


Flash back ends

Ahem, yes that did happen... 'foni is a bad bad baby... see what happens when you don't give babies candy when you promised them you would?

Title: Twilights Of Egypt

By: MiddiKnowles

Rated: T

Chapter 1 : When I was alone

It was high noon in Egypt many peasants running around buying, trading and selling to make their lifestyle a little better. Young ones played and laughed while thier parents worked to put bread on the table to feed their families. It seemed like a peaceful village under the ruling of the Great Pharoah, the son of Ra himself. The villagers just wished it was that easy...

"The guards! Their coming!" Some one yelled which started yet another panic through the market square everyone running to flee and hide from the guards of the pharaoh as they rode in high and tall on their horses. It was time to pick slaves for the Pharaoh. The ones the guards seeked the most where the young ones o the pharaoh would also be entertained as well as following every command the pharaoh ordered. One by one, they younglings would be taken from their families and friends if they refused to come, they will killed instantly as well as their family. Golden hard eyes glared at the guards as they entered another house and soon hearing screams and yelling. "We must go now Yuugi." The young woman said as she grabbed the young teen's hand and ran through the crowds looking back once and then.

"STOP IN THE NAME OF THE PHARAOH!" It was the guards they saw them trying to escape. The young woman cursed bitterly under her breath and clasped on the young one hand even more as they ran even faster. "Come Yuugi we must not let them take you!"

The one named Yuugi whimpered as he tried his best to keep up. He didn't want to get taken away like his closest friends...they were his family and the one who was trying to help him escape was the only thing he had left. They manage to out run the guards and hid in a tight spot between one of the dry mud houses.

"Ana...I'm scared..." Yuugicried as he buried his face into Ana's clothed chest. Ana held him close.

"Shh...hush Yuugi...I won't let them take you." Ana vowed as her eyes stayed on the entrance of their hiding place. Yuugi buried his face even deeper in a attempt to keep his cries and whimpers muffled. He couldn't help it he was just too afraid! What if he lost his mother figure Ana the only thing that was worth waking up to every morning was gone? He didn't know if he would be able to go on.

Ana held her breath as she heard oncoming horse beats as well as yelling. She just prayed to any god who was willing to listening to help her! Ana clenched her eyes shut as she heard the voices coming even nearer. She could hear what they were saying.

"My High Priest, we couldn't find the one who escaped but be assured that we do have enough to take back to the pharaoh."

"Very well, how many were you able to round up this time around?" Ana figured that voice. It was Set the high priest the second coldest one there was next to the pharaoh.

"Around fifty my priest."

"Good enough, let's head back to the palace that should be enough."

Ana could hear the horses neigh as their regins were pulled on and their beats disappeared as they made thier way back to the palace.

Yuugi released Ana's dingy white clothing and looked up to her terror filled eyes. "We're safe another day Yuugi." Ana whispered as she held Yuugi close to her once again. Ana thanked the gods for letting her hold Yuugi in her arms one more day. Yuugi cried with relief and then with worry and fear for everyday the royal guards would come and seek more children. The pharaoh would say that the other children were dirty and impure and have been touched. Ana knew Yuugi had a purity in his soul and Ra forbid, she would never have the pharaoh lay his hand on him!

"Come Yuugi, Ra is setting for the day is ending, we must eat and rest for the night." Ana said as she held onto Yuugi's hand. Yuugi nodded and they both headed for their home both worried about the days ahead of them.When Ana and Yuugi safely made it make to their home, both Ana and Yuugi prepared for their meal talking about various things while doing so.

"Something on your mind little one?" Ana asked while they sat down eating the fresh fruit and fresh bread that Ana had bought today. Yuugi's large violet eyes looked to only see golden ones and how they glimmered in the burning candles fire. "No, not really Ana..." Yuugi said as he took a bite of his bread. Ana glanced at Yuugi before she continued to eat. They both finished their supper without saying another word to each other.

Yuugi sliently covered his his blankets as Ana did the same. Yuugi sighed as he started to drift off into a soft slumber. Ana smiled at the sight. "Good night my sweet Yuugi." Ana whispered as she blew out the candle.

The pharaoh hand tapped on his throne as he awaited for the priest. He had gone through the children today and was not pleased with them at all. 'They all have been touched already.. ' He thought as he clenched his teeth. He couldn't believe this at all!

"Something troubling you my Pharaoh?" The pharaohs's head snapped in the direction where the voice was coming from. It was Set.

"You know what is troubling me Set, don't mock me."

Set smirked as he crossed his arms over his chest. "Oh sorry Yami wasn't the children to you likings?" The pharaoh Yami, sneered at the priest. "The guards told me that one escaped... he told me that this child resemblance to me was uncanning." Set nodded. "It's true, that one did look like you in some ways he looked so pure." Set said as he grinned when he saw the expression on his dear cousin's face.

"I want you to find him...bring to me at once and who ever gets in your way...kill them." Yami said in his deep voice. Set nodded and bowed. "As you wish the guards and I will start at sunrise."

Yami leaned back in his chair. "Very well your dismissed."

The young one that Set and Yami were talking about was sleeping peacefully as his yellow bangs gently cressed his angelic face.

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Chapter 2 : Yuugi is captured by Set and brought back to Yami! What will Yami have in store of little Yuugi? What happened to Ana!

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